How to Burn AVCHD to Blu-ray on PC/Mac

Nowadays, camcorder has been widely used in our daily life. Even some digital cameras have been added with video shooting feature. People could record every precious moment in their trip, party, training, etc. for future review. All these videos are AVCHD files saved within either M2TS or MTS file format.…

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Can iDVD Convert and Burn Blu-ray

In order to meet Mac users’ various needs in multimedia playback, a lot of respectable Mac apps have already been designed accordingly. For example, iDVD has been designed to convert and burn Blu-ray if needed. But what the pity is only Mac users are allowed to adopt iDVD as the…

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Does Apple SuperDrive Burn Blu-ray

In this tech-driven world with all surprises, products are developed to make life easier. As most people could imagine, the technology giant Apple always sticks with innovative techniques and holds annual conferences each year. By the time Apple SuperDrive was introduced, it actually has multiple stages to reach the definition…

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How to Make Valentine Blu-ray with Valentine Photos and Videos

"Dear editor, I had a very romantic Valentine with my girlfriend last night. We took many photos and a piece of video clip to memorize our Valentine’s Day. She suggested we make Valentine Blu-ray disc with all those photos and video clips for future review and safekeeping. I think it…

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