I’m going to use Amazon Fire TV for watching movies. But I used to purchase and rent movies from iTunes and watch movies on iTunes. Then, can I transfer iTunes movies to Amazon Fire TV for playing?
The question is widely and frequently troubling for digital device users. Actually, since those movies you purchased or rented from iTunes can only be played on specific Apple devices, you cannot play iTunes movies on Amazon Fire TV directly. Due to the copyright restrictions, you should remove the restriction beforehand when you want to transfer iTunes movies for playing on Amazon Fire TV. This post will give you more information about Amazon Fire TV and then provide you with an effective solution to transfer iTunes movies to Amazon Fire TV.

Part 1. Know about Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV came to be known for its convenience for users to watching purchased movies, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video, etc. even without a 4K TV since it supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality. Amazon Fire TV is a tiny digital media player box for streaming massive online channels, including over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and hundreds of games to your HDTV. It is the best choice to watch Amazon instant video prime, HULU, Netflix on the HDTV with a big screen. With its fast quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, dedicated GPU, plus 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, Amazon Fire TV becomes a primary choice for people who want to buy a media player for replacement of Apple TV.

Part 2. Can we play iTunes movies on Amazon Fire TV?

Usually, iTunes movies and TV shows can’t be played on Amazon Fire TV directly. Firstly, iTunes movies are all DRM protected, they cannot be played on unauthorized devices; secondly, Amazon Fire TV doesn’t support iTunes movie streaming directly; it only supported limited websites videos, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.

However, the answer to the question “can you play iTunes movies on Amazon Fire TV?” is “yes” as long as you deal with it in a right way. Actually, it would be a wonderful experience to watch favorite movies on Amazon Fire TV. Though you may have found it easy to play purchased movies like Amazon instant video, Netflix movies, the two reasons mentioned above restrict you to play iTunes movies on Amazon Fire TV directly. It is obviously an annoying issue disturbing many iTunes users that the iTunes movies are not supported by Amazon Fire TV. If you want to play the iTunes movies on Amazon Fire TV, removing DRM and converting iTunes movies to the formats that have good compatibility with Amazon Fire TV would be the best option.

Part 3. Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with Leawo Prof. DRM for Playing on Amazon Fire TV

And the third-party software Leawo Prof. DRM enables iTunes movies to play on Amazon Fire TV. It has been specializing in removing DRM from both iTunes purchases and rentals and converting them to ordinary MP4 video format that is compatible with Amazon Fire TV. Leawo Prof. DRM is not only the fastest DRM Remover for iTunes videos, but also a professional iTunes DRM removal program. It can remove DRM from iTunes purchased and rented M4V videos and convert them to DRM-free MP4 format at 50X faster speed. Since it is regarded as the best DRM removal software that provides the best experience in removing DRM and enjoying DRM-free videos for users, and providing users lossless videos after conversion, adding the feature of keeping all subtitles and audio tracks, Leawo Prof. DRM has been one of the most welcomed video converter programs.

When the process is completed, upload the movies onto your Amazon Cloud Drive, and then you can play iTunes movies with Amazon Fire TV. Usually, users will be recommended to choose MP4 format, because it is well supported by Amazon Fire TV and other playable devices. Because Leawo Prof. DRM supports common Windows and Mac OS, you could download Prof. DRM for Windows users and Prof. DRM for Mac if you are Mac users.

Follow the steps below to learn how to remove DRM from iTunes videos and convert them to MP4 format.

Note: Make sure you’ve authorized the computer to play the purchased or rented M4V video file on iTunes by signing in with your Apple ID. And remember you cannot run iTunes during the iTunes DRM removal process.

Step 1: Add iTunes M4V videos
Launch Prof. DRM to enter the main interface, click “Add Files” button on the sub-menu bar to open the pop-up “Add Files” panel where you could choose at least one M4V file and click “Add” to begin importing M4V file from iTunes.


Step 2: Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles
After importing iTunes M4V video files, you can view the file list under the “Video” category. Choose an M4V video file and click edit button to select proper audio track and subtitle for keeping in the output MP4 video file.


Note: If necessary, you can click “…” button at the bottom of the Home list to set an output directory for containing output MP4 file.

Step 3: Remove DRM from M4V and convert M4V to MP4
When all settings are done, you can click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom to start removing DRM from M4V and converting M4V to MP4. The iTunes DRM removal and conversion process will be completed in a while.


Note: if you have not authorized the computer yet, you need to authorize the computer for playing the iTunes video by signing in before you start DRM removal and video conversion.


Step 5: Locate the Converted Video File
After all removal and conversion process is completed, you can find the converted iTunes video files in MP4 video format under “Converted” section where you can click the “Open file” option to locate the output MP4 file.  


Now you have got the DRM-free MP4 video files, you can transfer iTunes movies to Amazon Fire TV for playback. Using this easy-to-operate and powerful video converter, you can simply remove DRM from iTunes movies for playing on Amazon Fire TV. Surely, there are also some other DRM removal and video conversion programs.

Part 4.Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with Requiem for Playing on Amazon Fire TV

Requiem is a popular free iTunes DRM removal program that is designed to get rid of Apple’s DRM FairPlay from iTunes music, videos, and eBooks. Since it is merely decrypting the file instead of decoding or re-encoding it, it can keep the original video quality so that there won’t be any quality loss in the DRM-free iTunes files in result. With Requiem downloaded and installed, you can freely get DRM-free iTunes video files to play and enjoy them on any non-Apple-approved devices, including Android and Windows phones as well as other popular mobile devices or players. Requiem is compatible with Mac, Windows as well as Linux, and it is quite easy-to-use with simple and intuitive interface so that anyone can make use of it.

You would download and install the program, and then follow the simple steps to remove DRM from iTunes video for playing on Amazon Fire TV.

Note: It supports iTunes 10.7 or lower version and you must install Java to make Requiem work properly.

Step 1. Launch Requiem on your computer and it will scan your iTunes protected video files for DRM removal.
Step 2. When the DRM removal process is completed, Requiem will remove the protected iTunes videos and replace them with entirely DRM-free ones.
Step 3. After DRM removal, you can open the unprotected video files with non-iTunes devices such as Amazon Fire TV.


Part 5. Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with Audials Tunebite for Playing on Amazon Fire TV

Except for the free DRM removal program, you can also use Audials Tunebite to remove DRM from iTunes movies for playing on Amazon Fire TV. If you have purchased films and videos from iTunes, you will find limitations restricting you from watching iTunes movies on non-Apple-approved devices or players due to DRM copy protection and file format incompatibility. Audials Tunebite helps you use legal recording techniques and moreover, the perfect video quality can also be guaranteed. Audials Tunebite removes all copy protection and saves iTunes protected M4V movies as new unprotected MP4, WMV or H.264 files to ensure unrestricted enjoyment on all devices. And it supports customizable output profiles and universal conversion with support for over 50 formats so that you can get the video in any common format you want.

To remove DRM from iTunes movies with Audials Tunebite for playing on amazon fire TV, you could download and install it on your PC, and then launch it and follow the guide below.

Step 1. Download and install Audials Tunebite
Step 2. Add your iTunes DRM movies to the program by clicking “Add > Add files” for importing. You should find the purchased and downloaded movie or TV shows from the iTunes online store in the iTunes install folder.
Step 3. Choose output format and start conversion. Click “Option” button to select Amazon Fire as the output format. After that, click “Go” button to start converting protected iTunes movies to DRM-free Amazon Fire TV supported format.


Anyway, it is an all-in-one DRM video and audio converter that is so powerful for iTunes movies. However, it doesn’t support iTunes movie rentals and reduces the video quality after DRM removal. Besides, it is not friendly for Mac users since it supports Windows OS only. The three converting tools mentioned in this post are all powerful in DRM removal for iTunes movies, among which Requiem is totally free and the other two should be paid. However, Leawo Prof. DRM would be the easiest DRM remover and converter. While the other two have some limitations in video quality, you can choose one you like best for removing DRM from iTunes movies to play them on Amazon Fire TV.