So far, in 2020, a great number of memes have pumped out from the internet. That is a kind of online culture that comes quickly and loosely. Whatever the Netflix movie or the awards show, memes are always watching. Memes in 2020 are very dramatic, no matter what quality they reflect, good or bad, they are a reflection featuring sarcasm and weirdness in our times. There is no doubt that 2020 is a chaotic year which is full of various kinds of moods, but it is not boring at all. In the meantime, it is one of the best things that internet has brought to us so far at the beginning of this year. This article will teach you how to find and make the worlds funniest memes you prefer, let’s move on and find what you get.

Part 1: The funniest memes of 2020

1. Billie Eilish Oscars


2. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Wrist Grab


3. Tom Hanks in the awards of Globes

Tom Hanks in the awards of Globes

4. The best seat


5. Getting impeached from a perfect phone call


6. The large boulder and the small boulder

The large boulder and the small boulder

7. This is how I win


8. “I am once again asking...”


Part 2: Where to find hilarious memes

There are thousands of memes website you can find memes images there. Here we will show you the best websites to find funniest memes as below:


GIPHY is not a small world among, it had enjoyed more than 1 million hits since the weekend which time it was created on. Nowadays, around 500 million users hare more than 7 billion memes per day. GIPY is very useful for those beginners. You will find it easy to embed the links of memes to your log or your social media. In the meantime, GIPHY will offer you the information on updated trends.


2. Reddit

You can find memes in the specific subreddits. Lots of subreddits are for mechanical memes, analogy memes and reaction memes. A new level has been brought into the enjoyment of memes by Reddit. Commenting or upvoting can be done to the related memes. The memes that are created by yourself even can be uploaded or shared with others.


3. Know your meme

If you want to make someone laugh with the comic that is associated with your brand or want to add fun to your blog with special memes. The website Know your meme can help you. This is a great website as the history of the memes that you prefer can be learned here. Also, you can know who created the special meme and the frequency of sharing or up-voting. The fun facts that were unknown by no one else.


4. IMgur

To gain the specific information, IMgur is the great website that can help you. A special tool can assist you to get your search narrowed down. IMgur has been called the Internet’s magic and it really does so. Whatever the cute animals or the cosplay, the Dungeons or the Dragons, all can be found on this website.


5. GIFbin

GIFbin has collected a large number of memes which can make you laugh out loud. You will like the color and the theme of this site if you are fond of old-styled things. Memes can be searched from different categories as you like, such as adorable animals or the chubby babies in the general category, the data reflexes or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the specific category.


Part 3: How to make the memes as you prefer

Reddit or 4chan or Tumblr is the place where most memes are generated these years. But now, thanks to the generator tools of memes, our own memes can be created in a few seconds. You can make the creative memes from the images and captions that you choose. Below we will show you 4 great tools to help you make the memes as you like.


This tool enjoys wide popularity among the users who like to make their own memes. The meme that is created by others can be browsed and you can search for the different images, the newest and popular things from the menu. You just need to get your cursor hovered over the button “Create”, then you can begin creating the meme image you prefer.


2. Imgur

Imgur is one of the largest platforms to host free images, it also has its own generator tool for meme. You just need to choose an image background by default from the grids or get your own uploaded, then create the caption by editing the text, and finally get it shared to Imgur.



DIYLOL is the abbreviation of do it yourself laugh out loud, which allows you to look for different memes and then give them a rating. You can get your own meme submitted via uploading your image and editing the caption of text. In addition, DIYLOL has a free app for iPhone, but it hasn’t been renewed ever since 2013.


4. MeMe Center

The generator tool in MeMe Center includes four main parts: meme builder, quick meme, GIF maker and uploader. You must register a free account in MeMe Center. Then build memes by using the meme builder. Next, edit text captions with quick meme tool in a quick and simple way.


Part 4: How to transfer meme images from PC to iPhone

Now that you have known how to find the funniest memes from the different websites and how to create your own memes as you like, have you ever thought of transferring the funniest memes from computer to iPhone for using them in your chat or sharing them to your friends in the later time? If yes, here a wonderful transfer tool Leawo iTransfer is highly recommended to you, which can help you finish the meme images transfer task in a quick and simple way.

Leawo iTransfer is a powerful transfer program for iPod, iPad and iPhone. More than 14 kinds of files which includes apps, photos, music and videos and more are supported to transfer between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. It also can back up iPhone data, iPad data and iPad data to computer to prevent data loss. In addition, Leawo iTransfer is an excellent music manager to assist users to get the playlist of iOS devices and iTunes managed with no limits. All data can be transferred in a safe and reliable way by Leawo iTranfer due to the advanced technology of scanning and transferring. Moreover, no data loss and no overwriting are 100% assured during the transfer process. This versatile transfer tool is designed based on the intuitive and easy-to-use interface so that every user can operate it simply without any professional skills required.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Below we will show you the specific guidance of how to transfer meme images from PC to iPhone step by step.

Step 1. Launch Leawo iTransfer after the installation and downloading have been finished on your PC. Then plug your iPhone to computer via the supported USB cable. Afterwards, your iPhone will be detected by Leawo iTransfer and the library of the iDevice will be listed on the left sidebar.


Step 2. Press on “Photos” tab below library in the left column. Then select the option “Add File” or “Add Folder” from the upper right menu of the window to import meme images to PC. Or you can right-click on “Photos” in the left sidebar and then choose the option “Add File” or “Add Folder”. To choose all meme images for importing to iTransfe window, pressing on “Add Folder” will help you import them at one time.


Step 3. After you import the meme images to the program for transferring, the images will begin transferring from PC to iPhone at once. A dialog will pop up and show you the detailed transfer process, such as the transfer percentage, the name and the number of the meme images which are being transferred. And you should note that don’t unplug your device from computer until the transfer process is completed. Once the transfer process is finished, all the meme images can be found on your iPhone. And then you can use them freely on your device without limits.


Here you have got some tricks of finding and making funniest memes, now it’s your time to use what you learned to create the hilarious memes with the memes generator tools. Don’t forget to download Leawo iTransfer to help you transfer your favourite memes images from PC to your iPhone once you have made your own memes on your computer. Funniest memes will add more fun and humor in your communication tools like the messages, email or other communicating apps. Go to share more memes images with your friends, Leawo iTransfer is absolutely a functional transfer tool to help you transfer your meme images in single or a batch quickly and safely. Have a try on Leawo iTransfer and begin your great experience in transferring multiple kinds of memes images from PC to computer now.