Introduction - What is Leawo Photo Enlarger?

Driven by deep-learning AI technology, Leawo Photo Enlarger provides a comprehensive and professional AI photo enlargement solution to upscale image solution in batch with just one click. In addition to simply increasing resolution of image, it can also enhance photo quality by contrast and sharpness optimization, noise and mist removal, and more. All these parameters can be adjusted manually.

As a one-stop AI photo enlarger program, why choose Leawo Photo Enlarger:

  1. Enlarge photos by upscaling image resolution.
  2. Improve color rendering, reduce artifacts and enhance detailed texture.
  3. Fix pixelated and blurry images by denoising and deblurring.
  4. Enhance image quality by contrast, sharpness and brightness optimization.
  5. Downscale images to 0.5x.
  6. Support manual parameter adjustment.
  7. Process a batch of photos 5x faster with hardware acceleration.
  8. Mainstream graphic formats supported, including JPEG, PNG, WEBP, etc.
  9. AI-powered and easy-to-use.
  10. Multilingual program UI support.

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