It is such a frustrating thing to get a lot of calls from unknown callers on iPhone. If you want to block a known calls, you could make use of this way: Tap on Settings > Phone > Blocked (its use only when contact saved in your mobile directory). However, if you want to block a phone number that’s an unknown number or doesn’t have a Caller ID, this way doesn’t work. No worries! Here we will provide effective ways to help you know how to block unknown calls on iPhone with ease.

Part 1. How to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone

Step 1. Tap on Phone app, and choose Recent tab to view all the calls coming on you.

Step 2. You can see blue (i), icon in front of each contacts. Tap on that, you would like to block for all time in Call, Message or face time.

Step 3. Now you can see all details with other options given in first screen.

Step 4. Scroll down and choose recent option by click blue Clock icon. Inside recent option, at last you can see Block this Caller option.
Block this Caller

Step 6. Now you can see one agreed message with some text, “You will receive phone calls, message, or FaceTime from people on the block list”.

Step 7. Tap on Block contact.
Block Contact

Note: After pressing the Block Contact button to block unknown calls on iPhone, you will not receive phone calls, messages, or Facebook from the contacts on the block list. Keep in mind that the contacts will not disappear, but continue to display on your Contacts list.

Part 2. How to Block Unknown Callers on iPhone

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select “Do Not Disturb” option.

Step 2. Toggle the “Manual” option to turn on Do Not Disturb. You’ll see the half moon icon in the status bar.

Step 3. Tap on “Allow Calls From“. Now you have two options. If you tap on “Favourites“, all the contacts in your favourites list will be allowed (like your family and friends). If you choose “All Contacts“, anyone in your contact list will be able to call you. This is the better option as you won’t miss a call from people actually in your contact book.

Beofre using this way to block unknown callers on iPhone, please keep in mind that Do Not Disturb mode will silence the iPhone completely, stop the iPhone from ringing or making any alert sound, and prevent any contact attempt if someone is not on your Favorites list or in the Contacts list. If you want to receive calls again, you could toggle the “Manual” option again to turn off Do Not Disturb.