Sometimes when you insert a video to your PowerPoint slide, you don't really have to insert a lengthy one so you probably feel confused about how to trim a video in PowerPoint. Fortunately, this article will provide exactly what you need and show you a guide to trim video in PowerPoint.

Part 1: Insert and trim the video within PowerPoint

If you use Microsoft Office a lot, you may be well aware that there are built-in features for users to insert a video to PowerPoint within the PowerPoint itself. By following the guide below, you will know how to insert a video to PowerPoint and trim the video based on your requirement.

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint.

Step 2: Add a new slide and choose the media option from the displayed box.

Add a new slide

Step 3: Browse and locate the video to insert. Once you insert it to the PowerPoint, you will see there are options and buttons below the video, allowing you to play or stop the video.

locate the video

Step 4: Trim the video by right clicking the video.

Trim the video

But if you don’t bother to download and insert the video, you can use the YouTube video to insert, which may avoid downloading. BTW, Leawo video Downloader can help you download Videos from YouTube. Here is step-by-step procedure to show you how to trim a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Choose Insert > Media. On the displayed menu, you can select Video from Web Site.

Trim the YouTube video

Step 2: Copy the code in the dialog box.

Copy the code

Step 3: Upon completion of inserting the video, right click the video to trim it to desired length. And what’s more, you are also provided with options to change the video styles, correct the brightness and contrast etc.

Part 2: Trim video via Leawo Video Converter

The above introduced way to insert and trim a video is performed through PowerPoint itself. It is convenient to trim a video but at some point, it is not so flexible and powerful if users want to do more to the video in PowerPoint, for example add watermark, add 3D effect, or adjust the audio parameters. In this case, you can try Leawo video converter. This app is a professional video converter to facilitate users in converting files from one format to another. In total, more than 180 formats are supported and more are coming. A worth mentioned highlight for this app is that it can preserve the original file quality 100% when file is converted to another format. This ensures no quality loss and users are able to enjoy the file in original file quality. We can have a look at the steps to trim a video in PPT using this app. Note that we have to extract the video from the PPT before we move forward to trim the video to desired length. You can refer to the tips below to extract the video.

To extract the video fast from PPT, you can do as follows.  

Step 1: Right-click the target PPT and then click Rename.

Step 2: Change the file extension to .zip.

Step 3: Double-click the zipped file to open an Explorer window for the content files, where you will find the zipped file containing several folders. Locate the video in the PPT folder, in the media subfolder.

open the content file

Now you can proceed to trim your video in PPT.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Video Converter.

Click the button below to install this app on your computer.

Step 2: Add the video to the app.

On the Video Converter home page, click Add Video or Video Folder to import the video. Or you can simply drag and drop the video here.

Add the vide

Step 3: Directly move to the editing page, where you will be able to trim, crop, add 3D effect, add watermark, etc to the video. In this case, trim the video to your desired length.

Set Output format

Step 4: Click Convert to output your video with the desired length. Note that a dialog box will be prompted to let you specify a directory to save the output video. Set one accordingly.
P.S. As we do not need to convert the video to another format, we can just trim and save the video without the need to set other parameters. But if we need to convert the video to another format, we can follow the detailed guide to set one by one.   

Part 3: Comparison of the two solutions

As you can see from the above introduction, to trim video PowerPoint won’t be difficult if you find the correct method. On one hand, PowerPoint itself is a powerful tool to enable its users to insert and trim the video fast though no many customization features are provided. On the other, we still have some very powerful third party tool to convert videos, which also supports users to modify the video such as trim or crop, add 3D effect, watermark, etc. All these methods are out there to help users to trim video in PPT. So all in all, by comparison, PowerPoint is less powerful than Leawo Video Converter in terms of conversion speed, output quality, and customization features. You can have a try and give me your feedback.