Have you encountered the problem that the songs or playlists on your Apple Music suddenly disappeared? If so, you must be quite confused with what happened and how to get back the disappeared songs in efficiency. Undoubtedly, to solve this annoying problem, you ought to seek a solution to fix Apple Music disappeared problem. And you will be lucky to get the way on how to fix Apple Music disappeared issue here with detailed instructions.

Part 1. The reasons Why Apple Music Disappeared

In order to fix Apple Music disappeared issue, you’d better find the reasons why your Apple music disappeared beforehand so that you can fix it effectively.

Reason 1. iCloud Music Library is Disabled

If you have disabled the iCloud music library, you would not find any music or playlists on your iCloud Music Library. Since the songs on your Apple music would not be synced automatically between devices, you may find your Apple music disappeared. For iOS devices, you can enable iCloud music library to fix Apple Music disappeared problem.

  • STEP 1: You enter the Setting panel, tap Music and find iCloud Music Library, then enable it.
  • STEP 2: Start Apple Music again and you will find the lost songs and playlists stay as they are.

iCloud Music Library

Reason 2. Apple Music Subscription is canceled

It is known to us all that you cannot access to the music you downloaded on your Apple Music subscription once you cancel it. In this situation, you can subscribe the Apple Music again to fix Apple Music disappeared issue on your devices.

Part 2. How to Backup Apple Music?

Actually, Apple Music offers a rental service. In order to stream songs in Apple Music Library, you are required to pay $9.99 for monthly subscription. However, that doesn’t mean you own these songs you downloaded on your Apple devices or PC at all. The songs will disappear as well when the subscription expires. To fix Apple Music disappeared problem, you should backup Apple Music before songs disappeared with helpful methods.

Method 1: Backup iTunes Library with iTunes

For Windows with iTunes installed, you prepare an external hard drive which you can move iTunes library to and follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Consolidate Apple Music Library

Start “iTunes” and click “Files” > “Library” > “Organize Library” > “Consolidate Files” and then click OK to confirm the option.

STEP 2: Copy Your iTunes Library to the Backup Source

Connect the external hard drive to your PC, then you can find “iTunes” on your Music Folder and drag the folder to the hard drive. Then you can tap “Authenticate” to permit a copy of iTunes folder. Then you backup Apple Music before songs disappeared with iTunes.

Method 2: Alternative – Backup Apple Music Offline

It is widely known that Apple music files are all encrypted in M4P by DRM copyright protection. Under this occasion, you cannot backup Apple music with iTunes any more. However, it is lucky that you can backup Apple Music offline with powerful music converters. And Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate will be the best choice, with which you can remove DRM from iTunes music and convert M4P to MP3 for smooth playback on other players or devices.

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate is designed as a powerful DRM removal program and media converter which can remove DRM from iTunes movies/audiobook/music. With simple steps, it can remove DRM from Apple Music very quickly without any quality loss. To fix Apple Music disappeared issue by backup offline, you are supposed to download and install the program on your PC at first, then run it to remove DRM from Apple music and get DRM free MP3 music files for backup. The simple guide is here.

TunesCopy Ultimate

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate 

☉ It can remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rental contents like TV shows, movies, music and audiobooks.
☉ No quality loss.
☉ Fast conversion.

Note: Make sure you have authorized the computer by signing in with your Apple ID. And notice that you cannot run iTunes when the iTunes DRM removal program works.

STEP 1: Add iTunes M4P Music Files to the Program

Start TunesCopy and enter the main interface. Click “Add Files” to pop up add file panel where lists iTunes M4P music, and then choose one or more you need for importing. Or you can also tap the “+” button in the middle to drag and drop the target music file to the program.

Backup Apple Music

STEP 2: Choose Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate for output file

You can view all the imported files under the category “music” where you can choose an M4P file and click the “edit” button to freely choose the proper Channels, Sampling Rates and Bit Rates you prefer for the output MP3 audio file.

Backup Apple Music

STEP 3: Set Output Directory for Output Files

Go to the bottom of the Home list, click “…” to set an output path for containing the output files.

Backup Apple Music

STEP 4: Remove DRM from iTunes Music and Convert M4P to MP3

Click the blue “Convert” button to start removing DRM and converting M4P to MP3. And you will get the DRM free MP3 music files after a while.

Backup Apple Music

STEP 5: Manage the Converted MP3 files

When the conversion process completes, you can find all the converted files under “Converted” tab, where you can open the files and fast locate them with the quick search bar as well.

Backup Apple Music

Now you have removed DRM from Apple Music and got free MP3 music from iTunes. You can backup Apple Music offline as you like by saving the music files on your PC, or any other mobile devices or storage devices. And it’s no doubt that you can easily fix Apple Music disappeared issue with the help of TunesCopy. Just feel free to have a try, thus you can remove DRM from Apple music and backup Apple Music before songs disappeared, getting more enjoyment as well.