It is quite annoying when you find your iPhone stuck in recovery mode won't restore. You may see a black screen with an iTunes symbol, an Apple logo or a computer icon, which varies based on your iOS version. When this error occurs, you will not be able to use your iPhone. Is there any method that can help you to cope with this issue? Here comes the good news that there is no need to put your iPhone in the trash bin, for this tutorial will lead you to reveal some great ways to tackle this irksome issue properly.

Part 1: Why is iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Won't Restore?

You cannot use your iPhone when it is stuck in recovery mode won't restore. The reasons lead to this error can be various. Here are some common causes for iPhone stuck in recovery mode won't restore for your reference.

  • An unsuccessful software update due to a loss of power or corrupted update files.
  • If you failed to jailbreak your iPhone, your iPhone may also suffer from recovery mode.
  • If you have tried to activate the Recovery Mode of your iPhone to deal with other issue, this error can also occur.
  • Once the hardware of your iPhone malfunctions, you may also encounter iPhone stuck in recovery mode won't restore.