As an Apple user, you are able sync music from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease. However, what if you switched your iPhone to Android phone? How can you move your music from iTunes to new Android phone? There are several solutions you can have a try after you reading through the contents in this guidance.

Method 1: Move Music from iTunes to Android Directly

To move music from iTunes to Android, you can use one direct way to make it, which only calls for several clicks. A proper USB cable is needed in this method. Now you can see the detailed steps shown below to help you to finish this task smoothly.

1. First, you need to locate your iTunes media folder on your computer. You can make use of the following directory to find it:
Mac OS X:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8:
If you fail to find the iTunes media folder via the directory shown in the above, you can run iTunes to click on “Edit> Preferences>Advanced” to see the folder location in the panel.


2. Plug your Android phone into your computer with proper USB cable. Thus, your device will be recognized as one external hard drive.
3. Open the iTunes media folder in Windows Explorer to copy and paste the songs from iTunes to your Android phone.


Method 2: Move Music from iTunes to Android via iTransfer

Another easy way to help you move music from iTunes to Android is to use Leawo iTransfer. The software is designed to help users transfer music from iTunes to Android. Also it allows you to move music from Android to iTunes/iPhone. Besides, it also enables users to transfer various files among iOS devices, iTunes and computers. Firstly, you can free download the trial version and have a try. Now, let’s see how to move music from iTunes to Android with Leawo iTransfer.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone XR, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Step 1. Run Leawo iTransfer and Connect Devices
Run Leawo iTransfer and connect an iOS device to your computer with the USB cable. Meanwhile, plug the Android device into computer and enable the disk use on the device. The software will automatically detect the iDevice and show the data categories of the iDevice in the left sidebar. The iTunes data categories will display below the categories of the iDevice. Click the “Music” tab of iTunes, and you’ll see the music contents of iTunes in the right part of the window.


Step 2. Choose Music Files
Hold the “Ctrl” key and click to select the music files in the iTunes library. Then you need to right-click the chosen files to tap on “Transfer to > My Computer” in the pop-up panel. Or you can click the transfer button at the bottom right of the window to transfer all the music files.


Step 3. Select Folder and Transfer
You will get a dialog of transfer settings after selecting music files. Check “Save to Folder” and choose the folder in your Android device as the target. Then click “Transfer Now” to start to transfer music from iTunes to Android.


Extension: Manage the Playlist of iTunes library
Leawo iTransfer also helps users to manage the playlists of iOS devices and iTunes. You can create, rename and delete playlists; import songs into playlists or export songs out of playlists; add songs from the “Music” library to the playlists or delete songs in the playlists directly.


Method 3: Move Music from iTunes to Android with Google Play Music

Another tool recommended is Google Play Music. The following steps will show you how to move music from Android to iTunes with Google Play Music.

Step 1. Head to the Google Play store in a web browser and click on “Music”. Then you need to select “My Music”. You’ll need to log in with a Google account.
Step 2. Once you’re in the music section, open the menu on the left with the three lines by “Listen Now” and select “Upload Music” towards the bottom. You’ll be prompted to download the “Music Manager”, but if you’ve already got it, you can then open it up and sign in with your Google account.
Step 3. When you’re logged into the “Music Manger”, select “Upload songs to Google Play” and hit “Next” button.
Step 4. Now you can select which library or folder you want to upload -for this guide we’re choosing “iTunes”. The Music Manager will automatically find your library and will display how many song and playlists are available. You can choose to upload it all or selected songs by playlist plus the option to include podcast.

Step 5. Hit “Next” and you’ll be asked if you want to automatically upload songs which you add to your library in the future, therefore keeping iTunes and Google Play Music synchronized. Make your selection, approve the next screen and your music will be uploaded. If you turn off your computer part of the way through, it will resume automatically when it’s switched back on.


Method 4: Move Music from iTunes to Android through Apple Music

Apple Music is also a great program that can assist you to move music from iTunes to Android device. This software offers users the access to over 30 million pieces of music, which is one great streaming service app. As for how to get this work done, please refer to the following steps to assist you.

1. On your Android device, you need to download the Android version of Apple Music software from Google Play and install it.


2. Afterwards, you need to log into Apple Music with the same ID that you are using for your iTunes library.
3. On your computer, you need to run iTunes and then click on “Edit > Preferences” to choose the tab of “General”. In this panel, you need to check the option of “iCloud Music Library”.
4. Hit on “OK” button to confirm your changes and exit this panel.


Wait for a moment as your iTunes will rescan your iCloud music and automatically sync your music with Apple Music app on your Android device.

Extension: How to Remove DRM from iTunes Music with Prof. DRM

Since most of the iTunes songs are protected by DRM, you can not transfer them from one device to another or play them with other common media players. This is not so convenient for you to enjoy iTunes music. For the aim of resolving this trouble, you can remove DRM from iTunes music to allow you to enjoy the songs on the go more easily. This goal can be reached with the help of Leawo Prof. DRM perfectly. This software offers users with the features to eliminate the DRM protection and convert Apple Music songs to free MP3 files. Its functions are powerful and efficient, which has won numerous praises from users all over the world. The contents shown below can instruct you to make use of this great tool to deal with the issue of how to remove DRM from iTunes music excellently.

Step 1. Import iTunes Music Files to Leawo Prof. DRM
Kick off the software of Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer and then click on the button of “Add Files” or make use of the drag & drop feature of this tool to import iTunes songs to the screen for preparation.


Step 2. Set Detailed Parameters
When the iTunes songs are accessible in the window, you need to click on the music icon to select one piece of music. After that, you can hit on the edit icon at the right side of the song to set detailed parameters for the output file, such as the channel, sampling rate and bit rate.


Step 3: Set Output Directory
Find the “Home” button to click on and then hit on the three-dot icon at the bottom of the window to set one proper location to save the converted music files.


Step 4: Remove DRM
Click on the “Convert” button at the bottom right corner of the interface to start removing DRM from Apple Music. Wait for a while and you will get the DRM-free iTunes music on your computer local folder.


Step 5: Check Converted iTunes Music
When the converting process comes to an end, you can hit on the button of “Converted” to see all DRM-free iTunes songs.
The method to move music from iTunes to Android varies from one to another. You can pick up the most suitable one for you to have a try. Among all these solutions, Leawo iTransfer is the most accurate and secure tool for you to make use of. Besides, it is really sensible for you to take advantage of Leawo Prof. DRM to remove the DRM-protection of iTunes music files.