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How to Fix iPhone Alarm Keeps Going Off?

Hi, I think there’s something wrong with the alarm I set on my iPhone. Sometimes the iPhone alarm doesn't go off. It happens occasionally, but it still bothers me. What should I do to fix it when my iPhone alarm keeps going off?

Nowadays, most of us use iPhone alarm clock instead of a real physical clock to wake us up daily. iPhone alarm clock is convenient and helpful for both life and work. But the iPhone alarm keeps going off issue could be a troublesome issue. If you have never met this problem, we are not surprised because it is rare to see. But now, if you experience iPhone alarm keeps going off issue, then take some time to read this tutorial. We will list out some possible reasons why iPhone alarm keeps going off and show you what to do when you stuck in this issue.

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Part 1: Why Does My iPhone Alarm Keep Going Off?


There is nothing more terrifying than the iPhone alarm no sound or not ringing. If it does, it is the iPhone alarm keeps going off. It is well-known that the iPhone alarm sound is very maddening, which sounds like 10 police cars passing by you. If the iPhone alarm keeps going off, then it is tantamount to these police cars running over you back and forth. So, why does your iPhone alarm keep go off? Here are some reasons:

  • You have enabled the Bedtime feature, which may cause iPhone alarm rings repeatedly.
  • If you updated to the beta version of iOS system, some bugs may occur.
  • Wrong settings in iPhone Clock app.
  • Your iPhone alarm keeps going off after jailbreak.
  • Duplicated settings of third-party clock apps

Part 2: 5 Common Solutions to Fix iPhone Alarm Keeps Going Off

To fix iPhone alarm keeps going off issue, you can first try 5 common solutions listed in this part. Compared to 2 advanced solutions in Part 3, the success rate of these methods is relatively low.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

A normal restart will turn off all apps before your operating system, and background processes will save and exit securely. However, a force restart will abruptly cut off the power of your iPhone and shut it down, which may cause unsaved or corrupted files on your system. This is a solution to deal with stubborn problems. To get started, you need to make sure all projects on your iPhone are saved and exited. Then, follow the steps below to force restart your iPhone.

  • Step 1: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then do the same as volume down button.
  • Step 2: Long-press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.


    Above steps are available for an iPhone with Face ID, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE (2nd generation). For more models, read on: Force Restart iPhone

2. Disable Bedtime Feature

Bedtime feature can remind you to go to bed and wake you up with alarm sound. If you repeatedly set iPhone alarm clock and the Bedtime feature, then obviously the iPhone alarm will keep go off if you only turn off the iPhone alarm without turning off the Bedtime feature. Here’s detailed steps to disable Bedtime feature on your iPhone.



  1. Open Health app. Scroll down and tap Sleep option.
  2. Click Full Schedule & Options, and toggle off Sleep Schedule button.

3. Delete and Reset iPhone Alarm

Sometimes, repeated settings will make your iPhone alarm keep going off again and again. In order to eradicate this problem, the best solution is to delete all alarms and reset them.



  1. Open Clock app and tap the Alarm tab.
  2. Swipe from left to right on an existing alarm and tap on Delete.
  3. Then, click the + button in the top-right corner to set a new iPhone alarm. On the Repeat option, you’d better choose the Never option.

4. Uninstall Third-Party Alarm Clock Apps

Alarm clock apps in App Store are dazzling, and you may have downloaded some of them for a variety of ringtones. Actually, the best alarm clock app is the default Clock app. Because some third-party clock apps may be blocked by system for some reasons, which will cause iPhone alarm not going off in time. Plus, if there are so many clock apps in your iPhone, you might forget which one you have used to set the iPhone alarm. So the best solution is to uninstall all third-part clock apps on your iPhone and go back to the default one. Don’t worry about the ringtone, there are many ways to add ringtones to iPhone.

  • Step 1: On the Home Screen, press and hold a third-party clock app.
  • Step 2: Then, on the pop-up window, choose Remove App > Delete App > Delete to uninstall it.

5. Reset All Settings on your iPhone

If your iPhone alarm still keeps going off, you can consider to reset all settings on your iPhone. So whether where you clicked to cause this issue, you can solve iPhone alarm keeps going off issue by this method.



  1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Head to General > Reset > Reset All Settings to restore all settings to default.

Part 3: 2 Advanced Methods to Fix iPhone Alarm Keeps Going Off

If you can’t fix iPhone alarm keeps going off issue through the basic solutions mentioned above, in this part, we will introduce 2 advanced methods to help you out.

1. Fix iPhone Alarm Keeps Going Off Without Data Loss

iPhone alarm keeps going off may be caused by many reasons. If you are tired to try all methods out, or failed to fix this issue by other solutions, you can use Leawo iOSFix to troubleshoot all software issues. As one of the best iOS system repair tools, Leawo iOSFix can fix more than 50 issues on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV, including iPhone stuck on Apple logo, black screen, iPhone no service, etc. And all issues can be fixed in simple clicks.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo iOSFix

Click the Download button below according to your computer system to download and install this software on your computer.

  • iosfix
  • Leawo iOSFix

    - Fix 50+ iOS/tvOS issues on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV
    - 2 repair modes for data lossless fixing
    - Fix all iOS and tvOS versions in clicks
    - Multiple iOS/tvOS system fixing pathse
    - One-click to upgrade to the latest iOS/tvOS version
    - One-click to enter/exit Recovery Mode
    - Troubleshoot iOS/tvOS not recognized issues in detail

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Launch the software and it will recognize your iPhone immediately.


Step 3: Choose mode to fix iPhone alarm keeps going off

You can choose Standard Mode or Advanced Mode. The Standard Mode allows you to repair iOS system error without losing any data, while the Advanced Mode will erase all your iPhone data. For fixing iPhone alarm keeps going off issue, you can try Standard mode first.


Step 4: Download firmware

After you confirm the iPhone model and system version, hit on the “Download Now” to start downloading firmware to fix iPhone alarm keeps going off issue. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Select” option to choose the suitable firmware that has been saved on your computer local folder.


Step 5: Start to fix iPhone alarm keeps going off

Click on the “Fix Now” button to start fixing iPhone alarm keeps going off issue automatically. Wait for a moment and your iPhone will be back to normal.


2. Fix iPhone Alarm Keeps Going Off with iTunes

However, if you prefer to use iTunes, there is also a way out. You can restore your iPhone to factory setting with iTunes, which will definitely solve the problem of iPhone alarm keeping going off issue. But the process will erase all existing data on your iPhone. Before this method, you can back up your iPhone to computer first.



  1. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.
  2. After iTunes recognize your iPhone, tap your iPhone icon.
  3. On the left menu bar, click Summary tab under Settings library. Then, on the right panel, click the Restore iPhone… button to reset your iPhone to factory setting.
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David Brooks

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