How can I Find My Audiobooks on iOS and iTunes

"How can I listen to audiobooks on my iphone? How can I listen on my iphone to audiobooks that are stored in itunes on my MAC? I have purchased several audiobooks on my Mac computer in iTunes and would like to listen to these audiobooks on iPhone. Where can I find them on iPhone?" "Where […]

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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Samsung

"I would like to transfer music from iTunes to my Samsung Galaxy Note3. As we all know, you cannot directly to transfer music from iTunes to Samsung. So we have to first transfer music from iTunes to computer and then transfer music from computer to Samsung. However, how to do that? How to transfer music […]

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How to Transfer Music from PC to Android

"I used to have an iPhone and synced all my songs in iTunes. However, I have an Android phone now and would like to transfer music from PC to Android. Any solution you can provide?" Many people may encounter the same problem when they change to Android phone. For some people, music old on old […]

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How to Move Music from iTunes to Android

As an Apple user, you are able sync music from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease. However, what if you switched your iPhone to Android phone? How can you move your music from iTunes to new Android phone? There are several solutions you can have a try after you reading through the […]

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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Device

I lost my iPhone a couple weeks ago, and couldn't find it anywhere. I bought an Android phone for my daily use, and it is now works well. Now I want to put some songs into the Android phone from the iTunes library. Is that possible? I'll appreciate all of your suggestions, thanks in advance! […]

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How to Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes without Losing Music

iTunes has a firm structure of the whole running system. If an installation for iTunes is deleted or changed, the software will not function properly. At this moment, you will have to remove iTunes and related components, and then reinstall iTunes. Some Apple product users overuse iTunes reinstallation as a troubleshooter, however, if once reinstallation […]

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