Nowadays Audiobook has brought great enjoyment, and iTunes audiobook would be one of the most popular suppliers of audiobook. However, although you purchased Audiobooks format from iTunes Store, you cannot use and enjoy the purchased audiobook freely because of the DRM protection and format incompatibility. Fortunately, you can convert iTunes M4B audiobook to FLAC to have more fun.

Part 1. Know about iTunes Audiobook

iTunes is one of the best ways to organize and enjoy the audiobook and shop for the ones you want. iTunes Audiobook offers a large amount of masterpieces to listen and a lot of the latest audiobook among the world are available as well. You can enjoy a story or relax your eyes with iTunes audiobook on your Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. However, iTunes audiobook you downloaded from iTunes Store are DRM protected, which means that you are not able to move it to non-Apple devices for enjoying. Moreover, iTunes audiobook are encrypted in M4B. In order to enjoy more on media players or devices, you are able to convert audiobooks on iTunes to FLAC. As we all know, FLAC is short for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is an audio format similar to MP3 while compressed in FLAC without any quality loss. Apparently, as the fastest and most widely supported lossless audio codec, FLAC can make iTunes audiobooks more enjoyable with the original quality and safe storage.


Part 2. Remove DRM from iTunes Audiobook and Convert M4B to MP3 with Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate Beforehand

Definitely, there are various solutions accessible for you to convert iTunes audiobook to FLAC. To make it a success, you are supposed to remove DRM from iTunes audiobook and convert M4B to MP3 with iTunes DRM audiobook converter beforehand. Undoubtedly, Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate would be one of the most powerful and professional iTunes DRM audiobook converters, which is an all-in-one media converter program designed for removing DRM from iTunes and converting M4B/M4P to MP3. With the help of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate, you can easily make DRM protected iTunes audiobook to DRM free MP3 file so that you can finally convert iTunes m4b audiobook to FLAC.

Now you can download Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate and install it on your PC, then start it. It will work in fast speed with 100% quality reserved for iTunes audiobook. And the simple steps will be offered here to help you with iTunes M4B audiobook to FLAC.


Note: You should authorize the computer by signing in with your Apple ID so that the M4P audiobook file purchased or rented can be played on. Notice that iTunes cannot be opened when the program works.

Step 1: Import iTunes M4B audiobook to the program.

Start TunesCopy Ultimate to enter the main interface, import iTunes DRM protected M4B audiobook file to the program from the “Add File” panel by clicking “Add Files” in the sub-menu bar. Or you can directly drag or drop the target iTunes audiobook file to the middle of program interface.


Step 2: Select Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate

Check the imported iTunes M4B audiobook files under the category “audiobook”. And then you can choose an M4B file and click the “edit” button to select proper Channels, Sampling Rates and Bit Rates you need for the output MP3 audio file.


Step 3: Set a directory for saving output files.

Click “…” button at the bottom of the “Home” page to set the directory for the output MP3 file.


Step 4: Remove DRM from M4B audiobook File and Convert M4B to MP3

Click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom to start removing DRM from M4B and converting M4B to MP3. And the iTunes DRM removal and conversion will be completed in minutes.


Step 5: Manage the Converted MP3 Files

You can check all the converted MP3 files in “Converted” tab, and then you can open the output MP3 file by clicking the “Open file” option at the end of a target file.


Now you have got DRM free MP3 audiobook file, you can just feel free to listen to the audiobook on some media players or devices that support MP3. If you would like to enjoy your iTunes audiobook in FLAC for more entertainment, you can simply use FLAC with MP3 to FLAC converters to convert iTunes audiobook to FLAC.

Part 3. Convert the DRM-free MP3 to FLAC with MP3 to FLAC converters

In order to convert audiobooks on iTunes to FLAC, there are various kinds of MP3 to FLAC converters developed for professional conversion. Undoubtedly, Leawo Video Converter would be one of your best choices. It is professional an powerful software for converting video and audio files in more than 180 formats like MP4, AAC, MP3, WAV etc. to the common formats you prefer like MKV, MOV, H.265 MP4, FLAC etc.Besides, it works in 6X faster speed with original quality reserved.

(1) Convert MP3 to FLAC with Leawo Video Converter

You get to convert iTunes audiobook to FLAC in simple steps even if you are a total green hand. And here is the way after you download and install the converter.


STEP 1: Import iTunes Audiobook Files into the Converter

Start the program, and click Video Converter to enter the main interface. Then you can click “Add Video” icon to pop out a drop-down box to browse and choose the audiobook file for importing. Or you can also directly drag and drop audiobook files into the program.


STEP 2: Choose FLAC as Output Format

After importing source files, open the drop-down box right before the big green “Convert” button and then select FLAC as output format by clicking the “Change” button to enter the “Profile” panel.


STEP 3: Set Audio Parameters

Back to the drop-down box, choose “Edit” to enter the “Profile Settings” interface to adjust audio parameters of selected output profile.


STEP 4: Set Output Directory for the FLAC audiobook

Return to the main page and click the big green “Convert” button to pop up a sidebar where you can set a directory for containing the output FLAC files in the “Save to” box.


STEP 5: Convert MP3 audiobook to FLAC

After setting the directory, click the “Convert” button to start converting the MP3 audiobook files to FLAC. And the conversion process will be finished in minutes.


Except for the converter software, you can also convert iTunes M4B audiobook to FLAC with the help of online MP3 to FLAC converter.

(2) Convert MP3 to FLAC with online MP3 to FLAC converter

There are some online MP3 to FLAC converters that can help you convert iTunes audiobook to FLAC as well. And one of the most commonly used is Zamzar, which works easily for thousands of formats, certainly including MP3 to FLAC. You can convert audiobooks on iTunes to FLAC in 4 steps.

Step 1: Click “Choose file” to import the DRM free audiobooks to the online converter.

Step 2: Click “Convert files to” to choose FLAC as the output format.

Step 3: Enter your E-mail address to receive the output file.

Step 4: Click Convert to start transferring the file to FLAC.

And then the process will be completed in minutes. You finally have converted audiobooks on iTunes to FLAC and you can check your E-mail to find the iTunes audiobook in FLAC.


Anyway, only if iTunes DRM audiobook converter helps you remove the DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook and convert the M4B to MP3, you can get iTunes audiobook to FLAC quite easily and quickly. If you would like to convert iTunes audiobook to FLAC, just feel free to have a try.