Q:"I'd like to read my Kindle books on my new Nook. But I was failed. It seems that Nook cannot read Kindle books directly at all. Can you read Kindle books on a Nook? How do you make it? "

As is known to us, Kindle/Kindle Fire and other Kindle e-Readers are very popular devices for reading eBooks, so is Nook. Since they are portable so that we can carry one for reading eBooks anywhere or at any time. However, can you read Kindle books on a Nook? The answer is yes only if you can remove the DRM from Kindle eBooks and convert Kindle eBook to Nook.

Part 1: Introduction of Nook

Nook is an excellent eBook reader developed and marketed by Barnes & Noble. Based on Android system, it has three-generations Nook devices, including Nook, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, and so on. Thus, Nook cannot only be used to read books but also to listen to music, browse the webs and watch movies.


Besides, there is free NOOK Reading App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices so that you can start a book on your NOOK and continue reading on your smartphone or tablet. Millions of books you can get and add to your library. That’s why there are so many users preferring to read eBooks on Nook.

Part 2: The reason why can't we read Kindle books on Nook directly

You may have found that it is not available for you to read Kindle books on Nook directly. Why? There are usually two reasons. On the one hand, Kindle eBook files are currently kept in AZW, MOBI and PRC formats, while Nook generally supports ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM ePub and PDF formats. Obviously, you are not able to read the Kindle eBooks directly on Nook since Nook doesn't support the Kindle formats at all. On the other hand, the eBooks you purchased from Amazon Kindle are DRM-protected, which restricts the Kindle eBooks from reading on any other e-readers except for authorized Kindle devices or Kindle App. Of course, Nook is a totally different platform that cannot read the Kindle eBooks in DRM-protection. Then it will be some problems when sharing books between Kindle and Nook. And it is undoubtedly meaningful if we can convert Kindle eBook to Nook since there is no need to pay a dual price for our loving books any more!

How do I read Kindle books on my Nook, then? Actually, in order to read Kindle books on Nook, I use Prof. DRM, a powerful converter, to convert Kindle eBook to Nook supported formats like epub and remove the DRM protection from Amazon Kindle simultaneously.

Part 3: How to remove DRM on Kindle and read Kindle books on Nook with Prof. DRM

Designed as a powerful DRM removal program and DRM media converter, Leawo Prof. DRM can be used to remove DRM from iTunes M4V video and share M4V video to FaceBook or other video sharing sites. Besides, it can also remove DRM from iTunes M4P music/M4B audiobook, Audible AA/AAX audiobook, and then convert those iTunes encrypted files to DRM-free files in common formats like MP4 and MP3.Moreover, it helps convert DRM-protected eBook from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe to DRM-free eBook that can be read on other e-readers or apps. To know how to put Kindle books on Nook clearly, you can download and install Leawo Prof. DRM, and then follow the steps below.

Method 1: How to Put Kindle eBook on Nook from Kindle Desk APP

With the help of Prof. DRM, you can follow the way here to convert Kindle eBook to Nook when you are using Kindle desk app.

Step 1: Log in Kindle app on your computer

Login into the Kindle APP on your PC with your Amazon account.

Add Kindle eBooks

Tips: You can find your Kindle eBooks on the “Downloaded Items”

find downloaded Kindle eBooks

Step 2: Add Kindle eBooks to Prof. DRM

Start Prof. DRM to enter the main interface, then you can simply click “Add Files” to pop up a panel where you will see Kindle button on the left frame. Click the refresh button of Kindle and soon the downloaded eBooks on your Kindle Library will be listed on the right frame. Select eBooks you want to remove DRM, and click “Add” to import the selected files to Prof. DRM.

Set an output folder

Step 3: Set ePub as output format

Choose an eBook on the Home list and click “Edit” button to select ePub as the output format. And you can also select “Apply to all eBooks files” under the Option.

Set an output folder

Step 4: Save the converted Kindle files

After setting the output format, click “...” button at the bottom to choose an output directory for saving the converted Kindle files.

Choose the output directory

Step 5: Remove DRM and Convert Kindle eBooks to ePub files.

Click the blue “Convert” button to start removing the DRM encryption from the Kindle books and then convert to ePub files in seconds.

Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks

At this moment, you can find the converted DRM-free eBooks in ePub in the directory you saved. Then you can copy the converted books from Kindle to Nook app or Nook devices and read the converted Kindle books on Nook.

Method 2: How to Put Kindle eBook on Nook from Kindle Device

When you are using Kindle devices and interested in sharing books between Kindle and Nook, you can apply Prof. DRM to make it in an easier way. First of all, in order to convert kindle eBook to Nook from Kindle device, you should connect your Kindle device to your PC with USB cable and then follow the simple steps.

Step1: Import Kindle files to Prof. DRM

After starting the Prof. DRM, you will enter the main interface. Click “Add files” and click refresh button on “E-devices”. Then the eBooks from Kindle library will be listed on the right frame, you can click “Add” to import the books.

add ebook from kindle device

Step 2: Set the output directory

Choose an output directory for saving the DRM-free Kindle books by clicking “...” button at the bottom of Home list.

add ebook from kindle device

Step 3: Remove DRM from Kindle eBook

Start removing DRM-protected eBook from Kindle by clicking the blue "Convert" button. And then the DRM will be removed from the eBook and the conversion will complete in seconds.

Remove DRM from Kindle eBook