For music lovers, iTunes music offers them millions of popular songs worldwide with great quality. However, due to copyright policy of Apple, the iTunes songs purchased are often protected by Apple Fairplay DRM so that the iTunes music cannot be played freely to other media players until the DRM is removed. MyFairTunes was one of the most proper choices to free iTunes music as a DRM removal tool before, which can remove DRM from iTunes m4p music for free. But there are still some limitations for myFairTunes since it works in Windows only and cannot remove DRM from Apple's new Apple Music in recent years. Besides, it hasn't been updated for a long time, and cannot work for iTunes after iTunes 10.7 version. To remove DRM from iTunes m4p music efficiently and enjoy iTunes music freely nowadays, you'd better find some myFairTunes alternatives as soon as possible. And you will get some reference here in this post.

Part 1. What is myFairTunes?

You may have known that myFairTunes is a free DRM removal program that works on iTunes, with which you can easily enjoy iTunes songs by removing the DRM protection and convert iTunes DRM-ed M4P music files to MP3. Moreover, myFairTunes is quite popular among iTunes users because it keeps the original quality of the iTunes music. However, it can neither work for the new updating and subscribing Apple music because of its outdated version nor for Mac users. In order to convert DRM-ed M4P music files to DRM-free MP3 so as to enjoy iTunes music freely, it is necessary and demanding to find myFairTunes alternative to convert iTunes music.

Part 2. Top three myFairTunes alternatives for reference

There are top three myFairTunes alternatives for reference to convert iTunes DRM-ed M4P music files and you must be able to find the proper alternative that works great for you.

No.1: Leawo Prof. DRM

To convert iTunes DRM-ed M4P music files to common formats on either Mac or Windows, a powerful iTunes DRM audio converting tool Prof. DRM for Mac/Windows will give a hand for you. Leawo Prof. DRM will remove DRM from iTunes videos, music and audiobooks, which is also an all-in-one iTunes DRM media converter to convert iTunes M4V to DRM-free MP4, iTunes M4P/M4B/M4A to MP3 for free playback on other Media players and devices. Besides, it works at 50X fast speed to remove iTunes DRM protection with 100% original quality reserved and channels/sampling rates/bit rates optional. Thus, with the help of this professional alternative for DRM removal solution, you can convert iTunes music with best myFairTunes alternative and enjoy any Apple Music songs freely.


No.2: Requiem

Requiem is popular DRM removal freeware which can powerfully remove the DRM from videos, songs and books of iTunes at high speed. Besides, it can remove the DRM from iTunes without any quality loss without re-encoding, keep all subtitles and multiple audio tracks during the working process and support both Mac and Windows system. However, Requiem could no longer remove DRM when iTunes upgraded to version 11 since Requiem was permanently stopped upgrading. So if you would like to convert iTunes music with best myFairTunes alternative Requiem, you should make sure that your iTunes version is 10.7 or lower.


No.3: FairGame

FairGame is an iTunes music DRM removal program running on Mac, which allows users to remove DRM from iTunes m4p music easily to an unprotected format with its original metadata, lyrics and artwork. Moreover, FairGame can keep iTunes music in original quality as well after removing DRM protection like Apple iMovie. However, FairGame just works in Mac and for converting iTunes audio tracks in AAC format only.


Part 3. How to convert iTunes music with best myFairTunes alternative - Prof. DRM

As the best myFairTunes alternative to convert iTunes music, TunesCopy works simply so that a green hand can easily make it by following the instructions. In order to remove DRM from iTunes M4P music, you download Prof. DRM and install it in several minutes on your PC, then you launch it to enter the main interface, following the step-by-step guide here.

Note: You should sign in the computer with your Apple ID to authorize it so that the purchased and rent iTunes music can be played. Besides, you cannot open iTunes while the program is working.


Step 1: Add iTunes M4P Music files to the program

Open the program and enter the main interface, you can click "Add Files" button to import one or more iTunes DRM M4P music files from the pop-up panel. Or "Drag File here" in the middle is available for you to directly drag and drop the target iTunes music files to the program.


Step 2: Select Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate for the music file

Check the imported iTunes music files under the category "music" and then tap "Edit" when selecting a target M4P file to freely choose Channels, Sampling Rates and Bit Rates for the output MP3 audio file.


Step 3: Set Output Path to Save Output Files

Back to the "Home" list, in the bottom of which there is a "…" button, click it to set an output path for keeping output MP3 file.


Step 4: Remove DRM from M4B Music File and Convert M4P to MP3

Make sure all settings done, and then click the blue "Convert" button at the bottom to start removing DRM from iTunes M4P music and converting M4P to MP3. And the iTunes DRM removal and conversion process will be completed in a while.


Note: Fill your Apple ID and password when a panel pops up to ask you to trust this computer.


Step 5: Check the converted MP3 files

Once the conversion completed, you are able to click "Converted" tab where displays all the converted MP3 files. And then you can open the output MP3 file here or alternatively, make use of the quick searching bar at the bottom for fast locating.


Now you have made this myFairTunes alternative to convert iTunes music in simple steps and got the DRM free iTunes music in MP3, you are able to play the music and enjoy it on other media players and devices that support MP3 you prefer. Anyway, Prof. DRM as one of myFairTunes alternativesand top iTunes DRM M4P removal software to remove DRM from iTunes M4P music would be your best choice because of its powerful functions and simple use. You can convert iTunes DRM-ed M4P music files even if you are a fresh hand. Have a try and you will enjoy yourself with iTunes music by converting iTunes music with this best myFairTunes alternative.