"Can I download music to my MP3 player? - I just began using Spotify. Can I download music to my MP3 player directly or do I have to get it to Window Media Player? If I need to get music to WMP, how do I do that? Thanks." Asked by dugchevy on Spotify Communities.

“Premium and downloading as mp3 - So I have a few questions about a premium account: 1. Can i download songs i like as mp3 and play them anywhere? (Without the actual spotify software, for example in my car). 2. Is there DRM or anything like that? Will they work on my car radio (usb stick)? 3. What's the limit on this downloading?” by Robin from Spotify Communities.

Many Spotify users, especially those newbies, have the same requirements as the above ones. They want to download Spotify songs onto MP3 player so that they can listen to Spotify songs on portable MP3 player on the go. However, this isn’t feasible even you upgrade to the Premium version, which allows you to set Spotify songs for offline listening on different devices, but MP3 players are not included. Is there any way to transfer music from Spotify to MP3 player? Of course yes. Today, we would like to show you effective solutions on how to download music from Spotify to MP3 player. Just check the content below and learn how to put music on MP3 player from Spotify.

Part 1: Why Can't We Transfer Spotify Songs to MP3 Player Directly

Some people might wonder if the Premium plan of Spotify allows them to transfer music from Spotify to MP3 player as the Premium plan enables "Offline Mode" for Premium users to set Spotify songs for offline listening on portable devices. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. Let's get further into Spotify here.

Brief Introduction to Spotify

According to Spotify website, Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world. You could listen to over 35 million songs on Spotify. It has both Free and Premium versions, for free and $9.99 per month respectively. The Premium plan enables you to listen to Spotify songs without ads, and set Spotify songs as “Offline Mode” to let you listen to Spotify songs offline on up to 3 devices of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.

Does the “Offline Mode” mean downloading Spotify songs? Actually it doesn’t. When you set Spotify songs as “Offline Mode”, it will download the songs in a proprietary format which you can play back with your Smartphone, PC/Mac or iPod Touch using the Spotify Application. You can however not extract songs into other formats like MP3 for other players.

Spotify relies on a "closed system" in order to ensure artists are fairly paid for track plays. This means that a Spotify Premium subscription only gives you access to Spotify's massive catalogue, and the ability to download and play tracks offline inside the Spotify applications, not the ability to download tracks as mp3's.

This does mean, that you can only listen to Spotify content on devices which have a supported Spotify application, such as iOS, android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7/8 and Symbian (also on the desktop). If you wish to download tracks as mp3 files to transfer to windows media player or to a generic mp3 player, you need to turn to some 3rd-party Spotify song downloader tools, which are described below in detail.

Part 2: How to Download Spotify Songs to MP3 Player with Leawo Prof. DRM

As mentioned above, to put Spotify music on MP3 player, you need to download Spotify songs to MP3 audio files and then transfer the downloaded Spotify songs to MP3 player for on-the-move offline listening. And you need to make use of 3rd-party Spotify song downloader tools. Leawo Prof. DRM is the best Spotify song downloader you could get in the market.

As a professional DRM removal and Spotify music downloader software program, Leawo Prof. DRM could help you remove the DRM protection upon Spotify songs, albums and playlist, and then download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. for your MP3 players in batch. This Spotify music converter also enables you to adjust audio channel, bit rate, and sample rate for a better music quality output and offline Spotify music listening on your mobile devices.

Note: You have to download and install Spotify desktop software on your computer before you use this Spotify song downloader if you want to download and convert Spotify songs to MP3 players on your computer. If you want to download Spotify songs for MP3 player on Mac, download and install the Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac.

Introduce Spotify

Step 1: Add Spotify music to Prof. DRM

Launch Leawo Prof. DRM, and it will automatically launch Spotify desktop software. Directly drag and drop songs from Spotify to this Spotify song downloader for downloading.

Add Spotify music to Prof. DRM

For Spotify Web users, there is another way for you to have access to import Spotify music, to directly copy and past the URL to import Spotify music files to the program.

Add spotify song

Step 2: Customize the parameters for your output files

After importing, all the target Spotify songs will be listed. You can single out any one of them and click the edit icon to pop up a new panel where you can freely select the output format and customize the sample rate, bit rate, audio channel. And then you can click on "Apply to All" button to make the settings for all the imported songs.

Set output format and audio quality

Step 3: Set an output directory to save the files

You can click the output button at the bottom to select an output path for saving the converted files.

Set output directory

Step 4: Remove DRM and download imported files

Click on the blue button "Convert" at the bottom to start removing DRM and save the imported files as the preset output format. And then you can check the converted files on the "Converted" tab when the DRM removal and conversion progress completes in a while.

Start to download Spotify songs

Now you can import Spotify playlist to Keynote as you like since DRM protection of Spotify music has been casted away. Except using Prof. DRM, you can also use free DRM removal Mac software to help you remove DRM from Spotify playlist.

Part 3: Free Requiem to help import Spotify playlist to Keynote

Requiem is an open source and free application which is particularly designed to help you play DRM protected music and videos on any other devices besides those which have been approved or authorized. Available on Mac, Windows as well as Linux platforms, it removes DRM blocks and decrypts most files quickly without any quality loss, it has ever been so prevalent for iTunes and Spotify users who are willing to play the DRM-protected music or videos freely on their different devices. To import Spotify playlist to Keynote, you can download and install Requiem and follow the simple guide below:

1. Run Requiem on your computer. Then you can drag and drop the protected Spotify files onto the Requiem application

Start to download Spotify songs

2. Remove the DRM protections. The original DRM-protected Spotify music files will be replaced by the DRM-free music files. Now you can move the Spotify music to Keynote.

Start to download Spotify songs

After launching Leawo Music Recorder on Mac, click the microphone icon on the main interface to choose "Record Computer Audio" as audio source for recording.

Part 4: Music Recorder to download your Spotify playlist

In addition to DRM removal software, you can also use Leawo Music Recorderto record and download Spotify playlist without DRM protection. It is a powerful and user-friendly music recording software designed to record music from any built-in input audio, computer audio and online music sources, like YouTube, Spotify, AOL Music, Last.fm, etc. and then save in MP3 or WAV format with lossless quality. After downloading and installing the music recorder, you can simply follow the tutorial to get DRM-free Spotify music:

Step 1. Run the music recorder on your PC

Enter the main interface and click the "Audio Source" icon to select "Record Computer Audio" option as the source.

Start to download Spotify songs

Step 2: Start Recording

Click the red "Start" button and then click to play Spotify music files, the recording process will be automatically finished when the music is over.

If necessary, you could also use the "Task Scheduler" for music recording. You can click the "Recording task scheduler" icon at the bottom to call out the Task Scheduler to set the start time and duration for this recording.;

Start to download Spotify songs

Finally, you get the DRM-free Spotify music saved on your computer, and you can import them to Keynote now to make your presentation more appealing.

Part 5: Compare above solutions

As three solutions are mentioned here, it seems that they are all powerful and effective. Which one would be the best or help you most? Let's make a comparison here.


Leawo Prof. DRM


Leawo Music Recorder

Remove DRM protection from Spotify music files




Convert Spotify music to DRM-free MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC.


No. Keep original format.  

No. Only to mp3 and wav.

Quality lossless conversion




Conversion speed

50X faster


Slow. Depend on the length of the audio.

Application Availability

Mac (10.9 and later) and Windows (XP and later)

Mac (before 10.8) and Windows

Mac (10.9 and later) and Windows (XP and later)

Extra plugin required


Java on Windows



$19.95/year, $29.9 for lifetime


$19.95/year, $29.9 for lifetime

Extra features

Remove DRM and convert Audible audiobooks

Yes. Convert Audible AA/AAX to DRM-free MP3


Yes. Convert Audible AA/AAX to DRM-free MP3

Convert eBooks from Kindle, Kobo and Adobe Digital Editions




Convert iTunes Media files

Yes. For rental and purchased video, music, audiobooks.

Yes. Only for the purchased video, music, audiobooks.

Yes. Yes. For rental and purchased video, music, audiobooks.

Convert iTunes music/video files




To be included, when you are going to import Spotify playlist to Keynote, you could choose your favorite solution mentioned above first to get DRM removed from Spotify music. And then you will be definitely able to deal with the embedded Spotify music to Keynote.