Introduction to Leawo TunesCopy

Leawo TunesCopy is designed as an iTunes DRM removal program and a DRM media converter. It helps remove DRM from iTunes Movies and TV Shows purchased or rented, and then helps convert those iTunes encrypted M4V video files to common MP4 video files for smooth playback on ordinary media players or mobile devices. Download and install Leawo TunesCopy, and then kick it off to enter the main interface as shown below.

1. Settings:

Click the gear icon to pop up detailed settings panel .

1.1 Language Settings
Under “Language” button, you can freely choose a language for the UI from 12 preset languages: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, and Danish.

1.2 Preference Settings
Under “Preference” button, you can set program action after converting: Shut down after converting, Open in folder after converting, and Do nothing after converting.

1.3 Check for update
You can click “Check for update” to check whether or not you are using the latest version. Once new version is detected, you can choose to update, or continue to use the old version.

1.4 Help Center
Under “Help” button, you are allowed to visit the product page of Leawo TunesCopy, write a user review of Leawo TunesCopy, get technical support from Leawo Software team, report program problems during usage, and learn how to use Leawo TunesCopy.

1.5 About
Under “About” button, you can check the version number of Leawo TunesCopy together with other information.

2. Social Network Sites Sharing

Click the share icon to follow Leawo Software’s social network sites (SNS), Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube .

3. Program Window Size Adjustment

Click to minimize the program window; click to maximize the size of the program window (click to reduce the size if you have already maximized the program); click to close the program window.

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