"Can you listen to downloaded Audible audiobooks offline? My family is going on a road trip, and we need to know if we can listen to downloaded Audible audio books with no internet connection whatsoever. No data usage, no WiFi. Please show me how to listen to Audible offline if possible, and what kind of Audible audiobook player tools we should use for offline listening. Great appreciation beforehand."

Many audiobook listeners have the same questions as the above ones. Actually, the answer is obvious yes. As long as you have downloaded your Audible audiobooks or other audio books, you could then freely listen to them offline on different players, with the help of some audiobook tools sometimes.

As to listening to Audible audiobooks offline, things would be a little bit complicated since Audible audiobooks come with DRM protection, which protects Audible audiobooks and prevent them being used or listened to on unauthorized media players. This has brought great inconvenience to Audible audiobooks listeners. However, don't worry. Audible has its official way to solve this – that's to make use of Audible app, which has now been available on most devices and players. And if you get devices that still have no Audible app, we will be happy to help you with our professional Audible audiobook converter tool, which will be mentioned in detail below.

Part 1: How to Listen to Audible Books Offline with Audible App

Can you listen to Audible offline? Audible confirms you with a Yes by introducing its official audiobook listening app – Audible app, which is now available in most platforms like iOS, Android, Microsoft Phone, Windows, Mac, etc. Well, Audible app uses mobile data to improve the results according to your searches and to stream audio book. However, when you want to reduce the internet usage for Audible app, or when there is no mobile data connection, you can either connect with wifi with better internet plan or you can download the required Audible audiobook instead of streaming it online. Once you have downloaded audiobooks on Audible app, you could then be able to listen to Audible audiobooks offline. Of course, you could download Audible audiobooks directly on Audible app on different platforms.

Kindle Book

Follow the below steps to learn how to download audiobooks on Audible app so as to listen to Audible audiobooks offline on your flight or road trip:

Step 1: Firstly, make sure your device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) has been connected to the Internet well.

Step 2: Then, you need to download and install the Audible app to your mobile phone or tablet device and login with the account name and password.

Step 3: Make sure you have purchased the audiobooks from Audible Store before you try to download them on Audible app. If you haven't bought your books, on Audible app, tap "Store" to browse your books and buy them as the on-screen instructions show.

Step 4: After purchasing Audible audiobooks, you then navigate to the "Library" tab to find audiobooks you have purchased. They are not downloaded by default. You could then simply click the cover to initialize the downloading process.

Step 5: You then only need to wait for the downloading to complete.

Step 6: When the download process is done, your purchased Audible audiobooks will be ready to play on airplane mode.

You could now freely listen to Audible audiobooks offline with your devices and the Audible app. If you have downloaded Audible audiobooks on your computer Audible app, you need to download them again on your mobile devices, or you could make use of some data transfer app to transfer Audible audiobooks to mobile devices from computer But you should firstly remove the DRM protection in Audible book, you can check the 4th part in this article for help.

It would be extremely easy and simple to listen to Audible audiobooks offline with the help of Audible app. However, we have mentioned above that though Audible app is now available on most devices, some devices might still have no support for Audible app installation. In such case, you may turn to some Audible app alternatives or Audible audiobook converter tools to let you listen to Audible offline. We will discuss this in the below content.

Part 2: 3 Apps to Listen to Audible Books Offline

Is there any alternative app to Audible app that could enable you to listen to Audible books offline? Of course you could find quite a few Audible app alternatives for your computer, iOS devices, Android devices, etc. Here we would like to recommend 3 different apps for your computer, iOS devices and Android devices respectively, which could perform as Audible app to let you listen to Audible audiobooks offline.


With the release of MacOS 10.15 Catalina, audiobook reading has transitioned from iTunes to Apple Books. But don't worry, you can still listen to your purchased audiobooks on Mac with the Apple Books app. If you are using MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave or earlier, iTunes will remain the default app for enjoying your audiobooks.

iTunes  AudioBook

iBooks for iOS devices

iBooks is the best Audible audiobook player for iOS devices we would like to recommend for listening to Audible audiobooks offline. Every iOS device has iBooks preinstalled. Once you have downloaded Audible audiobooks into iTunes as mentioned above, you could sync the downloaded Audible audiobooks to iBooks on iPhone, iPad and iPod. It's very easy for you to listen to Audible audiobooks on iBooks app on iOS devices. You only need to open iBooks app, go to the Library and then open "Collection" tab. There you could see Audiobooks option, by opening which you could see all synced Audible audiobooks. And then you could listen to Audible audiobooks offline within iBooks. Since iTunes would erase existing files in iOS devices during sync, we would like to recommend you 3rd-party iOS data transfer tool like iTransfer to complete the Audible audiobook transfer from iTunes to iOS devices.


Kobo for Android

While Kobo (available for both Android and iOS) may not have the same big name recall of Amazon in the US ebooks and audiobooks market, it offers a rich library of ebooks and audiobooks in its online marketplace and reader apps. The app provides cross-platform syncing and a customizable ebook reader in addition to the audiobook player. Kobo's audiobook player covers your basics, with a timeline scrubber bar, timeskip buttons, chapter navigation, playback speed configuration and a snooze timer. It may not enable you to transfer Audible audiobooks to Kobo directly, but you could actually purchase and download corresponding audiobooks on Kobo app. Of course, with the below Audible audiobook converter, you could freely add downloaded Audible audiobook to Kobo and any other player for unlimited offline listening.


Part 3: What if You Fail to Listen to Audible Books Offline

There are some people complaining about that they can download Audible book from the app for offline playback. It's quite annoying, huh? This issue mainly caused by the outdated app and poor download quality. The following solutions must be helpful to your problem.

Update App

Only when there is an update available, can the update display. Or you can check for update in app from settings.

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Tap the Menu button.

Step 3: Tab Google Play menu button.

Step 4: Find and click the Audible for Android icon in "My Apps".

Step 5: Tap "Update" & "Continue".

Improve Download Quality

Your audiobooks can be downloaded as either High Quality files or Standard Quality files. If you didn't choose certain format in settings and they won't be downloaded.

Step 1: Run the Audible app and go to the "Profile" panel in app.

Step 2: Tap the gear-like icon in the upper right corner to enter settings panel.

Step 3: Tap Download. Under "Download Quality", tap on the format that is not selected so as to change the download quality.

Change Parts Setting

Step 1: Tap the Profile button in the app.

Step 2: Tap the "gear" icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Tap "Download".

Step 4: Under "Download By Parts", tap on the option that is not selected, to switch the Download by Parts setting.

Part 4: How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Any Player with Leawo Prof. DRM

As mentioned above, Audible apps have been available on many platforms currently. However, you need to download and install Audible app on these platforms to listen to Audible audiobooks offline. If you have other audiobooks player apps installed, you may not be able to listen to Audible audiobooks with them. What should you do then to listen to Audible audiobooks offline without using Audible app?

You could convert Audible audiobooks to general MP3 audio files and then play and listen to converted Audible audiobooks on your own players. Leawo Prof. DRM could help you do so. Including a professional Audible audiobook converter, Leawo Prof. DRM could help you remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and then convert Audible audiobooks to DRM-free MP3 audio files. Therefore you could freely listen to downloaded Audible audiobooks offline on any player you like.

The below steps would show you how to remove Audible audiobook DRM protection and convert Audible DRM audiobooks to DRM free audio files. But you should firstly download and install Audible Download Manager on your computer to let the downloaded Audible audiobooks be saved in iTunes, as mentioned above. Then, download and install Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer.

  • Leawo Prof. DRM
  • Leawo Prof. DRM

    1. Convert iTunes DRM-protected M4V movie and TV show to DRM-Free MP4
    2. Remove DRM from M4B, AA, AAX files and convert any Audible AA, AAX file to MP3, even without iTunes authorization
    3. Convert iTunes DRM-Protected M4P and non-DRM iTunes M4A Music to MP3
    4. Remove DRM-protection on Spotify music and convert to Universal audio format for enjoying music offline on any devices
    5. Convert DRM-protected eBook from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe to DRM-free epub, mobi, azw3, txt, etc., format

Step 1: Add Audible audiobooks

Add Kindle eBooks

Click "Add Files" button on Leawo Prof. DRM. On the popup "Add Files" window, open "Library > Audio Books" tab to choose and add downloaded Audible audiobooks into Leawo Prof. DRM for converting.

Step 2. Choose Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate

Choose  Kindle books to convert