Do you like watching Thai Drama? I'm currently watching My Husband in Law Thai drama, Maybe you are a Thai drama lover like me. Are you looking for some websites to watch Thai TV dramas with English subtitles freely online? Sometimes, you may find it difficult to find your favorite Thai drama for watching. If you are still annoyed about where to watch Thai drama online, here this article is particularly written to help you stream Thai TV dramas online with ease. We have made a list of sites available for you to watch and save your favorite Thai drama easily. Now let’s move on and have a look.

Part 1: Where can I watch Thai drama with eng sub

  • 1. DramaCool
  • There are various kinds of Asian dramas available for streaming on this website. A large number of Thai dramas can be found, whatever the new or the old Thai dramas, you can stream here effortlessly. Once you meet trouble in finding the drama from other websites, you can have a try here and maybe you are lucky to find it in Drama Cool. This website offers totally free streaming service and most of the dramas which have been uploaded can be played with English subtitles.

  • 2. KissAsian
  • This is a famous streaming website for watching Thai drama and it usually may be your first choice to stream Thai drama online. The design and simple navigation of this site are appealing to you. The friendly-user interface is another point to attract you a lot. You can find three versions available for Kiss Asian, which includes Version 1 - SH, Version 2 - LA, Version 3 - Video. These three versions look the same, but there is no easy navigation in Version 3.

  • 3.GMMTV
  • If your internet connection is slow, YouTube is a good alternative to stream Thai dramas. Sometimes, the downloading speed of YouTube is faster than other streaming sites. Looking for the uploading of Thai TV dramas with English subtitles from fans can be done easily on this site. Here we recommend a YouTube channel to help you find the Thai dramas with English subs with ease, that is GMMTV.

  • 4. MUSE
  • MUSE in only exclusive to their members. The latest Thai dramas are uploaded here and this site can create English subtitles for all uploaded dramas. There were free in the past, but now, the members are separated into free and premium. The difference between them is that the older and the completed Thai TV dramas can be watched for free, but the updated and ongoing dramas have to be paid for the premium membership.

  • 5. Nekomeowmeow
  • Lots of Thai dramas with English subs can be found in this streaming site. When visiting this site, you can find most of their dramas come from the No.3 channel. This site is totally free and you don’t need to sign up.

    Part 2: Best sites to save Thai drama

    If you are addicted in Thai dramas and want to download them for offline watching without place and time-limited, here we recommend you some best sites to get Thai drama downloaded as below:

  • 1. Dramanice Video
  • This is the best site to download Thai drama because it updates more regularly than other sites. You can stream high-quality Thai drama online for free. In addition, Thai dramas can be downloaded for free as well, and can watch them on portable devices.
  • 2. Kissasian
  • Kissasian is a good site that you can watch your preferred Thai dramas and get them downloaded without hassle.

  • 3. Dramafire
  • There are a lot of great Thai dramas in this site, with the clear user interface and easy navigation, you may like this site due to this apparent advantage.

  • 4. Viki
  • This site is very excellent if you are a premium member, otherwise, there are some limits when you access to the dramas in this site. The video can be played at a fast speed with good quality. But the ads interruption are existing while you are watching dramas.

    Part 3: Top video player for TV series

    If you want to watch Thai drama with good quality and quick streaming, an excellent video player is the most important tool to give you great help. Where to find a good video player to watch Thai drama? There is no doubt that Leawo Blu-ray player is the best option for you.

    Leawo Blu-ray Player offers a perfect solution to all media playback to suit your needs on leisure entertainment. Due to its multiple functions, it not only acts as a free Blu-ray disc player, but also it is a great player for DVD disc, HD video, ISO file, WPL file and kinds of audio. As it is a free yet versatile player program, Leawo Blu-ray Player is qualified to play Blu-ray/DVD discs with region protection directly, for instance, playing region A Blu-ray discs in Europe is available.

    Due to the powerful features of Leawo Blu-ray player, it can also act well in converting Blu-ray/DVD discs, video folder, and iOS files to MKV with original quality and quick speed. Furthermore, Blu-ray disc with protection from all regions and all movie studios also can be converted into MKV with the original subtitles and audio quality.

    Now let’s show you how to watch Thai drama on Leawo Blu-ray player, you can follow the steps below to begin your experience in streaming Thai dramas with Leawo Blu-ray player.

    • Leawo Blu-ray Player
    • Leawo Blu-ray Player

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    Step 1. Run Leawo Blu-ray player after downloading it from our official website

    Then a user-friendly interface will appear and you have several options to choose from it. To load the movies of Thai dramas, you can click on the button Open Files to view and choose the video that you want to load to Leawo Blu-ray player window.


    Step 2. Once you have loaded up the source media files, the player begins to play

    You can put your mouse on the title area to pop up 4 options. After that, there are 4 options available for your choice, you can click on Subtitlesicon button to change the subtitle settings like Enable or disable subtitles, Subtitle offset, Subtitle selecting or Browse for subtitle.

    4 options next to title

    You also can right-click the main interface to get subtitle settings opened, then set subtitles by choosing the options.


    Part 4: Best movie downloader for PC/Mac

    CleverGet Video Downloader, a comprehensive online movie downloader that could not only download online videos, but also free movies, paid movies and even live streams, could help you easily complete online free movie download tasks in simple clicks. With it, you could easily download free movies from various free movie websites mentioned above and not mentioned above, like YouTube, Twitter, Tubi, and various other free movie sites.

    • CleverGet
    • CleverGet Movie Downloader

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    Disclaimer: Make sure you have downloaded movies/TV shows for personal watching only. Don’t break your local law or regulations. Meanwhile, CleverGet offers free trial version, which enables you to download 3 videos for totally free before you decide to purchase it.