How to Register

1. How to register

1.1. If you already have the registration code, just click the Register button at the top-right to call out the Activation Center and put in your code on the code box. If you don’t have the code, click the Purchase button of Blu-ray Copy on the module list below to open the purchase page of Leawo Prof. Media.

1.2. Another way to register is to click the Help button to call out the Help Center, and then click Register if you have the code. Or click Purchase to go to the Purchase page and get the registration code.

2. How to get registration code

When clicking the Purchase button, it’ll open the purchase page of Leawo Prof. Media with your default web browser. On the page you can purchase the license of all modules included in Prof. Media or a single module. To purchase the Blu-ray Copy module, just cancel the selection of other modules and choose the validation between 1-year and lifetime (If you purchase the Blu-ray Copy module, you can get the DVD Copy module for free). And then drag the scroll bar to the bottom of the page and click Check Out Now to go to the payment page.

On the payment page you need to fill in the Billing Information and Payment Information. When you finish the payment, the registration code will be sent to you via E-mail automatically.

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