If you are a music lover and go to YouTube to watch music videos all the time, you must’ve notice that there are a lot of music videos with the tag “Vevo” on the title. Some people might not be familiar with Vevo. It’s actually a video hosting service owned and operated by a joint venture of Universal Music Group(UMG), Google, Sony Music Entertainment(SME) and Abu Dhabi Media. The videos on Vevo are syndicated across the internet, with Google and Vevo sharing the advertising revenue.

Other than Vevo’s official site, there’s a Vevo channel on YouTube where you can search all kinds of music videos in HD resolution. If you are a fan of music and want to download Vevo music videos from Youtube but just don’t know how, here’s what you need.

Part 1: Download Vevo Music Videos from YouTube with Vevo Music Downloader

To download Vevo music videos from YouTube, you’d need help from a professional Vevo music downloader. Actually there are a lot of online video downloader that can work perfectly as a YouTube Vevo music downloader. With the help of online video downloader, you can easily watch Vevo music videos on YouTube and download whatever video you want as you wish.

Below are several online video downloaders that have been producing favorable comments from customers.

If you are not familiar with this kind of software, check out the instructions below to see how to use this kind of YouTube video downloader as a Vevo music video downloader to download vevo music videos from YouTube.

Let’s take Leawo Video Downloader as an example to show you how to download vevo music videos from YouTube. Leawo Video Downloader is a professional online video downloader that can download videos from various online video sharing websites like YouTube, facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, etc. With it you can download music from Vevo channel at will.


Step 1: Run Leawo Video Downloader

First thing first, you’ll need to download Leawo Video Downloader on its official site or by clicking the Download button above. Install the program after the downloading is finished. You should instantly notice that it’s integrated into a software bundle named Prof. Media. Just open Prof. Media and click Video Downloader tab on the interface.

Open Leawo Video Downloader

Step 2: Open Video Link

After clicking the Video Downloader tab, the built-in browser would open YouTube.com automatically. You can search Vevo or the song you’d like to download on YouTube. Or if you already have the link of the video, just click the address bar on the top of the browser and paste it on the address bar.

Video Downloader

Step 3: Download Video

After opening the video link, this online video downloader would detect all the downloadable video sources on the page, all the downloadable sources would be listed on the sidebar on the right hand side of the browsers. If you can’t see the browser, click the green button with a triangle on it on the right side to call it out. All the related information about the video like resolution, size and format would be shown on the sidebar, just pick the one you like and click the Download button on the file to start downloading the video.

Download video

Step 4: Manage Videos

The ongoing download task can be found under “Downloading” tab. And the downloaded videos are listed under Downloaded tab. You can sort the downloaded by Time, Size, Name and Length.


A professional online video downloader is probably the best choice to download Vevo music videos from Vevo. But if you only have one or two particular songs you want to download, there are probably better choices out there.

Part 2: Download Vevo Music Videos from YouTube with Online Vevo Music Downloader

If there are only one or two Vevo music videos you want to download and you are looking for a way for free Vevo music video downloads, online video downloader would probably be the better choice. There’s one kind of website that offers the service of helping people download videos from online video sharing websites. All the website needs is the link of the page the video is on and it would be able to provide you with the video to download.

Below are the detailed instructions for downloading Vevo music videos using this kind of online video downloader.

Step 1: I’ll take onlinevideoconverter.comas an example to show you how to download music videos from Vevo. Go to onlinevideoconverter.com, and on the home page you would see 3 tabs, click the one on the left to enter the video downloading page.


Step 2: Copy the link of the Vevo music video and then paste it in the link box on the downloading page. And then click the Format box to call out the drop-down menu and the output format you prefer the video to be in. Click More Settings to choose the quality of the video. Lastly, click the Start button and this Vevo music downloader would start processing the video link.

Paste video link

Step 3: When the online Vevo music downloader finishes analyzing the video link, you can download the video on the downloading page.

Download video

If you are looking for Vevo music videos downloads, the two methods introduced above are both good for you. You’ll first need to figure out which one you’d actually need to do the job for you.