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Do you know what is Haryanvi music? Do you pay attention to the new Haryanvi songs in 2020? Not everyone knows this kind of music. In order to make more people understand Haryanvi songs clearly, this guidance will explain it in brief and list the top 10 of them at present for viewers to refer to. When you encounter your favorite ones online, you can also take advantage of a third-party tool to download them to your computer.

Part 1: Introduction of Haryanvi Songs

You may have not heard of Haryanvi songs, let alone love them. If you are in the mood of knowing it, here I would like to take time to introduce this kind of music to you.

In fact, Haryana songs can be divided into two major forms: Classical Folk Music of Haryana and Desi Folk Music of Haryana (Country Music of Haryana). They make use of the form of ballads and pangs of break-up lovers, valor and bravery, harvest and happiness.

Haryana’s musical tradition is quite rich. The classical form of Haryanvi songs are related to Indian classical music very closely. The desi folk music of Haryana is on the basis of Raag Bhairvi, Raag Bhairav, Raag Kafi, Raag Jaijaivanti, Raag Jhinjhoti and Raag Pahadi. This kind of music is applied for celebrating community activities.

Part 2: New Haryanvi Songs 2020 Top 10

Do you want to enjoy the latest Haryanvi songs 2020 in the top 10 list? The newly released Haryanvi songs in 2020 always bring fresh and amazing rhythm to make us dance along with it in the active atmosphere. You will discover the best Haryanvi songs as below, let’s go to have a look. Each Haryanvi song is charming due to the feature of traditional music and impressive lyrics. Most of Haryanvi albums convey a good spirit and deep thought which are loved by lots of audiences.

  • 1. Lockdown VS Love, by Tarun Panchai
  • Lockdown-VS-Love
  • 2. Attitude by Raj Mawar
  • Attitude
  • 3. Hali Ki Roti by Raju Punjabi and Sheenam Katholic
  • Hali-Ki-Roti
  • 4. Flight Mode by Ruchika Jangid and Brown Boiz
  • Flight-mode
  • 5. Safezone by Gulzaar Chhaniwala
  • Safezone
  • 6. Bareli by Renuka Panwar and Farista
  • Bareli
  • 7. Taddi, sung by Ruchika Jangid and Surender Romio
  • Taddi
  • 8. Sadgi by Raj Mawar
  • Sadgi
  • 9. Dark Life, sung by Bunty King Haryana
  • Dark-life
  • 10. Handsome Boy, sung by Raju Punjabi
  • Handsome

    Seen from above, New Haryanvi Songs 2020 Top 10 are attractive to a lot of Haryanvi music lovers. And we usually listen to them via the Internet. Have you imagined that it is an idea to get them downloaded for offline listening so that they can become available for us anytime and anywhere. But if you want to download your favourite Haryanvi songs and enjoy them without limits, what can you do?

    Now, let’s go ahead and see what great method would do a favour in downloading the Haryanvi songs effectively with original quality.

    Part 3: How to Download Haryanvi Songs for Free via Music Recorder

    If you are troubled in how to reach the target of new Haryanvi song download free of charge, Leawo Music Recorder will be the best tool that you can make use of. This magic software can realize Haryanvi songs Haryanvi MP3 download via recording. You can choose MP3 or WAV as the output format as you prefer. The recording time is decided by the song length. Now you can check out the step-by-step instructions shown below to see how to finish this simple work.


    Leawo Music Recorder 

    ☉ Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.

    ☉ Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.

    ☉ Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.

    ☉ Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.

    ☉ Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

    Step 1: Run Leawo Music Recorder and Check Computer Audio

    Open the software you need to use for latest Haryanvi song download and then check the option of “Record Computer Audio” in the “Audio Source” panel.

    Run Leawo Music Recorder and Check Computer Audio

    Step 2: Set Haryanvi MP3 Download Format and Directory

    Click on “Format” tab and choose “Output Format: mp3 Audio (*.mp3)”. as the target format. You can also set the audio code, bit rate and sample rate according to your own demands.

    Set Haryanvi MP3 Download Format and Directory

    Hit “General” tab and choose a computer folder to save the recorded MP3 files. Language setting is also available in this panel.

    Hit General tab

    Step 3: Record Haryanvi Song and Realize Haryanvi MP3 Download

    When you are in the main interface of the software again, you need to hit the red recording button and play Haryanvi song at the same time. When the playing of the song comes to an end, hit the red button again.

    Record Haryanvi Song and Realize Haryanvi MP3 Download

    Step 4: Edit Recorded Haryanvi Music MP3

    Afterwards, you can make use of the “Music Tags Edit” panel by right click on the recorded file. Thus, you can change the music info according to your need.

    Edit Recorded Haryanvi Music MP3

    This helpful tool can achieve the aim of Haryanvi song MP3 download with several clicks. Its efficient process and perfect results will make you content all the time. Do you want to have a try with this wonderful program? If you do, you can download and install it on your computer right now. This tool also allows you to record input audio sources in case you need.

    Part 4: How to Download Haryanvi Songs via Ares

    There is another alternative way to download Haryanvi songs online, that is to use Ares. You can download music, videos, text documents, games and more with Ares. Compared to another similar downloading tool, the most significant feature of Ares is that there is no damage to the downloaded files, you can verify the authenticity of files prior to downloading. Its fast downloading speeds will help you utilize the bandwidth at maximum. You are allowed to have contact list, get your folders shared, get the files that are being downloaded previewed, and more via Ares. Its convenient and clean interface enables the users to operate it in an easy way.


    You can follow the steps as below:

    There are two ways to search the songs that you need to download. One is to search for individual songs. The other is to search for full albums. If you would like to download a single Haryanvi song in MP3 format, enter Search tab and type into the song name or artist, then check the option Audio. Once you press on the button Search Now, the song which matches with your search will show up.


    If you would like to get the full album downloaded but not several individual songs, you should search for the music files in rar or zip format by checking the “Other” option, then click the button “Search Now”. What’s more, the search result can be found by song title, artist, genre and album and more. Once you right-click on the song, you can check the tab Find more to select the song artist or song genre.

    There is also another powerful feature of Ares, that is filter field. Some criteria can be specified easily. For example, the album name that you want to search for can be inserted so that the search results are limited to those albums which contain the keywords. Therefore, the songs which are included in the album will be shown. No matter what do you want to download, full album or individual song, you should remember that the copyright laws must be respected. In some countries, the copyright with protection is distributed is illegal. So, you can download those music files without copyright protection in a legal way.

    Part 5: How to Download Haryanvi Songs via iMesh

    iMesh is a sharing tool for media that can be downloaded for free. iMesh became the first file-sharing company with legal point-to-point feature after it got approved by 4 major record labels in 2004. You can access to nearly 15 millions songs along with videos with this free music downloading tool. Here you can follow the instructions as below:

    1. Download iMesh with the latest version 12.0 from its official website, then run it on your computer. Sign in iMesh with your ID and password.

    2. After entering the main interface of iMesh, you will see different options like Library, Home, Search, Discover, DJ and more. Click on Search option and then you will enter the search interface.


    3. Enter the name of Haryanvi Songs that you want to download from iMesh to the search bar. Then click on search button to begin search the songs that you need to download.

    4. The Haryanvi songs with the name you just entered to the search bar will be listed, to make sure the right one is chosen to download, you can view the artist and the duration time of the song. You will see some target songs have play button and plus button next to it.

    5. And if you want to download this song onto your computer, you must find the song with arrow button next to it. Then click on the arrow button, the downloading will begin. After a few seconds, the downloading will be finished and you can find the downloaded songs in the target folder on your computer.

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