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Quick Fixes: Why Is My TikTok Not Working?

“Have you ever met the situation that the TikTok is not working, even you have tried to restart the app? Recently I came across this TikTok not working issue a lot, while my friends had no such problem. It drove me crazy. Why is my TikTok not working? How to fix TikTok not working issue? Please show me some quick and effective fixes for this issue. Thanks in advance.”

If you are a TikTok fan, you must have met this issue before, and might be experiencing this issue right now, that’s why you have come here. As one of the most popular social networking platforms, TikTok has been widely used around the world. Hence there are quite a few problems that are frequently asked. Here in this post would like to show you some quick fixes to TikTok not working issue.

Part 1: Is TikTok Down? Why Is My TikTok Not Working?

Is TikTok down? Why is my TikTok not working? These might be the first questions that come into your head when you find that your TikTok doesn’t work normally. Why does this happen?

tiktok not working

There are various causes for TikTok not working. Generally, the below are the most frequent reasons:

Why is TikTok not working

  1. Your internet connection is poor or unstable.
  2. You may be using a VPN to surf the internet, while TikTok is not available in the VPN connected regions or countries.
  3. Your VPN is out of date or expired, which will result in internet connection error.
  4. It might be the reason of TikTok server, like TikTok down, TikTok buffering, etc.
  5. You are using an outdated version of TikTok app.
  6. Your device OS is not up-to-date, which might result in the conflict between TikTok app and device OS.
  7. Your TikTok app has a full or corrupted cache.
  8. Your browser is not up-to-date, or has a full or corrupted cache if you are using a browser to watch TikTok videos.
  9. Restricted permission to access your device's features such as age restriction.

These are the general causes of TikTok not working. Of course, there are also other issues like TikTok’s save feature not working, downloading TikTok without watermark issue, TikTok search bar not working, TikTok no sound, TikTok filter not working, etc. When you meet these issues, you might also refer to the below solutions for TikTok not working. The below fixes actually apply to most TikTok not working issues.

Part 2: Top Methods to Fix TikTok Errors

When you come across TikTok not working or other errors, you could take use of the below fixes to see if the problem gets fixed.

fix tiktok not working

1.Check if TikTok sever is down

The very first thing you might need to do is check whether TikTok down happens. You could check TikTok server by either making use of online sever checking tools such as or, or turning to other devices and internet connections such as asking help from your friends or using your desktop browser to surf the website. If TikTok sever is down, you could do nothing but wait for them to fix this. You may try to wait for the TikTok down issue getting fixed or turn to TikTok alternatives such as YouTube, Likee, Instagram, etc. If you find that TikTok server works normally and there is no TikTok server down issue, you could then try the below solutions.

2.Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection to make sure that you are well connected to the internet for a smooth and fluent TikTok video loading and playback. To check your internet connection speed, you could also make use of internet connection speed testing tools online like, Cloudflare, Fast, Xfinity,, etc. These internet connection testing tools will show you the status of your internet connection. For more accurate testing results, you could try several different testing tools. Once you find that your internet connection is poor or unstable, you have to improve your internet connection like increasing bandwidth, disconnect other connected devices, restarting your modem, etc. If you have come to a place that has no internet connection, you are suggested download TikTok videos beforehand with TikTok video downloader tools such as CleverGet Video Downloader, FlixGrab, VideoProc, etc.

  • CleverGet Video Downloader
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

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    - Download online video to MP4/MKV/WEBM or other available popular formats.

3.Check if you are using a VPN

Still, it’s about internet connection. Sometimes you might be using a VPN to surf the internet and watch TikTok videos. However, you should be noted that TikTok is not available in certain areas. Therefore, when you use a VPN, you need to make sure you have connected to the right region or country for using TikTok. Don’t use the VPN node that is geo-restricted by TikTok sever. Meanwhile, make sure your VPN is still working, and is not expired. Of course, you also need to make sure that you have made the right settings for VPN connection upon TikTok video playback.

4.Check update of TikTok app

Make sure you have installed and been using the latest version of TikTok app. If not, go to the app store on your mobile devices to download and install the latest one. Sometimes there might be issues or errors on TikTok app, that might be the reason your TikTok not works. TikTok has solved the issues and released new version, which will most probably fix previously reported errors and bugs.

5.Clear TikTok app cache

If you have watched thousands of TikTok videos but haven’t cleared TikTok app cache for a time, your TikTok app might get over-loaded with cache, which will greatly reduce the loading speed of TikTok videos and even result in TikTok not working issue. In such case, try to clear the cache of TikTok app. Of course, it also works if you are watching TikTok videos via browser by clearing the browser cache.

6.Force stop and then restart TikTok app

Sometimes app might glitch if it’s been running for a long time. When you find that TikTok is getting stuck on a certain page or video, or the app just doesn’t respond to your operations, try to force stop the TikTok app and then restart it after a few seconds. Actually, this will also help you release the app cache. The reason is not known, but sometimes this really works for most issues or errors.

7.Clear your device cache

Your device also plays an important role for a normal and quick TikTok working status. Make sure your device meets the basic requirements of TikTok app. And try to clear your device cache and delete unwanted apps or files to release more storage for TikTok app and other apps.

8.Restart your device

You could also try to restart your device and then reopen the TikTok app to see if TikTok not working issue could be solved. This works especially for those phones that are old, out of date, and low in configuration.

9.Uninstall and then reinstall TikTok app

For unknown reasons, sometimes it works by uninstalling and then reinstalling an app to fix the app not working issue. Make sure you have downloaded TikTok app from a decent app store.

10.Enable TikTok’s access permissions

To make sure that TikTok could work smoothly and fluently, make sure you have enabled TikTok’s access restrictions, like the age restriction, access to your device’s camera, microphone, and storage, etc. Enable these access permissions in the settings panel.

Once you have made clear it’s not the TikTok server issue, the above solutions should have done you the favor of fixing TikTok not working issue. If you have tried all the above solutions but still the TikTok app doesn’t work as usual, you might turn to the TikTok customer service or support center, and get suggestions from them. Or, the best way for you to watch desired TikTok videos should be to download TikTok videos for offline viewing when TikTok app works normally.



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