HEVC (H.265) is short for High Efficiency Video Codec, it is a new coding technology and the successor to AVC (H.264). HEVC is able to get video files compressed to almost the half size without changing the video quality, that means the video files can be kept on your devices with half of the original size. Therefore, H.265 is an ideal option for those who would like to get DVD ripped to digital format, because DVD files are always kept in large size for its high quality. In this article, we will show you two effective methods of ripping DVD to HEVC format to help you save more storage on your devices.

Part 1. Why You Need H.265?

The full name of HEVC (H.265) is High-Efficiency Video Coding, it is an evolution for a new technology of video compression. Its former version called Advanced Video Coding with the abbreviation AVC (H.264). Both of these tools aim at reducing the file sizes to offer the convenience of video streaming. With the comparison of HEVC and AVC, HEVC is said to compress the data to the half size with the same video quality. Video with HEVC format is able to maintain the same quality level but in smaller storage space.

H.264 does well in decreasing the file size of the videos with resolution ratio 720 and 1080. But, with the emergence of 4k security cameras in 8mp, H.264 fails to offer the appropriate file sizes for storage. That does not mean that H.264 is out of use in 4k video, it still serves lots of 4k cameras but requires more space to save these large files. However, H.265 is able to get a 4k security camera compressed more effectively without lowering the high quality of the video, as H.265 digital format just takes up the size of the half file of H.264.
A bit more power of processing is needed to decode H.265 than H.264. And a great number of video cards nowadays have the capability ofGPU in acceleration decoding, that means it will satisfy or exceed the technique requirement of H.265 decoding.

In a word, H.265 is identical to H.264, but it just works more effectively than H.264 in encoding information and is able to reduce the files size to half eventually in the contrast of H.264. Therefore, ripping DVD to HEVC(H.265) will undoubtedly help you save much space to keep the video files on your devices.

Part 2. How to Rip DVD to HEVC Format with HanaBrake?

HEVC is superior to AVC because it can maintain the high video quality at the half size of H.264, which will save a lot more space in the storage. Below we will show you two good methods to rip DVD to HEVC format via DVD to HEVC Converter.

Browsed from the official site of HandBrake, we can know that handbrake is an outstanding tool to handle any DVD without copyright protection. So, you are not allowed to get a commercial DVD converted into your desired format with HandBrake. Before you initiate the conversion by following the instructions, downloading and installing HandBrake on your computer is the crucial step, to begin with. Once the installation is completed, run HandBrake on your computer and then perform the steps as below:

Step 1. Get the target DVD loaded. Make sure that the DVD which you would need to get it converted to HEVC format is inserted into the optical drive of the computer. Then the disc can be seen below Source Selection after you run HandBrake. Click on it and the inbuilt titles will be scanned by HandBrake at once. After the scanning is finished, the information of the disc will be displayed on the main screen of HandBrake, then the main title, chapter or angle can be automatically selected for you. Of course, you also can alter the information to suit your needs.


Step 2. Preset the output format H.265 MP4. Navigate to Presets and click on the right arrow, then five categories can be seen which includes Devices, Legacy, Web, General, Matroska, each of the category can be preset as per your requirement. For NTSC DVD, it is recommended to select 480p. While for PAL DVD, it is suggested to choose 576p. Additionally, you should enter Summary tab to ensure it is MP4 output format. Then click on Video tab and select the Video Codec to H.265(×265).


Step 3. Save the output videos files in the target folder. The output files can be saved to the destination folder by clicking on Browse button on the right bottom corner, then you should give a name to this output file for saving.

Step4. Start the ripping work. Once you click on the Start Encode button on the top of the window, HandBrake will begin getting DVD disc ripped to MP4 encoded by HEVC digital format. Once the conversion is completed, your video files in H.265format can be played on your computer, iOS devices, Android devices and so on.


Part 3. How to Rip DVD to HEVC Format with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper?

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a powerful and professional Blue-ray ripper software, which not only can get the Blu-ray ripped and converted to video, but also it can get the audio extracted off Blu-ray and save the audio in the popular formats so that it can be played in the media player and kinds of devices. Moreover, it does a great job in converting DVD to video as well. In other words, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a comprehensive tool for the conversion of Blue-ray and DVD.

The main feature of Leawo Blue-ray Ripper is listed below for your reference.

  1. Multiple angles of Blue-ray or DVD discs is supported by it. The content of Blue-ray or DVD can be watched, shared and saved in your desired way.
  2. Despite disc protection or region restriction or movie studios or other obstacles exist, Blue-ray or DVD can be ripped and converted to MP4 or MKV or AVI or WMV or more formats as you need. The extracted audio from Blue-ray or DVD also can be saved to the formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC and others. Up to 180 output formats for video and audio are available by this software.
  3. Blue-ray or DVD can be ripped and converted to 4K video, 720P video and other regular videos so that you can fully have a good experience of Blue-ray or DVD on 4K TV or 1080p displayers or kinds of mobile devices. Thanks to Leawo Blue-ray ripper, Blue-ray movies can be watched on different kinds of media players and other devices after the ripping is finished.
  4. Supporting by the technology of graphics acceleration and conversion in batch, Leawo Blue-ray ripper is superior to its rivals in ripping and converting Blue-ray or DVD. Furthermore, this software is easy-operated without requiring technique knowledge.

Below we will guide you how to rip DVD to HEVC format step by step with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper. You firstly need to download and install Leawo Prof. Media on your computer.

Step 1: Click on the button “Convert” from the sub-menu or press on the button “Blue-ray/DVD Ripper” button from the center section to direct to the interface of conversion.


Step 2: Add the DVD file to the software.
When you enter the converting interface, click on “Add Blue-ray/DVD” to add the source “Blue-ray/DVD disc” or folder or iOS file. Or you also can import the source by dragging and dropping the files directly to the conversion page. After you have selected the DVD content, choose “Full Movie”. Then, click on “OK” to begin adding the source DVD files. You also need to choose the subtitles and audio track for your output video file by clicking on option “Subtitles and “Audio Tracks”.


Step 3: Choose the output format for the converted file.
A drop-down box with the name “MP4 Video” is defaulted beside the button “Add Photo”. Click on this box and then a small panel pops up, choose “Change” by clicking on this button to go to the “Profile” panel. After that, Choose your desired profile HEVC ecoded MP4 as the output format.


Step 4: Preset the parameters for the output video file.
Through the same drop-down box, click on the “Edit” button beside the “Change” button, you can go to the “Profile Settings” tab to preset the parameters for the output files such as Video Codec, Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Bit Rate, etc. After you have set the parameters, click on “Save to Custom” to get this customized profile added to Custom category.


Step 5: Set the output folder.
Once the profile settings is finished, you will be back to the conversion page, where you can set the output folder to save the output video files by clicking on the green button “Convert”. A small sidebar will display once you click on the green “Convert” button, then choose the output folder below the option box “Save to” so that the converted video will be saved to the target output folder. Once you have set the output folder for saving the converted video, click on the button “Convert” on the bottom of the sidebar to begin conversion process. If you want to stop the conversion, you can click on the button “Cancel” in the conversion process.



Part 4. HanaBrake VS Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Leawo Blue-ray Ripper


Applicable Platform

Window, Mac

Windows, Mac, Linux

User Interface

Intuitive and clean

Complicated for beginners

Supported DVDs

All kinds of DVDs including restriction and protection

Only used for unencrypted DVDs

Available output formats

Up to 180 video and audio formats


Editing function

Trim or crop or add watermark, etc.


Get Blu-ray/DVD converted to audio



3D effect adding



Internal Player




Compared to the above two methods of ripping DVD to HEVC format, it is easy to figure out that Leawo Blue-ray Ripper works with more excellent performance capacity than HandBrake. Leawo Blue-ray ripper is a good selection to get the DVDs ripped and converted into HEVC in a simple and fast way without any quality loss.