YouTube is providing millions of great videos for everyone around the globe every single day. With the all-platform compatibility, YouTube makes it possible for you to have the access to your favorite anywhere at anytime as long as you have the internet connection on your device. However, what about when you don’t have an internet connection? Well, under that scenario, most people’s first reaction would be downloading the YouTube video and save it on a mobile device. But the problem is, among all kinds of mobile devices, there are still some devices that only support video formats like 3GPP. If you want to watch the downloaded YouTube videos with those devices, you are going to need to convert the YouTube videos to 3GPP with a YouTube 3GPP converter before you transfer them to the device. How to convert YouTube to 3GPP? What program or tool do you need to convert your YouTube videos? Those are the problems that we are going to fix today. 

Part 1: Download YouTube video with Leawo Video Downloader

The first step to convert YouTube to 3GPP is to download the YouTube video from the website to your own computer. So before we start talking about how to convert a YouTube video to 3GPP, let’s take a look at how to download YouTube videos to your computer in the most efficient and time-saving way first.

There are a lot of YouTube video downloader addons or programs that you can choose from. But as one of the best YouTube video downloader programs, Leawo Video Downloader is my personal favorite. Leawo Video Converter has the leading online video downloading technology, allowing the program to download online videos from more than 1000 online streaming websites at a speed that is 6 times higher than the industrial average. In the download process, Leawo Video Downloader can not only keep the download speed steady, but also retain the best video quality and keep the most details in the final video file even for the 720P or 1080P HD videos. Besides the excellent video downloading performance, Leawo Video Downloader also provides many other practical features like built-in web browser, smart download settings, 1-click player and more. With Leawo Video Downloader, you can download your favorite videos from YouTube easily with the best quality you can have.

One of the advantages of Leawo Video Downloader is its ease of use. Even for a total beginner, downloading a YouTube video would take no more than 10 minutes in total. In the following I will show you a guide on how to download a YouTube video with Leawo Video Downloader so that you can have a better understanding of this program.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Video Downloader. At the homepage of this program, click the “Video Downloader” entrance to activate the video downloader function module.
Step 2: Copy the URL of your YouTube video, and paste the URL into the address box in Leawo Video Downloader. You can also directly find your video using the built-in web browser.
Step 3: Once you are landed on the webpage of your YouTube video, click the little green arrow at the right edge of the program interface to unfold the downloadable video list, where some different specs of your video will be listed and ready to be downloaded.
Step 4: Click the “Download” button on the video you desire, and the video will be downloaded in a while.


Part 2: Convert YouTube to 3GPP with Leawo Video Converter

Now that you have got the most efficient way to download the YouTube video, let’s see how to convert the video to 3GPP after downloading it. To convert a YouTube video to 3GPP, you need a good video converter to help you. For the converter program, Leawo Video Converter would be my first recommendation.

Leawo Video Converter is a professional video converter program with a leading video processing technology. Not only can this program convert more than 180 kinds of video or audio files from one format to another, it can also convert them with a 6 times higher speed and retain the best original quality at the same time. With a practical video editor module built in, Leawo Video Converter also gives you the options to trim, crop the video, adjust video parameters, add watermark to video, convert 2D video to 3D and remove background noise. Besides these powerful converting and editing functions, Leawo Video Converter also comes with some handy features like multilingual support, subtitle and audio track selection, output device customization and more. With Leawo Video Converter, anyone can convert a YouTube video to 3GPP easily with the maximum customization options.

Apart from all of these practical functions, another reason that I would like to recommend Leawo Video Converter in the first place is that the program is very easy to use. With the great software interface design, Leawo Video Converter can get your YouTube Video converted to a 3GPP video within several minutes. Here is a simple guide to show you how to convert YouTube to 3GPP with Leawo Video Converter.

Step 1: Import Source YouTube video
After you have downloaded your video from YouTube, you have to import the YouTube video into Leawo Video Converter for converting. In order to do that, launch Leawo Video Converter and then drag your YouTube video from the original folder and drop it in the center of the program interface. You can also click the “Add Video” button to import your video manually.


Step 2: Set output format
When your YouTube video is imported, you can then set the output video format as “3GPP”. As you can see from the area next to the “Convert” button, the default output format in Leawo Video Converter is “MP4 Video”. To change that to any format you want, just click the area, choose “Change” in the dropdown menu and then find your desired output format in the pop-out format selection window.


Step 3: Further editing
As mentioned above, Leawo Video Converter has a very practical video editor module built in. You can click the “Edit” button and go to the video editing panel to do various editing to the YouTube video before you start the conversion. Once you are done editing, click “OK” to apply the adjustments and go back to the main interface.

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