Holiday movies have always been popular among the world. As an anual festival, Easter is not only a holiday in which you could take a rest, have some fun, eat Easter food, play Easter games, but also it’s a wonderful time for you to watch fantastic movies of Easter themes. Most movie studios would publish new movies around Easter holiday.

There are various Easter movies to watch on Easter day. In this post, we would like to share some 10 best Easter movies of all time, and, what’s more, introduce an easy to use method to assist you creating 3D Easter movies and burn Easter movies to 3D Blu-ray disc with professional 3D Blu-ray burner software.

Part 1: Create 3D Easter Blu-ray Movie by Burning Easter Movie to 3D Blu-ray Movie

The first solution to create 3D Easter Blu-ray movie is to burn Easter movie to 3D Blu-ray movie, which can be aided by a professional Blu-ray burning program. Leawo Blu-ray Creator is such a program, offering you the best solution to convert Easter movies and burn to DVD/Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO image file with 3D effect added.

Features of Leawo Blu-ray Creator:

1. Burn any video (180+ formats like M4V, MP4, AVI, FLV, etc.) to Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder and/or ISO image file.
2. 6 different 3D effects available: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side. 3D Depth is adjustable.
3. Add and edit disc menu by adding background music/image/video, changing title position, text color, font, etc. .
4. Edit source video files like adding signature, changing video effect, rotating videos, adding 3D effect, etc.

How to Burn Easter Movie to 3D Blu-ray?

Download Leawo Blu-ray Creator via the below links and then install it on your computer. Mac users could download the Mac version. Insert a blank writable Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray recorder drive, open source Easter movie folder and launch Leawo Blu-ray Creator to get started.

Add Easter movie

Step 1: Add Easter movie

Click the "Add Video" button to browse and add Easter movies. You could add multiple Easter movies.

Note: Set output disc type (BD50 or BD25, according to the Blu-ray disc you've inserted into the drive if you want to burn Easter movies to Blu-ray disc. If you only want to burn Easter movies to Blu-ray folder or ISO image file for saving on computer, select any one as you like), aspect ratio and frame rate at the bottom.

Apply 3D effect

Step 2: Add 3D effect

Click the "Edit" icon in each loaded Easter movie, or right click a title and then select "Edit" option to enter the video editing panel. Open the "3D" panel, swith "3D mode" to green, and then select a 3D effect from the 6 listed ones. Adjust the 3D Depth. You could get instant preview via the built-in player. Click the "OK" button to return the main interface.

Set disc menu

Step 3: Add a disc menu (optional)

Select a disc menu template on the right sidebar. You could preview selected disc menu by clicking its middle. On the preview panel, click the pencil icon to edit disc menu, like adding background music/video/image, title and text editing, etc.


Step 4: Burning settings

Click the big green "Burn" button to carry out some Easter movie burning settings, including: "Burn to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options.

Note: Insert Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray recorder drive, set output Blu-ray disc type at the bottom of the main interface (mentioned in Step 1), and then choose Blu-ray recorder drive as target under "Burn to" option to burn Easter movies to Blu-ray disc. To burn Easter movies to Blu-ray folder or ISO iamge file, select Folder or ISO file under the "Burn to" option. "Burn to" option allows multiple choices.

Burn Easter movie to 3D Blu-ray

Step 5: Burn Easter movie to Blu-ray

At last, click the bottom "Burn" button. This Blu-ray Creator would start to burn Easter movie to 3D Blu-ray movie immediately. You could view the burning progress on the Burning interface. After burning, you get 3D Blu-ray disc of Easter movies.

Video Demonstration of Leawo Blu-ray Creator:

Part 2: Create 3D Easter Blu-ray Movie by Converting Easter Blu-ray to 3D Movie

The second solution to create 3D Easter Blu-ray movie is to convert Easter Blu-ray to 3D Movie. To convert a Blu-ray Easter movie to 3D movie, you will need a piece of Blu-ray converting software to accomplish the task. People can find various kinds of Blu-ray converting programs on the Internet, but I would like to introduce Leawo Blu-ray Ripper to you guys. The software is used for ripping and converting Blu-ray and DVD discs to videos, converting 2D movies to 3D, and tons of other powerful features to help users to get perfect using experience.

How to Convert Easter Blu-ray Movie to 3D Movie?

The following guidance will show you how to convert Easter Blu-ray movie to 3D, and you are allowed to free download the software to have a try.

Import Blu-ray Disc into Software

Step 1: Load Blu-ray Movie

Run Leawo Blu-ray Ripper on your computer, and you will see the main interface. Click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button at the upper left corner to import the disc into the software window. Of course, you need to plug the Blu-ray disc into the computer at first.

Choose Output Format

Step 2: Choose Format for Output

Click the MP4 button beside "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button, and then choose a video format as output. Then click the edit button (pencil on a movie clip), and you will see several features in the left sidebar.

Make up 3D Settings for the Video

Step 3: Make up 3D Settings

Choose "3D" at the bottom of the left sidebar, and the category will turn green. You can choose the 3D depth and mode in the right part of the window. Then you need to click "OK" to start converting the Easter movie to 3D.

Converting Blu-ray Disc to 3D

Step 4: Rip Blu-ray to 3D Movie

You will see the main interface of the software again. Click "Convert" button at the upper right corner, and then choose a folder on your computer to save the exported files. Then hit the "Convert" button at the middle bottom to start converting Easter Blu-ray movie to 3D. The progress bar will show you the percentage of the conversion.

Video Demonstration of Leawo Blu-ray Ripper:

After creating 3D Easter Blu-ray movie, you can play it on your 3D players. It is sure that the 3D movie is more attractive than the common 2D movies. If you have a 3D movie for your Easter Sunday, it will be a surprise to your families and friends.

Part 3: 10 Best Easter Movies

Watching Easter themed movies on Easter Day is without doubt an interesting and meaningful way to celebrate this holiday. Some Easter movies bring us fun, while some religous related Easter movies show us some history knowledge about Easter holiday. There are Easter movies for kids, family, and other themes. Below, we collected 10 best Easter movies of all time. You could freely watch them on Easter Day or try to burn these Easter movies to 3D Blu-ray disc via the method mentioned above.

1. The First Easter Rabbit (2010)

The Easter bunny started out as a stuffed animal that a little girl named Glenda got for Christmas. But when Glenda comes down with scarlet fever, her mother is forced to burn all of her bed linens, clothing, and even her favorite toy rabbit, Stuffy. Lucky for Stuffy, a fairy named Calliope decides to turn him into a real rabbit. She tells him that he has to get the Golden Easter Lily in order to save springtime from a bad guy named Zero, who wants to keep spring from springing. In order to save Easter, Stuffy enlists the help of some friends. Eggs are dyed, parades ensue, and Easter is saved.

2. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

When Peter Cottontail tries to become the Chief Easter Bunny, he meets his toughest challenge. It's a contest between Peter and his archrival, the bunny villain Evil Irontail, to see who can distribute the most eggs on Easter Sunday. Created by Jules Rankin and Arthur Bass, the animation team behind the Christmas children's classic, RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER.

3. Easter Bunny's Coming to Town DVD

An animated Fred Astaire stars in this animated holiday story, which offers a fanciful story of how the Easter Bunny came to be. Sunny (voice of Skip Hinnat) is an orphaned bunny rabbit who finds a home in Kidsville, a town populated entirely by children. Sunny makes himself useful in Kidsville by delivering eggs, which he colors to disguise them from mean-spirited monster Gadzooks. When Sunny learns that the neighboring town is has no children at all other than a boy ruler who is being kept under wraps by his aunt, Sunny and his pals come up with a plan to free him. The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town was directed and produced by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr., who made a number of popular animated television specials in the 1960's and 70's.

4. An Easter Carol (2004)

When Mr. Nezzer tries to knock St. Bart's church down to make way for his new amusement park, Easter Land, he is visited by a vision of the late Granny Nezzer. She tells him to expect a visitor. The visitor, a small angel named Hope, shows him the past, present, and future of Nezzer's Easter, helping him see the error of his ways.

5. Easter Parade (1948)

Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) is devastated when his dancing partner, Nadine Hale (Ann Miller), decides to break up their partnership to set out on her own. Determined to prove that he can succeed without her, Astaire confidently vows that he can pick any random chorus girl and make her a star. He picks Hannah Brown (Judy Garland), and the toe-tapping adventure begins. Full of song, dance, and fun, this oldtime classic will be an Easter treat forever. Even today's kids may enjoy that classic charm and appreciate the way films used to be

6. Winnie the Pooh - Springtime with Roo (2004)

It's springtime in the Hundred Acre Woods, Easter day is here, and everyone is excited. Even Rabbit is in festive spirits, but he's more interested in Spring Cleaning Day. Roo and the gang are crushed when Rabbit even goes so far as to declare that Easter is cancelled. Can Roo, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger remind Rabbit of the fun of Easter and bring their favorite Easter Bunny back? (DVD) (1948)

7. The Easter Story Keepers

Dark times befall Ben the Baker, leader and storykeeper of a valiant group of Christians, along with his wife Helena and their band of adopted children, as the roman Emperor Nero tightens his brutal grip on the city. A daring escape from the roman soldiers leaves Ben's and his family homeless, and they shelter in the catacombs. There Ben's stories of the last days of Jesus and his resurrection give new hope and strength. When Ben is betrayed, it is young Justin who must carry on the storykeeper tradition by keeping alive this most wonderful of stories.

8. Easter Promise/The Witness

Two programs on one DVD! Easter Promise: Jerem dreams of being a soldier for a king. He is thrilled to hear about the upcoming arrival of the true King Jesus. Jerem, however, is fooled by appearances and soon rejects Jesus along with most of Jerusalem. In a wonderful lesson about truth, appearances, and forgiveness, Jerem ultimately trusts in Jesus and witnesses the fulfillment of the greatest promise of all — the resurrection. Witness: For Barabbas, his journey to faith starts with his doubts about Jesus Christ's divinity. His secure unbelief is shattered as he tries to prove to himself that Jesus Christ was a man like any other, and he finally comes to faith in Him.

9. Easter with Max and Ruby

Enjoy six Easter episodes on one DVD. Easter with Max and Ruby is based on a series of popular children's books by Rosemary Wells. Max and Ruby are siblings who manage to find trouble and adventure any time of year, especially Easter. Enjoy the antics of the loveable bunnies driven by sibling rivalry.

10. The Greatest Story Ever Told

Max Von Sydow portrays Jesus in this three-plus hour movie that also features Charlton Heston as John the Baptist and follows the life of Christ from Nativity to Resurrection. Other notable stars in the movie include Angela Lansbury, Jose Ferrer, Telly Savalas and Dorothy McGuire, and it marks the final film of Claude Rains.