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8MB Compressor - Video Compressor for Discord in 2023

At the very beginning, Discord servers as a game chat application and community with game voice and IM tool functions, becoming the preferred tool for gamers to communicate and collaborate in games. During the pandemic of COVID-19, this application manifests its own advantage and turns into one of the mainstream platforms for online courses or discussion groups. However, there are some limitations when it comes to sending video on Discord, you’ll need a video compressor for Discord since Discord allows users to upload video files of only 8MB. In this post, I’ll focus on the best 8MB video compressor or video compressor for Discord and show you all how to compress 8MB video for Discord easily!

Part 1: How to compress a video for Discord

  • Before sending a video via Discord, here are some requirements below:
    • 1. You can’t send the video file over 8MB unless you’ve subscribed to Discord Nitro, which is a premium plan and allows sharing videos up to 50MB.
    • 2. Discord only supports the following video file types - .MOV, .MP4, .GIF and .WEBM.

    If you want to send a video on Discord without a subscribed plan, then you might as well try Leawo Prof. Media. This all-in-one bundle provides a built-in video compressor for Discord and you can make the video smaller for sharing on Discord. Serving as a superb Discord compressor, Leawo Prof. Media is designed to convert video files freely, Leawo Prof. Media is a versatile combo to convert video and audio files, rip and convert 4K/3D/regular Blu-ray/DVD/ISO files to video/audio in 180+ formats, including Lossless MP4, Lossless MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, M4V, F4V, MP3, AAC, etc.

    In this part, let’s go ahead and check how to compress a video for Discord in detail.

    • Leawo Prof. Media
    • Leawo video compressor for Discord

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    To make this Discord video compressor work, click the module “Video Converter” in the main interface, and it would lead you to the corresponding function part. Let’s see how to compress videos for Discord step-by-step:

    Step 1: Import the source video files into Leawo video compressor for Discord

    Click Add Video from the toolbar to import the source files. Batch importing is supported but it will slow down the entire conversion process if your files are too large.

    video compressor for discord

    Step 2: Change the output format

    Click Change under the format drop-down menu to navigate to the Profile panel, where you will be able to change the output format to the target one.

    video compressor for discord

    Step 3: Adjust the parameters of video

    Twist the parameters to make your Discord video file smaller if needed.

    video compressor for discord

    Step 4: Set an output directory to save the converted file

    Click the Convert button and you will see a sidebar pop up to let you specify a directory to save the output file. After that, click the round button Convert below to start conversion. This process will take a couple of minutes depending on how large your file is.

    video compressor for discord

    When conversion kicks off, you may view the green progress bar to monitor the real status. Once 100% is done, you will be able to find your converted files under the directory you set previously.

    Part 2: 8 best video compressors for Discord

    Aside from the Leawo Prof. Media Discord compressor, we’d like to introduce 8 more available Discord video compressors in the following content.

    • 1. Online-convert
    • 2. Aconvert
    • 3. Filezigzag
    • 4. VideoSmaller
    • 5. Adobe Media Encoder
    • 6. VLC
    • 7. ClipChamp Video Compressor
    • 8.

    1. Online-convert

    The home page of online-convert shows some of the converting options, such as Convert to MKV, convert to MP4, Convert to WEBM. If you already know which format your video is in and which format you want to convert the video, you can directly find the related link on the home page. More than that, this online video compressor offers you profiles that are customized for certain devices like iPhone, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, and more. But the problem is it's got all these profiles on the home page which means it could take you a while to go through all these and find the right one.

    video compressor for discord

    2. Aconvert

    Being an extensional site of, convert all kinds of document, ebook, image, video and audio files online for free. On top of that, Aconvert provides a batch file conversion just as Leawo’s does, click “Add Files” button to add multiple files on PC. Select a target format and then hit the “Convert Now” button to proceed.

    video compressor for discord

    3. Filezigzag

    Very similar to the previous Discord 8MB compressor, Filezigzag is a free online converter that supports various formats including audio, image, video, document and archive. It comes with a simple user interface so you don’t have to master complicated computer skills to use it.

    video compressor for discord

    4. VideoSmaller offers a free online solution to resize MP4 video by adjusting its parameters, and it will compress video file size without losing quality. Here is a note, this Discord 8MB converter service only allows you to upload a video file of up to 500M. You don't need to worry about the privacy disclosure because the uploaded files are removed after a few hours.

    video compressor for discord

    5. Adobe Media Encoder

    Adobe Media Encoder is part of the Adobe video editing suite and is responsible for encoding video files to proper formats, so that they can play correctly on different devices. It features display color management, which is a feature for managing display frames as per the monitor settings, and it also features VR 180 support. In total, Adobe Media Encoder supports no more than 80 file formats, and it will cost $33.99 per month, per user for the standard edition.

    video compressor for discord

    6. VLC

    As we all know that VLC is a superb versatile program for different video processing tasks, including compressing video, ripping disc or downloading the streaming video. What’s more, you don’t need to install any add-on for the convert task.

    video compressor for discord

    7. ClipChamp Video Compressor

    ClipChamp Video Compressor is a dedicated site that offers you a free online Discord video compressor to perfectly work with many large video files in simple steps: select the video that you’d like to compress, choose the video playing platform and pick out the output format, hit the start to begin the compression task.

    video compressor for discord


    Also an online tool, is capable of compressing video and reducing video file size online for free without losing quality. You can simply drag and drop the original file to the main panel of, even paste the URL of the source video.

    video compressor for discord

    We’ve discussed the best video compressor for Discord as well as the other 8 file compressor for Discord above. Choose one of them and get started to compress your Discord video to a smaller file.

    Part 3: How to send a video on Discord with video compressor for Discord

    How to send a video on Discord after compressing it to the perfected size? Please refer to the guide below:

    Step 1: Open Discord
    Launch Discord on your PC

    Step 2: Click the desired chat to share the video
    Go to the channel or DM where you’re about to send the video

    Step 3: Hit the plus(+) icon
    You’ll find the icon next to the message input box, and then click on “Upload a file”

    Step 4: Navigate to the imported video
    Locate to the directory where you’ve saved this video file and double click it.

    Step 5: Click on “Upload”
    If necessary, add a comment along with your message.

    Bonus - Discord video downloader recommendation

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