Q: "As a sincere Spotify fan, listening to the Spotify music everyday has been my routine for years. There are thousands of songs I have ever listened to on my Spotify. I'd like to move these songs to my Android phone so that I can enjoy the music freely anywhere at anytime. How could Spotify songs be downloaded and moved to my Android phone? Your help will be wholeheartedly appreciated."

Actually, moving your Spotify Music to an Android devices is not an impossible mission anymore since there are a number of ways and services that can help you--you can download Spotify music first and convert Spotify to MP3 android. And this tutorial here will offer the best solutions on how to convert Spotify to MP3 android for you.

Part 1: About Spotify App

It is known to all that Spotify is an excellent music streaming platform developed by Swedish company Spotify Technology. It is available in 65 regions from Asia, Europe, Africa, America and so on, and nearly welcomed by music enthusiasts from all around the world because of its resourceful music--more than 40 million songs are offered. Besides, Spotify is now free on mobile and tablet. With the Spotify App, wherever you are, you can listen to listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. What's more, a ready-made playlist that satisfies your mood will be available or personalized recommendations will bring you more new music. Follow the steps below to install it and play music:

Introduce Spotify and iTunes

Step 1: Download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Login in Spotify using your account information.

Step 3: Discover the music you love in search box. There are different kinds of music listed in different moods as well. You can choose anyone you like to play.

Step 4: Made playlist for different kinds of music you love and enjoy.

Part 2: Recommended Spotify Downloader App on Android

Though Spotify App brings music enthusiasts more convenience online, there are still some problems for offline enjoyment of the music since Spotify doesn't allow users to download music at all. Fortunately, there are some Spotify downloader apps available and Spotify Downloader will be recommended to you. Spotify Downloader is a great app which allows you to download tracks in playlists from any Spotify user account in simple steps.

Introduce Spotify and iTunes

Step 1: Visit www.getjar.com on your Android and click "Quick download" at the bottom, then enter 924986 to download and install Spotify Downloader on your Android phone.

Step 2: Enter your Spotify user account name, and then click on the playlist to select the tracks and click on "Start".

Step 3: The Spotify music will be downloaded soon.

How to Download and Convert Spotify to MP3 for Android with Prof. DRM

Actually, when users cannot download Spotify music even with some free downloader, it's because of the DRM-protection on Spotify music that prevents users from downloading music from Spotify and listening to Spotify music on their own devices offline. On this occasion, the best way on how to convert Spotify to MP3 android is to make use of the professional software. And the built-in Prof. DRM Spotify Converter would be the most effective Spotify to MP3 app which can help users remove DRM from Spotify and convert to MP3.

Leawo Prof. DRM is a powerful program designed for removing DRM from iTunes video(movies and TV shows), and working for DRM removal from eBooks, music, etc. and converting the DRM removed files to free common format such as MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC for freely playing on different music players. As the one of the best DRM removal software, except for keeping original quality completely, Spotify Converter also enables users to adjust audio channel, bit rate, sample rate of the Spotify music for a better quality output. With this Spotify converter to MP3 android supported format, you can now get DRM free Spotify music by following the guide here.

Note: You are required to launch Spotify and play songs smoothly before you start Prof. DRM.

Introduce Spotify

Step 1: Import Spotify music to Prof. DRM

Run Prof. DRM first and then click the Spotify icon to add the Spotify songs, albums or playlist. Besides, to drag and drop the album/playlist to the program is also available.

add spotify music

Additional announcement: Users of web version of Spotify are also able to add the Spotify music file by copying and pasting the URL to the program for importing.

Add spotify song

Step 2: Select MP3 as output format and Set audio quality

Move your mouse on an imported song to show the editing icon, and then click it to freely select MP3 as output format and set proper sample rate, bit rate, audio channel. Then choose "Apply to All" to apply this settings for all the imported music.

Choose M4A as the output format

Step 3: Save the converted Spotify music

Click the output button "…" at the bottom of the interface to select one output directory to save the converted file.

Set output format

Step 4: Convert Spotify music to MP3

Click the blue button "Convert" at the bottom to start removing DRM and converting Spotify music to MP3. Finally, you will be able to check the converted files under the "Converted" panel in seconds.

Choose  output directory

Step 5: Import the downloaded files to Android

You can find the converted MP3 songs in the file folder you saved. Now connect your Android devices to your PC with the USB cable or WIFI, and send the songs to your devices directly. And you will play the music smoothly and freely on your Android device.

Part 4: Download Music from Spotify to Android for Spotify Subscribed User

In addition the Spotify to MP3 app solutions mentioned above, there is also premium version to enjoy music with Spotify app if you are Spotify subscriber users who are allowed to listen to music offline. Since you have bought the buy Spotify's premium subscription, then you can download Spotify music to Android in simple steps:

Step 1.Open the Spotify app and then browse the track you are intended to download.

Step 2: Tap the three-dot options and then the press Save option.

Step 3: Go to "Your Library", there will be a "Download" switch beneath the "Shuffle Play" option. And then please turn it on to see a downloaded arrow with each track when they have downloaded.

download Spotify songs

This can also be a Spotify to mp3 app which might be the very convenient for users to download and listen to Spotify music. The offline function for subscribed users allows them to listen to the downloaded music without the Internet.

Part 5: Comparison of the Mentioned Solutions

There are several solutions mentioned for downloading Spotify music and enjoying the music freely on Android. Then which solution would be the best and most suitable for you? You can have a look at the comparison table below to get their pros and cons so as to choose the most proper and convenient way.


Spotify app

Spotify Downloader

Leawo Prof. DRM

Spotify Premium

Play Music online


Not Allowed



Play music offline

Not allowed

Not Allowed




Not allowed




Format Conversion

Not allowed

Not Allowed


Not Allowed




No ads

No ads

Audio quality










Compared with each other, the solutions mentioned here are all have their own pros and cons. Spotify app is the official program that allows users to listen to the large amount of songs from all over the world for free. Nonetheless, it doesn't allow users to download music and listen to music offline. Besides there might be some annoying ads that may break in the listening experience. While Spotify Downloader is a totally free program that helps users to download Spotify music. It is somewhat useful and helpful. But sometimes downloading will not work and the ads are also unpleasant. Additionally, as Spotify to mp3 converter android, Prof. DRM is amazing software that allows music enthusiasts to get their beloved music in DRM free music in common format like the popular MP3. This could be a Spotify ripper Android app that can completely remove the DRM protection from music. What's more, it is quite economic compared to the Spotify Premium. The monthly cost would be a little bit expensive for some people, though relatively speaking, it offers excellent service to some extend.

Anyway, it depends on you to choose Spotify music converter app or premium or cost-free solutions according to your actual needs. The solutions offered here will give you detailed and considerate recommendation. To solve the problem of Spotify to MP3 on Android would be the main goal here. Feel free to have a try!