As one of the most popular social platforms to get access to all kinds of latest news and entertainment events, YouTube has been adopted by many users all around the world. Recently, some users are confused about the question “How can I record music from YouTube” or “How do I rip audio files from YouTube videos without any original quality losses”. In order to solve many questions of this kind, here this article, is helping you to solve this problem. YouTube is a great source for new music and hard-to-find classics. If you're like many Internet users, you probably want to play music videos and listen to songs on YouTube while you do other activities online. However, it is hard to record music from YouTube video. The post introduces how to record music from YouTube without and with devices or apps and several related tips.

Part 1: How to Record Audio from YouTube with Win10 Recorder?

If you prefer to watch YouTube videos under Windows operating system, then you can record audio from YouTube on your computer with WOS as well. Concerning the most convenient and easy way to record audio from YouTube, say with Windows operating system 10, Win 10 Recorder (Microsoft Voice Recorder) can be the one you should not miss. Actually, this is the default application for Windows 10 which can be directly obtained on Windows 10 App Store without paying.

If you need a solution to quickly record audio on your computer, then the free "Recorder" application that comes with Windows 10 should be a preference. You can use this application to record interviews, conversations, lectures, podcasts, etc. Although there are many other options, the "audio recorder" that comes with Windows is very easy to use. It contains all the necessary functions to record, trim, mark important moments, and share audio easily. If you only have the very basic needs on recording audios, then Win 10 Recorder could meet your needs totally. But here you have to know that Win10 Recorder is quite limited in some aspects. For example, it can only record audios via microphone that is playing from headphones, which may affect the quality of the output audios. If you would like to try this one, please refer to the following steps.


  1. Update your Windows to Win10 operating system.
  2. Download and get Microsoft Voice Recorder. Go to “Microsoft Store” application and search for “Microsoft Voice Recorder” on main Microsoft Store page. Then click “Get” to obtain the download of this tiny recorder tool.
  3. Inject your headphone and microphone on your computer, and place them close to make sure the recorded audios are clear.
  4. Open YouTube videos you would like to rip audio and make sure the videos are playing all the time during the recording process. You can pause the YouTube video before Voice Recorder on your computer is ready to record. Here you need to play the YouTube video via headphone and record by microphone.
  5. Enter the main interface of Microsoft Voice Recorder. Open this program and click “Record” button to start the recording process. Make sure YouTube video is playing simultaneously.
  6. After the video finished, you can click the “Stop” button to finish recording. Once it is stopped and you are able to play the audio on this screen as well. But you may come to find that the audio quality is not so excellent since it only supports microphone input recording mode.
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Part 2: How to Record Audio from YouTube with Leawo Music Recorder?

Different from default voice recorder on Win10, professional audio recorder programs doesn't need any extra devices like outside speaker or microphone. Its built-in microphone is free from the noise outside, thus improving the quality of the recordings. What's more, professional online audio recorder can also edit music tags like artist, album, album artwork, song name, and so on to recordings. Just launch the software and click the "Record" button before playing audio, and it will automatically record the audio you are playing. You can pause or resume capturing process anytime.

Leawo Music Recorder is easy-to-use recording tool that allows you to record sounds in high quality. It has smart tools like Task Scheduler and Auto-filter, making you record sound in an easy and quick way. It is definitely affordable and useful software for you. The following will take the best professional online audio recorder - Leawo Music Recorder as an example to show how to record music from YouTube with professional online audio recorder.

 Step 1. Download and install Leawo Music Recorder on your computer.

  • music-recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    -Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.
    - Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.
    - Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.
    - Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.
    - Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

 Step 2. Set Audio Source.

Launch Leawo Music Recorder. Click the "Audio Source" icon on the main interface to set audio source firstly. To record online YouTube files, select "Record Computer Audio" option.

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 Step 3. Start Recording.

Click the red "Start" button to let this Music Recorder work. And then play YouTube music that you wanted to record. It should be born in mind that you should first let this music recording software start recording and then play your source audio on YouTube. After the video finished, click the red button again to stop recording.

How to Record Audio from YouTube with Leawo Music Recorder-02

 Step 4. Edit Music Tags.

In "Media > Library" tab, you can see all your recordings. Select a recording and right click, then choose "Edit Music Tags" to manually edit music tags.

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Part 3: How to Record Audio from YouTube with Aimersoft Music Recorder?

In addition to the world-class Leawo Music Recorder, there are many other professional music recorders. Aimersoft Music Recorder is one of music recording programs worth considering. Like Leawo Music Recorder, Aimersoft Music Recorder can play the part of a YouTube music recorder to record YouTube music. Aimersoft Music Recorder is a new and practical piece of music recording software. It can create any ringtone from the recording series and local music library, and automatically recognize the ID3 tags of the music, including artist, album cover, album name, genre, etc. How to record music off YouTube with Aimersoft Music Recorder? Download and install Aimersoft Music Recorder in your computer. Now follow the steps below to start to record music off YouTube.


  1. Run Aimersoft Music Recorder, click the Settings button on top of the window and choose your target output audio format (here M4A and MP3 are available for your choice). You can customize the audio sample rate, encoder and bit rate as you like.
  2. On the setting panel, switch to "Control" button to set the recording control preference, which let you record songs one by one. It should be born in mind that you should first let this music recording software start recording and then play your source audio on YouTube.
  3. Get back to the main interface on the YouTube music recorder and click the Record button to get ready for the recording process. Now just search for the music you want to record on YouTube and play it as usual. The audio recorder will begin recording YouTube music immediately.
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Part 4: How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audacity Music Recorder

Besides, you can refer to another piece of music recorder software. That is Audacity Music Recorder. Audacity is a fast multi-track audio editing and recording tool that supports multiple platforms such as Linux, MacOS and Windows. It supports WAV, AIFF, Ogg and MP3 format music files, provides editing and mixing functions, and provides preset effects, plug-ins and Unlimited reverse operation. Here are the detailed steps to record audio from YouTube with Audacity Music Recorder.


  1. Download and install Audacity on your computer.
  2. Go to “Edit > Preferences” from the top menu on Audacity main interface.
  3. Locate “Recording” section and click “Stereo Mix” option. Then click “OK” option to save the new settings.
  4. Open Audacity again to run the program under the “Stereo Mix” setting.
  5. Play YouTube video and click the record button on Audacity. Click “Stop” button when the recording is done.
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Part 5: Comparison & Conclusion

In order to record music from YouTube, you can refer to Win10 voice recorder by default, or some professional recorders programs. According to the introductions about the Win10 Microsoft Voice Recorder as well as the other three top audio recorders, we can clearly find that audio recording programs can be much more professional and comprehensive on the output quality and the recording features. Among the mentioned 3 music recorders, Leawo Music Recorder is the best on the simple interface and handy manual with the easy-to-use instructions. As we can see from the table chart below, Leawo Music Recorder and Aimersoft Music Recorder are having almost the same features in recording audio files, but Leawo Music Recorder beats Aimersoft Music Recorder in price, saving users $9. For users with limited budget, it is highly recommended to use Leawo Music Recorder. For more comparison, you can take a look at the following chart so as to make your own choice.

Products Win10 Recorder Leawo Music Recorder Aimersoft Music Recorder Audacity Music Recorder
Record Online Music Like YouTube, Y Y Y Y
Record Built-in Input Audio Y Y Y Y
Record Audio being Played Locally N Y Y Y
Need of Third-party Plug-ins N N N Y
Practical Recording Task Schedule N Y Y N
Edit Music Tags Manually via Music Tag Editor N Y Y Y
Apply Music Recordings to iTunes Easily N Y Y N
Automatically Split/filter Music Recordings N Y Y Y
Manage Rusic Recordings Freely N Y Y Y
Customize Recording File Parameter N Y Y Y
Easy-to-use interface Y Y N N
Price Free $19.99 $29.00 Free