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How to Create Easter Photo Slideshow with Easter Photos

Easter is a religious holiday, and most people would like to take photos for future review or sharing during the Easter celebration. And it is obvious that a photo slideshow would be one of the best ways of presenting your Easter photos. Whether you are planning a formal presentation to show the Easter traditions, or you simply want to share those photos through email or on social media, etc., you'd better create an amazing Easter photo slideshow. Then, what would you do when you want to create a photo slideshow with the photos you've taken on Easter Day? Are you confused with all the available applications that might be helpful? Definitely there are so many photo slideshow makers which claim the ability and abundant features to create photo slideshow. In this case, you need to select better ones that would create Easter photo slideshow securely in efficiency due to different occasions.

Solution 1: Create Easter Slideshow with Photos App on iPhone or iPad

For iPhone and iPad users, the  Photosapp  within their devices could help create photo slideshows with Easter photos you've taken. The Photos app stores all the pictures and videos you shoot or save with your iPhone or iPad, which allows you to not only organize and find special moments and memories you've captured, but also help you share them directly through social networks or on the big screen, etc. What matters most is that you can use it to simply make a photo slideshow with these photos as you like so that you can play the slideshow with some motions and background music. You can just check out the steps below to know how to make Easter photo slideshow with Photos app within iPhone or iPad.


Step 1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap into the photo album you’d like to use in the slideshow or tap into your Camera Roll. Tap on the Easter photo you’d like to start the slideshow to open it.
Step 2. Select those photos you need, and then press the Share button to show the options at the bottom and tap on Slideshow button. Now the photos will be played in a slideshow.
Step 3. Tap on the slideshow to show “Options” button in the bottom right corner to set the theme and background music.
Step 4. Tap on Done button to confirm and the slideshow has been created.

Although it is very convenient for iPhone and iPad users to make photo slideshow with photos taken, this solution still has some inevitable disadvantages.

What we like

What we dislike

  • It is simple to use and works at fast speed.
  • It is totally free of charge.
  • It has plenty of background music.
  • Only generate photos in the same album into a photo slideshow.
  • Not save the generated slideshow on your iPhone or iPad.

Solution 2: Create Easter Slideshow with Animoto

Animoto is also an easy slideshow maker that turns your photos into a professional slideshow video in minutes. It is said that it is quite easy to use and quick to learn so that you could start creating amazing slideshow videos you like. And it is indeed helpful for you to create slideshow videos from those photos that capture birthdays, weddings, Easter celebrations, reunions and other special events. It offers a large quantity of stock photos and licensed music tracks as well as some other features to customize a photo slideshow. Moreover, it is easy to use, even no experience needed. After creating fascinate photo slideshow videos with Animoto, you could proudly share them with your family and friends. It can work online for PC users, just follow the guide below to create Easter photo slideshow with Easter photos.


Step 1. Go to its official site and log in. If you don’t have an account, sign up to create an account.
Step 2. Now click on the “Create” button to enter the slideshow creator. And then you can select your favorite template of Animoto slideshow and enter the editor window.  
Step 3. Click on the “Upload” button to import your Easter photos and background songs you would like to use in the slideshow.
Step 4. You can drag and drop the imported photos for rearrangement as well as personalize the slideshow with customization options, such as changing colors, adding text and music.
Step 5. Once you finished all settings, you can click on “Produce” to export the created slideshow and share it with friends, family, and followers.


What we like

What we dislike

  • Easy to use and no experience required.
  • No installation required.
  • A number of photo stocks, music tracks, templates and editing features available.
  • 14 days free with watermark added.
  • It is a web-based program that relies too much on the network.

Solution 3: Create Easter Slideshow with Pholody

To create Easter slideshow, you can make use of other helpful online photo slideshow creators. And Pholody is an online free photo slideshow maker that can help you create vivid photo slideshow videos. There is no need to install any program so that it will not occupy any resource when not used. And you can save your cherished memories by making an impressive slideshow with no black-stripe or tricky decorations. Besides, it works fast and provides downloadable MP4 video in 1080p resolution that is also sharable at video-sharing sites and playable on any media players. You can create Easter slideshow with Pholody in simple steps.


Step 1. Go to the official site and then click on “Just Make it” button or “Create” button in the menu bar to enter the photo slideshow maker. Select a proper template by clicking on “Template button” on the top.
Step 2. Click on “Load Music” button to import a lovely music track, and then click on “Load Pictures” to upload the Easter photos you want to make a slideshow.
Step 3. Press “Auto Make” button to automatically create Easter photo slideshow with the music track and templates you choose.
Step 4. Click on “Save” button to download the created slideshow or click on “Publish” button to share it.

What we like

What we dislike

  • Free and simple to use.
  • No installation required.
  • Plenty of templates available.
  • Output slideshow video in high quality is downloadable and sharable.
  • Signup and login required.
  • IE 8 or older version unsupported.
  • Equalize music length to the slideshow length by trimming before using it as the background music.

Solution 4: Create Easter Slideshow with Leawo Video Converter

Except for online photo slideshow makers, a photo slideshow maker application would help you more when you are intended to generate Easter photo slideshows since it can work offline and steadily on any of your personal computers or Macs. In this case, Leawo's Photo Slideshow Maker, a built-in plugin integrated with Leawo Video Converter, significantly helps you create Easter photo slideshows and save the photo slideshow to video in more than 180 formats for multiple uses. Moreover, it provides stunning customization features for you to personalize photo slideshows by adjusting photos and adding background audio tracks. After downloading Leawo Video Converter for free, install and run it, and then you could follow the below steps to learn how to create Easter photo slideshows quickly and effectively.

Step 1: Upload your source Easter photos


Enter Leawo Video Converter and then click the “Add Photo” button on the sub-menu bar to select and upload the Easter photos or photo folder to the program. Or you can also upload these photos by direct drag-and-drops. After that, the selected photos would be automatically generated into photo slideshow and you could play the slideshow within the built-in photo slideshow player.

Step 2: Customize photo slideshows


Now you can click the “Edit” icon to enter the “Slideshow Editor” interface. On the editing panel, under Video tab, you could import extra photos, rearrange the photo position via drag-and-drop, select your favorite video effect, etc.


Under the Audio tab, you could click on “Add music” button to add background music to the slideshow. And if necessary, you can also set music coverage, set output audio effect, etc. After all customization is complete, press OK button and return to the processing interface.

Step 3: Set output format


The output format is MP4 by default. If you want other formats, click on the format button next to the “Add Photo” button to open a drop-down box and then select “Change” option to enter the Profile panel where you can select a desired profile as output video format from “Format” or “Device” group according to your real needs.

Step 4: Save the created Easter Photo slider


Back to the main interface and then click the green “Convert” button to open a popup sidebar where you are able to set an output directory for containing the slideshow. And then click on the “Convert” button, your Easter photo slideshows will be created and saved in the format you set in a few seconds.

What we like

What we dislike

  • Lucid interface and simple to use.
  • Tiny software occupying few resources.
  • A variety of customization features and more than 180 formats supported.
  • Output slideshow video in high quality is downloadable and sharable.
  • Fast working speed without any quality loss.
  • Application installation required.
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