iMovie is a simplified video editing software for iOS and macOS devices, which has a basic interface with timeline, preview window and media browser. With rich templates, themes and transitions preset, it is perfect for beginners or those who don’t need professional-grade video editing software. Even so, there is always a background music clip you can’t find for your video in its library. As is known to all, background music has always been an important part of almost every video, which can make your video more meaningful. If the soundtrack you want happens to be from Spotify, then it might get a little tricky – because music downloaded from Spotify is usually DRM-protected, and you can only have access them through Spotify. But don’t be frustrated, this tutorial will show you how to convert Spotify music to DRM-free files and add music from Spotify to iMovie with several methods.

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Part 1: Why You Can't Use Spotify Songs on iMovie Directly?

Because of DRM. DRM, short for Digital Rights Management, is a technology for subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted digital media content. Songs downloaded from Spotify are encoded using DRM, so even if you subscribe to a premium plan and download songs, you cannot copy and share Spotify music to unapproved devices or platforms. Therefore, to use Spotify songs on iMovie, you need to remove DRM protection first.


In addition to DRM protection, another reason why you can’t use Spotify songs on iMovie directly is that iMovie doesn’t support the format of Spotify music. Actually, iMovie only supports a very limited number of formats, while music downloaded from Spotify is in a very niche OGG format. Therefore, apart from removing DRM on Spotify music, you also need to convert Spotify Music to iMovie Supported format. Below are the types of formats supported by iMovie.

iMovie supported audio formats MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, AAC
iMovie supported video formats MP4, MOV, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, HDV, MPEG-4, H.264

If you also want to upload music to YouTube or some other streaming video platforms, then you should make sure the music you download is royalty-free. If not, read: Where to Get Copyright Free Music?

Part 2: How to Convert Spotify Music to iMovie Supported Format?

To put Spotify music to iMovie, first you need to remove DRM and convert Spotify songs to iMovie supported format. Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter is a one-stop solution for DRM removal and format conversion, which can remove DRM from Spotify music and convert Spotify music to MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, and FLAC audio files. All converted songs retain 100% quality from original Spotify songs. In addition, you can also edit Spotify music parameters like audio channel, bit rate, etc. to better fit your iMovie video. Follow the steps below to make Spotify music compatible with iMovie.

Step 1: Download Leawo Prof. DRM

Click the Download button below according to your computer system. Then, follow the onscreen instruction to install and launch Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer.

  • Leawo Prof. DRM
  • Leawo Prof. DRM

    • - Convert iTunes DRM-protected M4V movie and TV show to DRM-Free MP4
    • - Remove DRM from M4B, AA, AAX files and convert any Audible AA, AAX file to MP3, even without iTunes authorization
    • - Convert iTunes DRM-Protected M4P and non-DRM iTunes M4A Music to MP3
    • - Remove DRM-protection on Spotify music and convert to Universal audio format for enjoying music offline on any devices
    • - Convert DRM-protected eBook from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe to DRM-free epub, mobi, azw3, txt, etc., format


    Spotify will launch automatically after running Prof. DRM. Make sure your account is logged in, so that you can add songs from Spotify to Prof. DRM.

Step 2: Import Spotify music to Prof. DRM

Enter Spotify Converter module after installation. To import Spotify music to Prof. DRM, you can directly drag and drop source music to the main interface of Spotify Converter module, or click the Add Files button to copy and paste link of Spotify.


Step 3: Set output format and directory

If you want to edit Spotify music parameters like output format, channel, sample rate, etc., hover over your mouse to a song and click the Editing button at the right. It is suggested to set the output format to MP3 or M4A. If you want to set the output directory, click the three-dot button at the bottom to choose a local folder on your computer.


Step 4: Start to convert Spotify music to iMovie supported format

Click the Convert button in the bottom-right corner to start removing DRM from Spotify music and convert Spotify music to iMovie supported format. After conversion, you can hover over your mouse to a song and click the Folder button at the right to check for the converted file.


Part 3: How to Add Music from Spotify to iMovie on iPhone via iTransfer?

To add music from Spotify to iMovie on iPhone, first you need to transfer those converted DRM-free Spotify music from your computer to iPhone. In terms of iPhone data transfer, Leawo iTransfer can be perfectly competent this job. Driven by advanced scanning and transferring technology, this software can help users transfer 12 kinds of files like music, videos, photos, messages, etc. between iOS devices, computer and iTunes rapidly and seamlessly. After transferring all converted music to iPhone safely and losslessly, you can then add Spotify music to iMovie on iPhone without effort.

Step 1: Download Leawo iTransfer

Click either button below according to your computer system to download and install Leawo iTransfer on your computer. After installation, launch the software.

  • itransfer
  • Leawo iTransfer

    - Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
    - 6x faster than iTunes
    - Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
    - Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, etc.
    - Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.
    - Support Windows & Mac OS

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. The software will detect and recognize your device immediately.


Step 3: Transfer converted Spotify music from computer to iPhone

Click Music option under the list of iPhone > LIBRARY, and all music on your iPhone will be shown in the right pane. You can import converted Spotify music from computer to iPhone via directly drag-and-drop or clicking the Add > Add File/Add Folder button.


Step 4: Add Spotify music to iMovie on iPhone

Open iMovie on your iPhone, and create a new project. If there is an existing project needed to add Spotify music, open it. Then, in the workbench, tap + > Audio > My Music to browse and add Spotify music to iMovie on iPhone. Alternatively, if you’ve uploaded converted Spotify music to iCloud Drive, tap + > iCloud Drive to import.


Part 4: How to Add Music from Spotify to iMovie on Mac via iTunes?

While editing iMovie videos on iPhone is very convenient, there are times when you need more elaborate video editing on a bigger screen, and more precise color correction on a better screen. Editing videos on iMovie for Mac looks all good, but if you want to add external and unapproved music to iMovie, first you need to add music to iTunes library so that you can have access to those songs on iMovie. The following step-by-step guidance will show you how to ad music from Spotify to iMovie on Mac.

Step 1: Upload DRM-free Spotify music to iTunes library

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer, then launch it. Click File > Add File to Library to browse and import converted Spotify music to iTunes library.


Step 2: Put Spotify music to iMovie via iTunes

Open iMovie on your Mac. Create a new project or open an existing project. Click Audio tab in the top menu bar, and select iTunes > Music from the sidebar. Now, you can directly drag and drop Spotify music from iTunes library to the timeline of your project.