When it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to computers, people will think of different methods for Windows computers and Mac computers. And when it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to Mac computers, they will have several options because the iOS devices and Mac computers can get connected easier than Windows computers. This post will introduce you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with four methods.

Method 1. Using AirDrop

AirDrop is somewhat like Bluetooth on Android devices, and it allows iOS users to share files with Mac computers. With AirDrop, people can easily transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. People need to start Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on their iPhone, and also turn on Bluetooth on their Mac computers, then turn on AirDrop on iPhone and Mac computer, now iPhone users should be able to connect iPhone with their Mac computer. After that, people can share photos from iPhone to Mac computer. Please note that you should keep Block All Incoming Connections unchecked on your Mac, and you can find that in System Preferences > General > Security & Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options.

Method 2. Using iPhone Transfer Software

iPhone transfer software for Mac computers can be used for transferring photos from iPhone to Mac. Among all the iPhone transfer programs, Leawo iTransfer is regarded as one of the best. This software is used for transferring files among iOS devices, iTunes and Mac computers, and it enables users to transfer various kinds of files without using iTunes. The following guidance will show you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, and you can free download the software to have a try.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version

Step 1. Run Leawo iTransfer and connect iPhone to computer with the USB cable. The software will recognize your iPhone.

Step 2. Click the name of iPhone and choose Camera in the left sidebar. The iPhone photos will display in the right part of the software window.

Step 3. Hold Command/Shift key to select the photos you want to transfer, and click the transfer button at the right bottom. Or right-click one selected photo and choose Transfer to > My Computer.

Step 4. After selecting photos, you’ll see a pop-up dialog. Check Save to Folder and click Change to choose a folder on your computer to save the photos. Then click Transfer Now to start to copy photos from iPhone to Mac computers.

When the transfer finishes, you will get the photos in target folder. If you want to transfer photos which are synced from computer, you can choose Photos library in the left sidebar of Leawo iTransfer, and select photos to transfer. With Leawo iTransfer, you can easily copy photos from iPhone to Mac, and you are also allowed to transfer other kinds of files with this software, for example, you can transfer music from iPhone to computer with Leawo iTransfer.

Method 3. Using Email

The photos on your iPhone can be emailed with your iPhone Mails app, so you can transfer photos from iPhone to Mac computer with this method. You need to go to the Photos app in your iPhone, and select the photo you want to transfer, and click the Share button at the left bottom. Then select Mails app to transfer the photos. After that, you can send the photo to yourself. Please note the Mails app only supports to transfer 5 photos at one time, so you should send no more than 5 photos in one email.

Method 4. Using Image Capture/iPhoto

Image Capture is an application program from Apple that enables users to upload pictures from digital cameras or scanners which are either connected directly to the computer or the network. It provides no organizational tools like iPhoto but is useful for collating pictures from a variety of sources with no need for drivers. Setting Image Capture as an example, the following guidance will show you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac computer.

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, then turn on. If your iPhone is locked with a passcode, enter it.

2. In Image Capture, select the device in the Devices list.

3. Use the buttons at the bottom of the Image Capture window to view the thumbnails as a list or as icons to change the size of the thumbnails, or to rotate or delete images.

4. From the Import To pop-up menu, choose where to save the images or which app to use to open the image.

5. To import only some of the photos, select those photos, then click Import. To import all the photos, click Import All. Choose Auto Importer from the “Connecting this [device] opens” pop-up menu to transfer images from a device to your computer whenever you connect it to your computer.

6. Select “Delete after Import” to remove the items from the device after transferring photos from iPhone to your Mac computer. You can also select individual items on your device, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

These methods are all helpful for you to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac computers, and these methods are all easy to handle. Check them out if you are in need.