With a large storage iPhone, people will install many apps, transfer many files to iPhone for an enjoyment on the go. I suppose you have a file manager app for iPhone among all these iPhone apps you have installed. A file manager app for iPhone is of great use, as it can help users to keep iPhone files organized. The iPhone file manager apps can be easily found in the App Store, and some of them are free for download. The following post will show you top 5 file manager apps for iPhone, and check it if you are interested.

Top 5 File Manager Apps for iPhone

1. File Manager

File Manager is a free file manager app for iPhone and iPad, and this app provides multiple features for the users to manage files on iPhone. The app supports users to view images, videos, PDF files, etc. The app supports productivity programs like Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork utility and so on. The app also supports multiple cloud services, including Dropbox, OneDrive and so on, so you can sync the files with the cloud services.

2. FileMaster

FileMaster is also a free iPhone file manager app. Like File Manager, it supports multiple cloud service apps, like Dropbox, OneDrive and so on. With this file manager app for iPhone, you can view files, like documents, PDF files and so on, and you can also edit the files, then sync the files with cloud services. People know that iPhone only supports MP4 and MOV files, but with this app, you can watch AVI, FLV, RM videos, etc. So with FileMaster, you can manage your iPhone files easily.

3. Documents 5

Documents 5 enables users view and manage document files on your iPhone. You can copy the documents PC or Mac computers, and view the documents within the app, including Office documents, PDF files, text files, etc. You can also annotate PDF files within this app, and you are able to save webpages in the app and read it later.

4. FileApp

When users want to manage files which are synced from computer, FileApp is a good choice. This app enables users to sync and transfer files from computer and view them easily. The Office documents, PDF files and more are supported within the app, and various kinds of multimedia files are also supported within the app. Text files can be edited within the app, and sent to your computer with emails. So with this iPhone file manager, people can manage iPhone files with ease.

5. My File Explorer

The name of this app is My File Explorer, and this app enables users to manage iPhone files easily. The app allows users to transfer files from iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi connection without using iTunes. The app fully supports all kinds of files, including text files, Zip files and so on, so you are able to import multiple files to iPhone for management.

These file manager apps for iPhone are all free for download, so you can get them in the App Store easily. Now you can manage iPhone files with no efforts, and you are able to sync your iPhone files with computer so that you can save the files for a backup.