As a multimedia container format, ISO can be quite useful to store audio and video information for the physical storage devices. Sometimes, if you have already copied the content on the DVD or Blu-ray to ISO files on your computer, then it will be easier for you to burn or copy the ISO file wherever or whenever you prefer. "What should I do to back up my ISO files onto a DVD disc? I've tried several converters and backup tools, only to get errors and errors. Is there anything special I should handle? The ISO files are in DVD-9 format. What kind of program should I use?" If you have also been confused by this problem, this guide would show you a practical ISO to DVD burner and detailed steps on how to burn ISO file to DVD-9 disc on Mac and PC.

Part 1: About DVD-9 and DVD-5

DVD-5 is referred to as D5, which is a single-layer single-sided disc (SS-SL or Single Side Single Layer) with a maximum capacity of 4.7G. There is only one side of the disc, and only one layer has data. The D5 disc can satisfy a 100-minute film with a Dolby Digital surround sound system and two text subtitles. DVD uses MPEG2 VBR format to compress images. It is a dynamic variable data stream compression ranging from 1M to 9.8M. The maximum data stream can reach 10.8M in total, which is quite different from previous VCDs. VCD adopts CBR format, the data stream is fixed, and the length of the movie stored in each disc is fixed. The length of the DVD storage movie can be changed, the data stream is small, and the time is relatively long. On the contrary, the data stream is large, and the length of the stored movie is short. This is also the main reason why the quality of DVD-9 is higher than that of DVD-5.

DVD-9 is abbreviated as D9 (also referred to as D9 Digital Conference), which is a double-layer single-sided data CD with a maximum capacity of 8.5G. Movies released on D9 discs are generally DTS sound or LPCM lossless audio, or longer than 100 minutes. This refers to a single-sided, double-layer DVD disc. With a total capacity of 7.98GB, it can store about 241 minutes of video data. There are two options for a two-layer disc, one is to place two recording layers on one piece, and the other is a blank base, and then bonded. This kind of scheme is not used because of high process requirements and low yield in actual production. Another solution is to place two recording layers on the upper and lower sheets and to make the lower recording layer into a translucent layer. The upper recording layer is made into a reflective layer, and then the two substrates are bonded. This is a popular solution for DVD-9.


Part 2: 3 Best DVD ISO Image Burners for Windows and Mac

In order to burn ISO image files to DVD discs, what you must have is a piece of powerful DVD burner software which supports DVD-5 and DVD-9. For your good options, you can refer to the following tools to burn ISO to DVD-9 and DVD-5 on Windows and Mac.

No. 1 Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy is one of the best copy software to allow you to burn ISO files to DVD-9 and DVD-5 with 6X higher speed and 100% output quality. With Leawo DVD Copy, you can copy DVD from all kinds of input sources, like a common DVD disc or ISO image files. It can offer users 3 types of copy modes, including Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Also, with it, you can freely copy the CSS-protected DVD discs with 100% quality retained. You are allowed to set the disc types and disc mode according to your own preferences. Besides, you can enjoy other smart functions of it, like select subtitles and audio tracks at will, obtain the high-quality DVD compression, 2 DVD video standards and so on.


No. 2 PowerISO

The third tool that can be used to burn ISO to DVD is PowerISO. This is a piece of free DVD burner for Mac and Windows. There are a lot of features contained within this program and can be one of the advanced tools to perform extraction and copying tasks. At the same times, it can easily mount the ISO files to DVD discs by following several steps. Also, it can be able to create a bootable CD, DVD disc that can be sued on multiple platforms. If you would like to convert burn an ISO to DVD-9/DVD-5, this program allows you to edit the ISO files as well. But, until now, it doesn't support Mac OS operating system and some of the features are only available for the premium version which should be chargeable.


No. 3 WinISO

Just as its name implies, WinISO is a good ISO burner for Windows. This can be used as an important Windows ISO burner to create DVD discs from any ISO files for free. This tool can allow users to edit, create, convert or mount ISO files to any other discs or other formats. Besides, this tool is capable of making a bootable disc and can be capable of processing the CD, DVD and BD image files. Overall speaking, WinISO has the comprehensive solution for the ISO burning requirements and you can find that it has a complete technical support system. Even though it is free, the free version has many limitations in the features options.


Part 3: Get Prepared for Burning ISO to DVD

ISO image file is the image of an entire CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. That means a single ISO file contains all content of a Blu-ray, CD or DVD disc. Therefore, you can create ISO image from optical disc, and burn ISO file to DVD, Blu-ray or CD discs. To backup ISO file to DVD-9 or DVD-5 disc, an ISO DVD burner tool is needed. Find a proper backup program and make sure you're allowed to back up your source ISO files, which means the ISO files are not encrypted. Leawo DVD Copy helps you burn ISO file to DVD-9 discs or DVD-5 discs freely in only 3 simple clicks. If you get DVD+RW or DVD-RW discs, Leawo DVD Copy could even help you clean target writable DVD discs and then burn ISO file to DVD-9 or DVD-5 disc with ease.

Meanwhile, since you're going to burn ISO file to DVD-9 disc, it's for sure you need to get source ISO image file and a DVD-9 disc (blank writable DVD-R or DVD+R, or DVD+RW/DVD-RW disc). Besides these, you need to get a computer that has DVD recorder drive installed, so you could insert target DVD-9 disc into the drive. Therefore, things you need to prepare to include:

1. Download and install a professional DVD burner on your computer.

2. Windows PC that runs on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 8.1 (Mac users should run Mac OS X 10.6 or newer), with DVD recorder drive installed.

3. A DVD-9 or DVD-5 disc (blank writable DVD-R/DVD+R, or DVD-RW/DVD+RW disc) according to your needs.
4. Source ISO image file.

It should be noted that, generally speaking, due to the storage size, DVD-9 ISO image file could only be burned to DVD-9 disc, while DVD-5 ISO image file could be put onto both DVD-9 and DVD-5 discs. If your DVD-9 ISO image file occupies less than 4.7GB, you could also put DVD-9 ISO file onto DVD-5 disc. The only difference between DVD-9 and DVD-5 is storage size.


Part 4: Burn ISO to DVD-9 on Mac

Now it is the most important for you. How to burn ISO to DVD? Now let take Leawo DVD Copy as the example to show you how to burn ISO to DVD-9 on Mac.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo DVD Copy on your Mac.

Step 2: Add ISO file. After launching Leawo DVD Copy on your Mac, click the inverted triangle drop-down button next to the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button and then select "Add iso file" option on the drop-down list. Insert blank writable DVD-9 disc into the DVD recorder drive.

how-to-burn-with-Leawo 1

Step 3: Backup Settings. An "Add iso file" window pops up will appear then and ask you to manually complete "Copy to" option (the disc you have inserted to the disc drive) and "Disc Label" settings. The "Copy to" option would select DVD recorder drive as output automatically.

how-to-burn-with-Leawo 2

Step 4: Burn ISO File to DVD-9 Disc. After the backup settings, click the “Burn” button on the “Add iso file” window. This ISO DVD burner software would then immediately start ISO file to DVD-9 disc backup process.

how-to-burn-with-Leawo 3

Part 5: Burn ISO to DVD-5 on Windows

As well, if you are a Windows user, then you can refer to the PowerISO tutorial on how to burn ISO to DVD-5 on Windows.

Step 1: Download PowerISO and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Load the ISO file to this program by clicking "Open" button given blow menu bar.

how-to-burn-with-PowerISO 1

Step 3: Set the output disc type as the DVD-5 and then click "Burn" icon on the toolbar on the top of the main interface.

how-to-burn-with-PowerISO 2

Step 4: Select the output burning disc drive and burning speed as the 4X. When all the options have been set, please click on "Burn" button to start burning the ISO file to DVD-5 disc.

how-to-burn-with-PowerISO 3