In modern society, transportation has become unprecedentedly developed, and more people choose airplanes as a means of travel. However, during the flight, due to safety and other reasons, we cannot connect our mobile devices to the Internet and need to set them to airplane mode. Then, during the long flight, using our mobile phone to listen to music may be one of the best ways for us to kill time. This article will introduce top 9 music apps that work on airplane mode. In addition, it will also highlight a software that removes DRM to help you listen to all kinds of music in the airplane mode of your phone.

Part 1: Top 9 Music Apps that Work on Airplane Mode

At present, in major mobile phone application markets, there are many music apps that work on airplane mode. As a music lover, I have used most of the popular music apps. According to my experience, I listed the top 9 music apps that work on airplane mode. The following is the specific introduction:

1. Spotify

Spotify is a free application for android and iOS devices that allows users to synchronize personal information and play a variety of music on three different devices (mobile phones, computers and tablets). Currently, Spotify also allows users to download music and then play them on airplane mode. However, the feature is only available with the Spotify Premium subscription.

2. Apple Music

Although Apple only provides services for iOS users, the android version of Apple Music also provides users with a three-month free trial period. Of course, after users download music to their devices, they can then open Apple Music to listen to this music on airplane mode. Surprisingly, Apple Music broadcast live music often plays live music from famous musicians.

3. Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player allows users to access all their favorite music anytime, anywhere. Users can create their own playlists, and then download the songs in them to the phone. Deezer Music Player allows playback of these downloaded music on airplane mode. In addition, Deezer Music Player can also recommend some music to you according to your hobbies.

4. Gaana

As a music streaming player for Indian users, Gaana is the one of music apps you can use on airplane mode. If users have a Gaana Plus subscription, they can easily download unlimited number of songs in high quality. In addition, Gaana allows users to download music simultaneously on at least 5 different devices.

5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music also has the ability to play music on airplane mode. The premise is that the user needs to download music from the application first. This requires users to first purchase the copyright of the music to be downloaded, and then download them to the device. Google Play Music can play this music on airplane mode.

6. Groove Music

If you want all your favorite music to be played on airplane mode, Groove Music is a good choice for you. Because Groove Music owns the copyright of many songs and if you have a Groove Music Pass subscription, you can download any music you like to your mobile phone and use Groove Music to play it on airplane mode.

7. Napster

Napster is an amazing application because the music it provides is lossless and high-quality. Almost all devices can install Napster. Of course, playing music on airplane mode is also one of Napster's important functions.

8. Slacker Radio

If users love listening to radio, Slacker Radio is definitely one of the best choices for users. Because Slacker Radio offers the option to download users' favorite radio stations and more for offline usage. In addition, Slacker Plus and Premium subscribers can also download their favorite music to their devices, and then play them on airplane mode.

9. SoundCloud

As one of the best offline and streaming music apps, providing music playback on airplane mode is just one of the basic functions of SoundCloud. The reason why SoundCloud is popular with so many users is mainly because it has a social platform. Users can create and share their music on this platform, gain recognition from others, and meet more like-minded friends.

Part 2: How to Make Spotify Music App Work on Airplane Mode as Premium Users?

The above introduced is the best music apps for airplane mode. Of course, you may still have questions: how to make these music apps work on airplane mode? The following will take Spotify as an example to introduce how to make Spotify music app work on airplane mode as Premium users.

Step 1: Download music

First, open Spotify. Then open your playlist. If you’re a Premium Subscriber, you will see a "Download" label. Click the button to the right of this tab, and Spotify will automatically download the music in this playlist to your phone.

Step 2: Turn on offline mode

In the main interface of Spotify, click the "Your Library" button at the bottom of the page. Then click the settings button in the upper right corner of the "Your Library" page.

Then, Spotify will pop up a page called "Settings". Click the "Playback" button on this page.

Finally, on the page named "Playback", you will see an "Offline" label. Click the button on the right side of this tab to set Spotify to offline.

Step 3: Find playable music

Now, when you use Spotify, you can only play downloaded songs. If you use the search function, you will only find the songs in your device. Click the music in it, and you can make Spotify start playing music. In addition, you can't stay offline indefinitely, and you need to go online at least once every thirty days.