TV series are fascinating. Comparing to watching a movie at the theater, more and more people love to stay at home, sitting on a couch and watch a nice TV series with families and friends as a weekly routine. As entertaining as TV series can be, it could also be troubling sometimes. Most TV series go on air at a specific time each week, and to watch it, you must be in front of your television time every time it airs. So, what if you have other business at that time? What if you want to review the show after the finale? How to enjoy TV series on devices other than TV? If these problems ever hit you, then you might want to download free MP4 TV series. But where can we download TV series MP4? Read on as I will introduce some good sites where you get to download TV series free MP4.

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Part 1: Why MP4?

Before everything, in case you are wondering, why MP4? Well, MP4 media file is used for the storage purpose of video and audio files. It can also help to store the other type of data files for instance still images and various subtitles. MP4 is a "media container" format which means it allows video, audio, subtitles all blended and contained in the single file. This format also can storage advanced content like 3D Graphics, interactivity of the users and the menus. So MP4 container format is highly convenient and accessible, and everyone can use it with ease.

Let's just put it this way, to play on any device in your hand, no matter it's a cell phone, tablet, or a smart TV, MP4 is always the safest video format that can assure you play the file successfully. MP4 is a widely supported format, with highest quality it can be, and a not very large size.

Part 2: Where to download TV series in MP4?

If you look hard, you will find plenty of websites that can offer tv series download MP4. But some of them only offer series episodes with low definition or only provide a part of the full TV series. Next, I'll introduce some relatively good sites where you can download free mp4 tv series.

1. Stan TV Shows

Stan TV Shows is a website where you can find TV series download mp4. On this free MP4 TV show downloads site, you can download not only TV shows in MP4 format, but also the latest Hollywood movies, WWE shows, and even WhatsApp videos, all in MP4. The website has a search box so that you can find your favorite episodes easily.

2. QWER Movies

QWER Movies is another movie download and streaming site where you can directly play or download the most popular movies or TV shows online. The site is well organized, all episodes are in different categories and you can browse the specific category to find your ideal movie or TV show. What's more, you can even browse all the movie or TV shows by the year they were released. So, it's convenient to find or discover what you like on this site.

3. FZ Movies

Tired of all the fancy web page that always distract you from what you really trying to find? FZ Movies is a site that you can also find tv series download mp4 but with a cleaner interface. The home page is clan and you cannot even find any image on the page, you can directly type the name of your TV series into the search box to search for the download resource. The site gets the job done, fast, and efficient.

4. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is a powerful online video downloader that can download kinds of videos from above 1000 sites,such as YouTube, Vimeo and more. In addition, high-resolution video like 720P and 1080P is supported for downloading with this program. What’s more, this video downloader powered by advanced technology for video loading so that users are allowed to upload or download kinds of videos at 6 times faster speed.

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

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5. CleverGet TV Series Downloader

CleverGet Video Downloader, a comprehensive online movie downloader that could not only download online videos, but also free movies, paid movies and even live streams, could help you easily complete online free movie download tasks in simple clicks. With it, you could easily download free movies from various free movie websites mentioned above and not mentioned above, like YouTube, Twitter, Tubi, Facebook live, and various other free movie sites.

  • CleverGet
  • CleverGet Movie Downloader

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Part 3: What's the best MP4 TV series player?

Finding the websites where you can download free mp4 TV series is not all you need to do. After downloading the episodes, if you want to play the movies or TV series on your PC, you are going to need a nice Player to do the job. Not every player can bring you the best experience with MP4 videos. Here I recommend you try Leawo Blu-ray Player, a 100% free DVD/Blu-ray and video player for both Windows and Mac.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player
  • Leawo Blu-ray Player

    Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
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Leawo Blu-ray Player was firstly designed for playing Blu-ray and DVD disc/folder/ISO files. But with a superb decoding technology, Leawo Blu-ray Player can also play video files like MP4, WMV, MKV, BDMV, MOV and so on. Not only that, but also retain the best quality of the image and audio effect. What's more, if you have a pair of 3D glasses, or you are willing to make 3D glasses at home, you can even enjoy 3D movies with Leawo Blu-ray Player! So, using Leawo Blu-ray Player to play your downloaded MP4 TV series is definitely a good choice.


TV series free download in MP4 is not easy to find. Besides the three sites we recommend today, you can also try find better websites to download TV series MP4. Wherever you download MP4 TV series, remember to play it with Leawo Blu-ray Player to be sure that you get the best watching experience. The Player is nice, and free, so it's definitely worth a shot.