Recently, some users reported that they fail to play the 3G2 files on the default media player - Windows Media Player with ease. One of the frustrating facts is that the audio is missing during the playback. Users can only see the video pictures without any sound. This is quite annoying during the playback. If you are facing the same issues related to 3G2, then the following article will be helpful to you. You would find out the exact ways or effective solutions for the failure. But here, pay attention, today we are talking about is 3G2, not 3GP whose features are a bit different.

Part 1: Possible Reasons for Playing 3G2 File No Sound

3G2 format is mainly used to transmit video files in the format of multimedia files on the Internet and to save video files through mobile phones. The 3G2 file extension can be viewed on Windows and Mac. Mainly desktop platforms and some mobile platforms support these files. This file format was developed by the 3GPP2, specifically 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2. Usually, people may regard 3G2 format as the updated version of 3GP which is all based on the ISO base format. Then, practically speaking, 3G2 are mainly used and designed for transmitting media content over the Internet, what’s more, for the mobile phones to save these media files.

Therefore, if you try to play the 3G2 files on your computer, you may encounter many unfriendly issues during the playback. Even though, for example, Windows Media Player has officially announced that they can support 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, DivX, MOV, and Xvid, but 3G2 is not the exactly same as 3GP. For most media player, they can play the ISO based media file format, like 3GP. Usually, 3GP format stores many video and audio streams that can be played and accepted by the common media players. However, for 3G2 files, in addition, they also have other digital information, such as the additional audio streams, including EVRC, EVRC-WB, SMV or VMR-WB etc. Accordingly, these audio streams can’t be supported by VLC or Windows Media player. So, as a result, once you tried to load and play 3G2 files on Windows Media Player, the audio would be missing, or the 3G2 files would not be played properly in the player.

Part 2: Convert 3G2 Format to another Common Format

Designed for mobile phones users, 3G2 files can be easily played on mobile phones, instead of the media players on your computer. But, don’t give up on obtaining 3G2 playback on your media player on PC, since the 3G2 format can be converted accordingly so as to be compatible with common media players as the alternatives. What are the more compatible formats on media players? In comparison, MP4 or AVI can be the most common video formats to be supported by WMP or VLC etc. In order to convert 3G2 to other formats, an excellent video converter has to be prepared at hand so that the conversion process can be completed successfully. Here, Leawo Video Converter is able to convert 3G2 to various video formats with 100% original quality and 6X faster speed. It could support 180+ video and audio formats conversion with accuracy and no quality loss. Leawo Video Converter not only converts 3G2 to MP4, but also converts other video and audio formats, including FLV, MOV, MP3, AAC, etc. Besides, Leawo Video Converter also could convert 2D video to 3D and edit video. No matter which operating system you are running, you can find the respective version of Leawo Blu-ray Player as well.

Step 1. Download Leawo Video Converter and install it on your computer.


Step 2. Load the 3G2 video. You can click on the “Add Video” icon to import the file or just drag the 3G2 video directly to the main menu.

Step 3. Select the output format. You can open drop-down box beside the green icon “Convert” to choose “Change” to enter the “Profile” panel where you can set the output video format. Here, you can choose “MP4 Video” (based on your own requirements).

Step 4. Set the video parameters. You can just open the drop-down box to click “Edit” instead of “Change” in the main menu. It includes “Video Codec”, “Bite Rates”, “Resolution”, “Frame Rate” and “Aspect Ratio”.

Step 5. Start converting. Click the big green icon “Convert” on the main interface to start converting the 3G2 file to MP4. Before it starts, you need to confirm the “Save to” route. Then just click “Convert” to start. Finally, you just need to wait and the conversion process will be completed in several minutes.

Part 3: Free Alternative to Play 3G2 File

Without any audio missing problems, for a small sum of media players, playing the 3G2 files can be quite instant and easy, such as Leawo Blu-ray Player. With the supported 3G2 codec inserted within the media player, Leawo Blu-ray Player can be able to play the 3G2 files directly with the audio tracks retained fully. As a totally free media player, Leawo Blu-ray Player can be regarded as a comprehensive media player that can support all the multimedia content solutions with the best output quality. You don’t have to worry about any region code problems even playing the protected commercial Blu-ray or DVD discs since Leawo Blu-ray Player can directly decrypt them smoothly. With advanced image and audio processing technology, Leawo Blu-ray Player provides you extraordinary movie playback and cinema-like experience. Furthermore, within Leawo Blu-ray Player, you could obtain the personalized settings according to your preference and all the settings could be done automatically. In the following, I will list the detailed tutorial.

Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray Player and install it.

Step 2. Enter the main interface and load the 3G2 file on the computer by clicking the “Open File” button on the home interface. When you have imported the video file, then this player program would easily play it immediately.

Part 4: Other Ways to Solve 3G2 No Sound Issue

Referring to the explanation on the exact reasons why there is no sound during the 3G2 playback on your computer, it is clear that 3G2 can’t be played smoothly on the computer is because of the lack of the related 3G2 codec accordingly. So, in order to solve the problem, if the 3G2 codec could be found or download and installed on your computer, then the media player could easily detect the file and then 3G2 files could be decoded to be played. Generally speaking, next time, asides from turning to another media player which can play 3G2 files, the following solutions can be referential.

Solution 1. Download and install 3G2 codec on your computer.

Usually, instead of downloading 3G2 codec only, downloading a codec pack would be much useful. Here, you can have a try on K-Lite Codec Pack to find whether it contains the 3G2 codec or not. Or, you can also search for the 3G2 codec over the Internet. Then download the codec WAR or ZIP file to your local computer and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process. Finally, restart your current media player and computer to activate the 3G2 codec, and try to import the 3G2 file one more time.

Solution 2. Burn the 3G2 file to a DVD disc.

Well, your current media player can’t play the 3G2 properly, but it can be able to play DVD discs if your computer has been equipped with a DVD disc drive. Here, in order to obtain a correct DVD disc, you need to get a powerful DVD burning program to burn the current 3G2 file to a DVD disc. Here, Leawo DVD Creator can be your excellent choice to complete the burning steps. Once the DVD has been created, then you can load the DVD disc to the program immediately.

Part 5: Conclusion

If you have got a smart mobile phone, you would know the truth that many videos stored in your phones are formatted with 3G2 format. If you would like to enjoy the 3G2 video on your computer, then some issues would happen, such as the missing of the audio. Well, don’t be frustrated by this issue because some solutions would be provided accordingly to solve the problem. For example, you can simply select another media player that can support 3G2 format without any further steps, here Leawo Blu-ray Player can be your best free choice. Furthermore, you can also adopt Leawo Video Converter as a useful tool to convert 3G2 format to other more compatible formats so as to play the files successfully. Don’t let go of these tools, just try them!