Niconico also named as Nico Nico Douga, which is a well-known website for video streaming in Japan and owns various kinds of video channels like music, sports, life, entertainment and more. Niconico not only allows you to watch, upload and share videos on it, but also it authorizes the users with registration to get the bullet screen and comments sent on the video. Meanwhile, what they sent can be synced to the playback time of the video, and it is a fashion trend what the video leads. But, lots of users always meet trouble when they want to watch video on Niconico. The network congestion or the bad quality video or the different kind limits has become a barrier to the users’ experience. This article aims at offering some methods to help you download Niconico so that you can enjoy your favorite videos offline without any trouble and limit.

Part 1: Introduction to Niconico

Niconico means smiling in Japanese, which ranked No. 10 in the ranking of visitor volume in Japan in September 2015. The highlight of Niconico is that the video comment can be overlaid on the video in a direct way, which is extremely different from other video watching websites. Comments are allowed to be sent on the videos, which takes a good effect in sharing the viewing experience by synchronization between viewers. Video tags are offered by Niconico. The tags can be edited freely by the users. No more than 11 tags can be given to each video, five of which allows the users to lock optionally, the others can be edited by users. These video tags are not only used for categorizing but also used as comments or satire or the humor which is associated with the content of videos.
Niconico has lots of other good features to appeal to its users, these features are shown as below:
1. High quality in video. Users are encouraged to have their videos pre-encoded in an appropriate format to suit the distribution without modifying. Video in H.264 format and audio in AAC format are available for the free user and the premium users.
2. “Mylists” can be created by each user, the function of my lists is the same as bookmarks lists. Users are allowed to create no more than 25 folders of my lists, one basic account is allowed to record 100 videos, while the premium accounts are allowed to create 500 videos for each mylist, the number of mylists are given 12500 to the users.
3. Video uploaders are authorized to give permanent comments to their videos, which can be a great help for the subtitles and lyrics and the corrections.
4. With the help of special commands in the comments of the uploader, special effects can be added to their uploaded videos which include the voting, the automatic moving to next video and the testing marks and so on.

Part 2: How to download Niconico to mp3

Method 1: Download Niconico to mp3 with Music Recorder

To download Niconico audio and save them as MP3 format, you can use an excellent third-party tool - Leawo Music Recorder to perform this task. Leawo Music Recorder is an easy-to-use software for recording audio from multiple sources like the built-in input audio, the computer audio, and online music. The recorded audio can be saved into MP3 or WAV format in the original quality. Due to this smart music recording program, music tags can be added to the recorded music automatically or manually. Moreover, all the recorded audio files can be found and managed in the built-in library. If you want to get the recorded audio files shared to iTunes, just one simple click can complete this operation. To make the recorded files meet your different needs, the customized settings such as Task Scheduler, Audio Source, and Output format and more can help you capture the high quality audio. Below we will show you the specific steps of how to download Niconico mp3.

1. Run Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then you will enter the main interface of this program. Choose the icon “Audio Source” to preset the audio source on the main interface. Because you want to record Niconico from online source, you should choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


2. Click on the red button “Start” to make Leawo Music Recorder begin to record. Then play the video from Niconico. Here you should note that the music recording program should work prior to playing the audio source. To make your recorded audio meet your customized needs, you can click on the icon button “Recording Task Scheduler” on the left bottom corner to bring it out and set the beginning time and the duration time for your recorded audio.


Method 2: Download Niconico to mp3 via Online Nicovideo Converter

To download Niconico to MP3, there is also another simple method which can help you to complete the download task in high efficiency. That is to download Niconico via online Nicovideo converter. Here we will recommend you a website of online downloader for your reference. You can follow the detailed instructions as below to get Niconico downloaded via online downloader.
1. Enter the website on your computer browser.


2. Find the Niconico video URL and get them to search bar by copying and pasting, then click on the button “Start” to search the video you want to download.
3. The search result will be listed beneath the search bar, click on the “Download” button, the Niconico video will be downloaded and converted into MP3 format automatically and then stored in the output directory you have chosen on your computer.

Method 3: Download Niconico to mp3 using Chrome add-on

If you don’t want to install any software to download Niconico to MP3, the Google Chrome extension MP3 downloader is a good selection to help you complete the downloading task. This extension is applicable to download all the available music from any website. All the audio which is available to download will be listed in this extension.
Now you can install the chrome extension and go to Niconico to download your favorite audio. The list can be seen via click on the MP3 downloader which is next to the chrome menu button. The page will show No Results in the list if no available audio can be downloaded. If not, all the available audio along with the play button, pause button and download button can be seen as well.
If you meet the case that no audio is shown in the list, you can play Niconico on the web page and then click the MP3 downloader icon one more time. Then the download button will be shown in the extension.


Method 4: Download Niconico to mp3 through Prof. Media

There is also a great solution to download Niconico to MP3 that is to use Leawo Prof. Media, this is professional software to download videos and audios from online sources. It is not only software with downloading function, but also it acts as a great converter in converting video, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs into the output format as you need. Here we will show you the details of how to download Niconico firstly and then guide you on how to convert what you download into MP3 format.
1. Choose the option “Video Downloader” in the download module on home interface. And you will go to the interface of video downloader. Then click on the wheel icon which locates on the right upper corner. Enter “Downloader” tab to set the output directory via the option “Save video to”, also the other settings can be completed from here.


2. In the “Download” page, enter Niconico video address by copying and pasting the video URL into the search bar and click on the button “Enter” to search the video that you want to download. The multiple results of target video with different resolutions will be listed on the right sidebar.


3. Choose the video that you want to download from the right sidebar and click on the button “Download” to begin the downloading job. The video you have chosen will be imported to the “Downloading” panel and the progress of all the downloading task can be viewed here.


4. Once the downloading process is finished, you can find your downloaded videos in the “Download” tab. Moreover, all the downloaded videos can be viewed and managed when you enter the download tab, the function like sorting the videos by the name or the data or the size or others can be done here. You also can choose the option “Delete”, “Add to Convert”, “Add to burn”, etc. to manage the downloaded Niconico video to meet your needs.


5. To make the downloaded Niconico video convert into MP3 format, you can go to the “Convert” module by click on the “Convert” button on home interface. To convert Niconico video to MP3, you can click on the icon “Add Video”, then a drop-down menu can be seen, video or video files can be added to the video converter from here.


6. A clickable box which shows MP4 Video can be seen beside “Add Photo” tab. A drop-down box will be pulled out when you click on it. There are three tabs including “Edit”, “Change” and “Apply to All”. You will enter “Profile” panel when clicking on the “Change” button, where four tabs can be chosen to the output profile, which includes Favorite, Custom, Format and Device. To get the downloaded Niconico video to MP3, you can go to “Format” tab and select the profile from Common Audio.


7. To meet your needs, you can choose “Edit” option from the drop-down box to go to the pane of Profile Settings, the video or audio parameters of the profiles that you select can be edited here. After the editing is finished, click on the button “Save to Custome” to save what you edited for the profile. Then click on “OK” button to save your changes.


8. Click on the big green button “Convert” to make a sidebar pop up, in which you can choose a target folder to save the converted video files.


9. Click on the button “Convert” on the right bottom to begin to convert Niconico video files. All the converting progress can be viewed on the pane of converting. The “Cancel” button, the “Pause” button and “Resume” button can be chosen to your needs from the converting pane.