How to Delete Duplicate Songs

Step 1. Choose Clean-up Duplicates entry

Launch Tunes Cleaner for Mac and choose “Clean-up Duplicates” entry to clean up the duplicate music files.

Step 2. Choose One Scanning Mode

At the left sidebar, you can see 2 duplicates scanning modes: Quick Scan mode and Deep Scan mode. Quick Scan mode just searches the duplicate songs through Name, Artist, etc. However, Deep Scan mode will analyze acoustics fingerprint of songs and you need to choose Match Degree to Low, Medium, or High . Note that the time spent to scan will increase as the match degree increases. Finally, select one of them to scan duplicate songs on your demand.

Step 3. Add Music Files for Duplicates Removing

After choosing scanning mode, you need to click “Add” button to add music files to remove duplicates or click Scan iTunes button to remove duplicate songs in iTunes. However, click Delete button could delete the music folder that you added. Moreover, the software supports to drag music files from local folder to it directly.

In addition, you could click “Show Remove History” button to find back the duplicate music files deleted recently. But it will only be kept for the preset number of days.

And you can click the gear button to set the time span for clearing the duplicates removal history.

Step 4. Start Deleting Duplicates

Click “Scan” button to begin scanning duplicates in added folders or iTunes library. Then all duplicates will be displayed and selected clearly. You could remove the duplicates as suggested through clicking Remove button or select manually as you wish. In addition, you can choose certain song and click the right deltoid button to play directly, while click the folder button to locate the selected file in the file management program on Mac.

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