My iPhone battery percentage is stuck at 100% frequently. For instance, it will stay in the 100% charging battery status all day even I have used it for hours.

Recently, we always hear that some iPhone users complained about their device that iPhone X/8/7 battery percentage stuck at 100. The battery percentage has got stuck in 100% and have no updating according to the actual status. Maybe you have changed the time manually or changed the time zones due to traveling, but there is still no updating on the battery percentage. In this article, we will show you some possible solutions to fix iPhone X/8/7 battery percentage stuck at 100.

Solution 1: Reboot your iPhone and get Date & Time updated automatically

Once you meet the situation that there is no updating on iPhone battery percentage, you can try some tricks as below firstly.
1. Reboot your iPhone.
2. Enter Settings on your iPhone, go to General and then tap on Date & Time. The option Set Automatically must be made sure to turn on. You can know more about the settings on data and time from your iPhone.


Solution 2: Forced reboot on your iPhone once you cannot restart it in a simple way

You can force a reboot on your device by the following steps: Turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding home button simultaneously along with the sleep/wake button within a few seconds till the Apple logo can be seen on your iPhone screen.

Solution 3: Use up your iPhone battery life

The problem of digital gauge will happen to any electronic device. Therefore, your iPhone will have no idea of how much the battery life has been used, which seems to be frozen or discharge in a slower or quicker way abnormally. Usually, we can get the device discharged fully before recharging, that means to use up your iPhone battery until your device is shut down itself. This way can get the gauge reset.

Solution 4: Get the ports cleaned up

iPhone battery issue can occur due to the following reasons: Battery or Charge port malfunction or some other reasons. The most possible reason also can be something wrong with the single filter from the board. Each device is different from each other, but the place which is close to battery connector has series of filters. If they are damaged, the battery life cannot be tracked by your device accurately.

Solution 5: Get your iPhone battery replaced

Your iPhone battery percentage can be stuck at different level, which probably can be caused by the defected battery. The fix for this issue is to get the battery replaced with the original one. If the batter percentage is still stuck during charging. It is highly recommended to check your device whether it has the hardware failure.

Solution 6: Ask for the help from Apple store

If your iPhone battery percentage is still stuck since you have tried some above methods, you can go to ask for help from Apple. The issue that the indicator of battery charge gets stuck has been acknowledged by Apple, a fix will come in the future version of iOS software.

Solution 7: Get your iPhone reset as a new one

1. Use iTunes to get your iPhone software restored under the recovery mode.
2. Get your iPhone reset as a new one via the resetting on your iPhone. You can enter Settings, go to General tab and tap on Reset, then choose the option Reset All settings.

This method will cause all data loss on your device if you haven’t get your iPhone backed up previously. Therefore, make sure that you have got all the data backed up from your iPhone. Then you can get your data recovered from your device after the restoring. You may do not know how to restore your data from your iPhone backups. Don’t worry. Below we will guide you how to complete the data restoring task step by step.

It is commonly seen that the data from your iPhone will be backed up via iTunes, to restore your data from iTunes back up, Leawo iOS Data Recovery will be a great help for this issue.

Leawo iOS data recovery is a comprehensive software for data recovery, which can be applied to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can recover the data from all models of iOS devices. No matter what reasons lead to the data loss, mistaken deleting or iOS updating or device jailbroken or factory settings restoring or other occasions, Leawo iOS data recovery can help you to get the data back in an effective way. More than 14 kinds of data like contacts, messags, photos, etc. can be recovered with the help of this data recovery software. It not only is an excellent tool for data recovery, but also it is a backup tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The data recovering task can be completed with 100% safety, accuracy and speediness by Leawo iOS data recovery. This software can be downloaded and installed in a clean way, no spyware, no malware and no ads. All data can be well-preserved after scanning without any mistaken deleting and leak. Additionally, because all the scanned data can be displayed by Leawo iOS data recovery, you are even allowed to preview the data which have been scanned, and then you can decide to choose what data that you want for recovering, unlike the whole data recovered from iTunes and iCloud at a time.

Based on the advanced technology of scanning and recovering on the target data, Leawo iOS data recovery can get the data recovered with 20X faster speed from iOS devices, iCloud backups, iTunes backups, which would greatly help to save your time in data recovering. The advanced technology of data scanning used by this software makes sure that the data from iOS, iTunes and iCloud can be scanned rapidly and thoroughly, so the scanning results can be assured in high accuracy.

Due to the frequent update, this data recovery software is always running in the latest version and can work well with iTunes and iOS devices with the updated version which includes iOS 10 along with iTunes 12.

On the basis of the software design concept-oriented by users, Leawo iOS data recovery can offer clear navigation to each interface and guide users what they should do in each step. Therefore, even if you are a novice, this software can be operated in an easy way. Below, we will show you the specific steps of how to recover data from iTunes backup after you get your iPhone restore as a new one.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

1. Run Leawo iOS data recovery on your computer and connect your iPhone to computer via supported USB cable. Then you will enter the main interface of Leawo iOS data recovery, choose the second tab Recover from iTunes Backup on the main interface.


2. Once you have chosen Recover from iTunes Backup, a list of files from your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod which you have backed up via iTunes can be seen. If the backups from your device cannot be found, the most possible reason is that the data hasn’t been backed up from your device to the computer yet. To return to the main interface, you can have a click on the button Home.


You can choose the backup you would like to recover and then click on the button Scan to begin scanning.
3. Once the scanning is completed, 14 kinds of data which can be recovered are shown on the left sidebar of the software window. Each type of file can be clicked into and then the related specific content can be checked in the right part so that you can choose the files you want for recovering.
4. After you have selected the files that you would like to recover, click on the button Recover on the right bottom corner and then a dialog will pop up. You are required to choose a target folder to save the recovered files on the computer. You can click on the button Open to select a target folder and then the files you have chosen to recover can be saved in this folder. If necessary, you can check the option “Automatically open the output folder after finishing recovery” to make Leawo iOS data recovery open the target folder automatically once the recovering is completed. Finally, go to click on the button Go to begin recovering the data from your iTunes backup.


After the recovering is completed, the data on your iPhone can be got back to your device to prevent any data loss. But, you should keep in mind that all the data should be backed up via iTunes previously so that you can prevent the data loss if there is something wrong with your device and you need to get it restored as new. Apart from this, you also can back up the data via iCloud and recover the data from iCloud backup by using Leawo iOS data recovery.