Commonly known as the best free open-source player software that offers ultimate solutions for media files from multiple devices, it also has merged different features like rebuilding media format files and burning data to DVD discs. While cropping videos is one of the elementary editing techniques, can you crop videos with VLC? If that is possible, then some people would ask how to crop video on VLC media player. So this article is to reveal the answer and you will also learn to crop video file VLC alternative.

Part 1: About VLC

When you are first in contact with VLC media player, the stunning icon design may be the most eye-catching symbol. Similar to some certain type of open-source players, this VLC also has marvelous compatibility with almost every media format. The decoding processes are able to incorporate with infinite codec solutions.

Besides the function to stream media files, a couple of extending tools are included. VLC users are allowed to explore this program with the capability of burning media content to DVDs. In other words, this stimulates a derivative solution to copy DVD with VLC.

Additionally, VLC can also handle the missions of transcoding particular formats into each other. Interestingly, all of those procedures are not by means of any third-party plug-ins or add-ons. The VLC base ensures the availability of bonus features. Currently, you might be looking forward to the video editor functionality. The next part will answer can you crop videos with VLC.


Part 2: Can I Crop Video in VLC and How

After being aware of such a whole paragraph about what is a VLC media player, so what on earth is the response of can you crop videos with VLC? The truth that brings happiness is yes, you can crop video file VLC directly. Now let’s see how to crop in VLC on your computer.

Step 1. Download and install VLC media player then navigate to the preferences.

If you have the VLC on your computer, open the program directly. From the opening stage, the top menu bar is placed under the window banner. Find the "Tools" menu to drop down another submenu and select the last option of the "Preferences".


Step 2. Set up the cropping parameters.

The "Preferences" panel is separated into two sections. Tick the option of "All" showing mode down the left section. Expand the "Video" tab then "Filters" consecutively. Under this group, look for the "Croppadd". On the right section, you can put values into cropping boxes and press "Save".


Step 3. Tab the "Video Scaling Filter".

Go to the left and click on the "Filters" bar and the panel will turn to settings with the "Video Scaling Filter" option. Leave the checkbox ticked and then save changes.


Step 4. Add the videos that you want to crop.

Withdraw to the home interface, choose the "Convert/Save" option under the "Media" menu button to call out the below window. The file importing is triggered by the "Add" button inside the right area of the "File Selection".


Step 5. Use the "Convert" command.

The file loading board also comes with the "Convert/Save" multi-optional choices at the bottom. Get the "Convert" from the drop-down menu. In this conversion panel, find the editing icon which is by the side of the profile information. In the later stage, direct yourself to select "Video Codec" > "Filter" > "Video Cropping Filter".


Step 6. Keep the cropped videos in a spare place.

Within the destination section, it is not hard to find the "Browse" button. Click this one to generate the folder path. At last, hit the "Start" to resolve how to crop in VLC.


Part 3: Another Tool to Crop Video Easier

If you are just simply looking for a way to crop your recording videos to get rid of some unexpected fields, how to crop video on VLC alternative could be more efficient. By the time, a lot of people are with doubts about what is the best VLC alternative program on PC? Leawo Video Converter is what you should give full credit to.

The amazing feature of the Leawo Video Converter is the caliber of preserving full quality comparing to crop video file VLC on computers. In spite of the seamless performance of cropping video files, this software offers massive editing availabilities. Everyone could be a fantastic video designer using it. That is to say, there are a bunch of feasible editors like trimmer, watermarking, noise remover, effects addable settings, 3D converter, and so on.

At the moment that you are a beginner to start mastering cropping skills, this ideal app is friendly to guide you through. The neat interface can also be changed into your desired looks. On top of that, you will embrace the universal output format profiles. Specifically, it enables all the portable electronic formats to be applicable straightforward.

Step 1. Download Leawo Video Converter and give it a short time to install.


Step 2. Run the multi-functioning video converter and load media files.

The practical file reading interface is able to accept any media file from dropping-in. Alternatively, press the "Add Video" to see folders.


Step 3. Click the "Editor" icon.

The popping media description bar will be listed in the main section. At the tail, just choose the editing button so as to reach the new panel.


Step 4. Approach the "Crop" tab.

The six editing menu tabs are on the left column, check down and click on the "Crop" label. You can configure plenty of cropping settings on the right part. This software supports preview windows, which gives novices easy-to-use guidance.


Step 5. Save the cropped content in the best image quality.

Getting back to the starting page, press the only green "Convert" and pull out the directory settings. Assign a location in the "Save to" box. To wrap it up, just click the white "Convert". Verify the output products from the given directory.


Part 4: How to Crop Video Online If You Don’t Want to Download Tool

Every person has each preference to implement their final goal. No matter what method it will be, there seems to be some web service providing the ability to crop videos online. Indeed, a few individuals would try to save space on their computers. For that reason, this solution will assist in how to crop in VLC online alternative site.

Step 1. Open up the video cropping site.

If you have no ideas about what website can crop video file VLC, it is a decent choice to go to the Clideo official site.


Step 2. Upload a video file.

The middle button of the "Choose file" is the gate to place your files. It also supports Google Drive and Dropbox. URL links are contained as well.


Step 3. Crop video file VLC online.

This online service allows the mockup cropping process. It is simple and quick to get it done. Hit the "Crop" button sitting at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 4. Download the cropped files.

Once the video is cropped, you will be entered a video preview window. A download button is on the right of it. It may take some time to store the content, which is up to your network condition.

Part 5: Best Player to Check and Play Cropped Video

While cropped videos could be ending in a large range of miscellaneous formats from either online or offline results, how to get all of them playable so as to review the output? Or is there any recommendation to let video-makers enjoy the cropped content profoundly? The correct option is pointing at the Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Think about all the possibilities from the developing formats, why not possess the all-purpose Leawo Blu-ray Player program? There are several outstanding attributes deserving attentions.

First of all, the app has a solid capacity for media codecs. That enables persons to watch any cropped videos of AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, RMVB, FLV, even 4K and HD. The resolution can be decoded up to 2160P.

Secondly, quality lossless playback can be brought to all the home theater devices. At the same time, it is capable of making all the discs watchable regardless of DVD restrictions like region codes. Plenty of adjustments on skins, themes, and languages will set you free from any playback. This contains an upgradable option that ensures lossless conversion from DVD/Blu-ray to MKV files.



Overall, the pathway of how to crop video on VLC player is illustrated. However, the VLC software is not specialized in the cropping process. Whereas there is likely to be higher level requirements, the advice is to install the Leawo Video Converter. Leawo Video Converter works as a professional tool for any video editing with safety. Although it is also available to crop video file VLC online instead of getting an application, maybe you should pay more attention to the internet environment carefully. No computer wants to be contaminated with viruses. Anyway, it is all determined by your personal choice. If you are holding up to the flawless playback, then do not hesitate to try the best free Leawo Blu-ray Player.