For most newlyweds, wedding photos and videos would be the best way to seize the happy wedding moments. Slideshow has already been one of the best ways to record these happy moments so that you could keep all your precious photos in order and watch or share them amazingly. Some people may wonder how to make a fascinating wedding photo slideshow with wedding photos, and you are so lucky that there are diverse slideshow generating tools that would help. After collecting Wedding photos, you could use the photo slideshow makers recommended in this post to share and showcase your wedding photographs.

Part 1: Using Leawo Video Converter to Make Wedding Photo Slideshows

When talking about the professional and powerful tool that could make wedding photo slideshows, Leawo Video Converter will first catch your attention. Acting as an expert wedding photo slideshow maker, this video converter could help you easily create slideshows from massive important photos with impressive music to make them more intriguing. With this photo slideshow maker software, you could freely make use of wedding photos to create wedding photo slideshow videos in any format you like for convenient playback or online sharing, even add your favorite music to the slideshow as background music.

On your personal computer, free download and install this photo slideshow maker software. It has Windows and Mac version, and Windows users can download and install Leawo Video Converter to create wedding slideshows on Windows. If you are Mac user, you can install Leawo Video Converter for Mac and make your wedding photo slideshows easily on your Mac computer.

The user-friendly interface and multiple useful functions make it completely feasible and powerful for creating fascinating wedding photo slideshows. Now you can follow the step-by-step methods of creating photo slideshow by using Leawo Video Converter. Check it out!

Step 1: Add your wedding photos to the program
Switch to “Convert” module on the submenu after you enter the main interface of the program, and then import your lovely wedding photos into the program by clicking on the “Add Photo” button or directly dragging and dropping the photos to the middle of the interface. After being uploaded to the program, your photos would be automatically generated into photo slideshow that can be simply played back.


Step 2: Customize the generated wedding photo slideshow
To customize the generated wedding photo slideshow to make it more attractive and absorbing, you can click on the “Edit” icon or right click the generated photo slideshow to select “Edit” option so as to enter the Slideshow Editor, where photo slideshow customization options are offered.


Video customization available
You can personalize the slideshow video by adding external wedding photos, removing less-favored photos, changing the default order and setting the duration or transition time as well as the transition effect.


Audio customization available
If necessary, switch to “Audio” tab to add a popular or proper music track to be the background music. To make it, you can just click “Add Music” button to browse and select the source music track for inserting. And you can also set audio effect like Fade in, Fade out, and Loop play for the inserted background music.


Step 3: Choose output format
After all customizations are done, you can open the drop-down box next to the “Add Photo” button and then choose the “Change” option to open the “Profile” panel. Now select a proper format for output slideshow.


Step 4. Save the wedding photo slideshow
Hit the big green “Convert” button on the main interface to pop up a sidebar where you can set a destination in the “Save to” box to save the photo slideshow files. And then click on the “Convert” button at the bottom to start converting the generated photo slideshow to the format you want.


It is easy to be an expert slideshow maker with the help of this effective software. And the impressive features will help you make an amazing wedding photo slideshow. This tiny software needs little space so that you can feel free to install and take advantage of it.

Part 2: Using Roxio Photoshow to Make Wedding Photo Slideshows

It is necessary to prepare an online slideshow making tool so that you could create your wedding photo slideshow without any software installation. According to some users’ verification, Roxio PhotoShow is an online slideshow maker that is worth a shot. By using this online tool, you can make slideshows with photos, videos, or both combined. Moreover, it has lots of customization options so that you can personalize photo slideshow by adding transition style, caption, chat bubbles, titles, stickers, and border to each photo individually as well as to the whole slideshow. When you finish creating your wedding photo slideshows with all these options, you can share those interesting and meaningful stories with your close friends and relatives on social media directly.  


What you should know is that there are no download options for free users. If you want to download the generated slideshow, you need to pay $2.49 per month for it with a 2-year subscription.

Part 3: Using PhotoSnack to Make Wedding Photo Slideshows

Except for Roxio PhotoShow online slideshow maker, PhotoSnack is also strongly recommended for you as a simple Web-based slideshow creator. It is a feature-rich slideshow maker which offers lots of transition effects to help you make attractive and distinctive wedding photo slideshows. Besides, as it is quite easy to use, anyone without any experience can simply use it to make a wedding photo slideshow here. After uploading your photos to PhotoSnack, you can choose a template you like and then select a transition effect for the uploaded wedding photos. Surely, you can also choose music track from PhotoSnack list to make it more entertaining. You can directly share it as well on all major social media platforms or privately share it by using a shareable link after the slideshow is created.


What you should be informed is that only up to 15 photos are for uploading and PhotoSnack is a partially free web application which doesn’t offer download function for a free user. And the slideshows you create will be watermarked if you don’t pay.

Part 4: Using Pholody to Make Wedding Photo Slideshows

When talking about online wedding photo slideshow makers, Pholody is undeniably worth trying. As a simple slideshow maker with few complicated features, it is so easy to use that you can make wedding photo slideshows within intuitive steps. You cannot only upload local photos but also upload photos from Facebook and Google Photos for importing. Besides, there are music clips for various occasions offered for you to choose from templates. One of the superior advantages of Pholody is that it offers three aspect ratios (4:3, 3:2 and 16:9) for you to choose. And it allows you to download the slideshow to your computer or save it as a project for future use.


It is obviously helpful with a lot of editing features and easy-to-use interface. However, it also watermarks the slideshows when you don’t pay for it.

Extension: Tips for an Amazing Wedding Slideshow

Anyway, when you are intended to create meaningful and worthwhile photo slideshows to seize precious moments, you can have access to both wedding photo slideshow programs and online slideshow creators. To finally get an amazing wedding slideshow, there are some tips that will help a lot. Before you start to make your own wedding photo slideshow or maybe make a wedding slideshow for your family or friends, you need some useful tips to make the slideshow heart-warming and captivating.   

  • 1. Keep it short and sweet.

Two songs will be enough, no more than 10 minutes is enough: one song to highlight the bride and groom’s pre-relationship lives, and the second one for pictures of the two of them together.

  • 2. Keep everything in order.

Organize photos in chronological order as best as you can.

  • 3. Use the same number of photos of the Bride and Groom.

Nothing’s more awkward than a slideshow that plays like a promotional reel for half of the couple. Find enough pictures so that each person is represented equally.

  • 4. Choose photos in each stage of life evenly.

Select photos of both of you and your families – from interesting baby photos to current ones, photos of you as a couple to show your grow-up so that all the viewers might be entertained or touched.

  • 5. Use high-quality photos.

If the photos are not clear enough or impressive at all, don’t use it.

  • 6. Add Some Video Clips.

It would be a bit monotonous if there are only photos included. To add some video clips in your slideshow such as the video dating diary or funny video of your two in childhood will be surprising sometimes.

To sum up, it is a must-have skill for all of you to create a slideshow not only for memorizing your big events like wedding, birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc. but also for sharing some important and impressive moments with your family, friends or even commercial partners or customers. With the help of the photo slideshow makers and online slideshow creator tools, you can easily make it. And the tips here will also help you a lot to be skilled in making slideshow for wedding occasions. Feel free to have a try.