Vietnamese pop music pieces are played by talented singers and musicians. The popular Vietnamese songs have integrated western music elements and Vietnamese style, which are quite amazing to enjoy when you are free. By reading this guidance, you will have the chance to know some popular Vietnamese music, traditional famous Vietnam songs and several famous Vietnamese singers. You can also use one good tool to realize Vietnamese MP3 song free download after browsing this guidance.

Part 1: Popular Vietnamese Songs Top 10

Some websites on the Internet often rank the popular Vietnam music top 10 via its common standards. Here I would like to recommend you the top Vietnam songs in this part for you to view.

Ranking Name Artist
1 Liên Khúc Miền Tây Quê Tôi, Tình Quê Miền Tây Luu Anh Loan
2 Muon Mang La Tu Luc My Tam
3 Bùa Yêu Bich Phuong
4 Nguoi Hay Quen Em DI My Tam
5 Sa Ngã Bui Lan Huong
6 Hỏi Thăm Nhau Le Bao Binh
7 Neu Anh Di My Tam
8 Vài Lần Đón Đưa Soobin Hoang Son
8 Dung Hoi 'em My Tam
9 Dung Hoi 'em My Tam

It is a good scene that Vietnam music industry is developing in recent years. Its potential is great. If you are a fan of pop top Vietnam songs, you can search your favorite ones online to enjoy listening them on your way home or to work. No matter V-pop can win the global music market or not, you can insist on your love on it as you prefer.

Part 2: Traditional Vietnamese Music Top 10

Traditional Vietnamese music is very appropriate to you when you are in the mood for something exotic. The melody and the rhythm will make you satisfied. Check out the following contents and you can have it as the reference for traditional Vietnamese music download free.

1. Xoan Singing

Xoan Singing

Xoan singing is produced in Phú Thọ province, which is one folk culture product.

2. Hat Then

Hat Then

Hat then is performed by the highland Tay and Nung minority groups.

3. Hat Xam

Hat Xam

Hat Xam was produced in Tran dynasty (13th century), which is spread up to now. It is also known as the song of the blind artists.

4. Hat Van

Hat Van

Hat van is also called hat chau van, which combines trance singing and dancing. It is a kind of religious art.

5. Vietnamese Lullaby Songs

Vietnamese Lullaby Songs

Lullaby songs are often heard in the countryside. They are sung to make small children go to sleep and to express human feelings.

6. Quan Ho Bac Ninh

Quan Ho Bac Ninh

Quan Ho Bac Ninh has various types from history up to now, which has successive creations.

7. Cai Luong (renovated opera)

Cai Luong (renovated opera)

Cai Luong (Renovated Opera) was produced in the southern part of Vietnam in the 1920s, which combines modern elements well.

8. Tuong or Hat Boi

Tuong or Hat Boi

Tuong is also called Hat Boi in the south, which is a type of drama and reflects the rich and special culture of Vietnam.

9. Cheo Opera

Cheo Opera

Cheo is a kind of pop theater in Vietnam, which has its roots in ancient village festivals.

10. Ca Tru

Ca Tru

Ca Tru music is a bit strange. The old ballads are accompanied by clicks and clacks.