Developed by Microsoft, the ASF file format is mainly used for online streaming media. ASF is short for Advanced Systems Format, which as a container format, may include video data, audio data and some other meta data like title, author, copyright bibliographic data and such. ASF is a light-weighted media format, but the application of the ASF format is pretty narrow. In order to make the file more compatible, sometimes you need to convert the ASF to FLV, which is more widely adopted by online embedded videos. FLV stands for Flash Video. An FLV file is a file that uses Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air to transmit video/audio over the internet. So by converting your ASF file to FLV file, you make the file easier to be embedded and transmitted throughout the internet. If you are wondering how to convert ASF to FLV, then keep reading because in today’s article, we will introduce some best ways to convert ASF to FLV, as well as the detailed guide on how to convert ASF to FLC exactly.

Part 1: Convert ASF to FLV with Leawo Video Converter

The first way to convert ASF to FLV is by using a professional video converter program called Leawo Video Converter. The reason why I put this solution on top of everything else is that, not only the program is super powerful, it’s also my personal favorite choice when it comes to video converting tasks. Here’s why.

Leawo Video Converter is one of the best professional video converter programs on the market. The software supports more than 180 video formats as both input and output, and can give a stunning output result in the original quality with a 6 times higher speed than the average. What’s more, the video converter program also has a very handy built-in video editor tool, allowing you to do various editing to your video, including trimming, cropping, adding watermark to video, adjusting parameters, turning 2D video to 3D and removing noise. Each one of these functions can be of great help when you have the needs, and you don’t need to install an extra video editing tool for that.

What really makes Leawo Video Converter my favorite ASF to FLV converter tool is that the software is super easy to use. Thanks to the clean and straightforward interface design, you can convert ASF to FLV in Leawo Video Converter effortlessly within only a few minutes. Now here is how easy it is to use Leawo Video Converter to convert ASF to FLV.

Step 1: Import source ASF files

Launch Leawo Video Converter. In the homepage, click “Video Converter” to enter the video converter function module. There are two ways for you to import ASF file into the program. One is to click the “Add Video” button and then browse and locate your video file, the other is to drag and drop the file directly into the center of the program interface.


Step 2: Edit the video (optional)
Leawo Video Converter provides various video editing options for you to edit your video if you want to. To edit the video, click the edit icon at the right of your imported video and enter the video editor panel. There you will see all the available editing options listed at the left bar, and detailed parameters and a preview window on the right. Usually, you can do trimming, dropping, adjusting video parameters, adding watermark, converting 2D to 3D and removing noise to your video. When you are done editing, click the “OK” button to confirm.


Step 3: Set MKV as output format
The “MP4 Video” next to the green “Convert” button represents the default output format in Leawo Video Converter. To change the output format from “MP4 Video” to whatever format you want, simple click on the “MP4 Video”, and then click on the “Change” to go to the format selection window, where you can select “FLV Video” as the output format for your conversion task.


Step 4: Start converting

Finally, click the big green “Convert” button. On the popup sidebar, set output directory in the “Save to” box. Then click the “Convert” icon below to start the ASF to FLV conversion task.


Part 2: Convert ASF to FLV with Freemake

Leawo Video Converter is an excellent ASF to FLV converter, but it’s not the only option. Actually, to convert ASF to FLV, there are many similar applications that you can choose from. These applications may not be as good as Leawo Video Converter, but some of them are still worth trying. Among those applications, Freemake Video Converter is one that deserves mentioning.

Despite the name of the program is Freemake Video Converter, the application is actually an entry-level video editor tool by its nature. Freemake Video Converter is developed by Ellora Assets Corporation, and is commonly used for ripping non-protected DVDs, creating photo slideshows, burning DVDs and converting basic video formats. Because it’s mainly a video editor tool, Freemake Video Converter specializes in non-liner video editing functions, and can perform tasks like cutting, rotating, flipping, and merging multiple videos into one file with transition effects. In the video converting aspect, Freemake Video Converter can provide a basic converting function, but not many advanced customization options. Also, the freemium nature of Freemake Video Converter makes some of the awesome features unavailable in the free version. So you have to pay to get the full access of the program.

Luckily, the Freemake Video Converter is not very hard to operate. To convert ASF to FLV with Freemake Video Converter, just follow the step-to-step guide below.
Step 1: Launch Freemake Video Converter
Step 2: Click the “Video” button to add your source video into the program.
Step 3: You can edit the imported video clip by clicking the scissors button next to your video.
Step 4: Find the output profile in the bottom row of the interface. If you don’t see the profile you need, just click the right arrow to browse more. In the pop-out window, set an output directory and then click the “Convert” button the start the conversion.


Part 3: Convert ASF to FLV with KeepVid

Another way to convert ASF to FLV is by using the Keepvid Video Converter. Keepvid is a media solution provider that specializes in online video downloading service at first. The Keepvid video downloader solves problems like how to download YouTube videos, and indeed can provide a good downloading experience in the premium version. As the provider keeps growing, it expands its territory and developed the video converter services as well. As for right now, Keepvid has an online video converter on its official website. Usually you can directly upload your video, let it get converted online and then download the converted file back to your computer. However, the online converter service of Keepvid does not support many video formats. So it’s not doable to convert ASF to FLV online with Keepvid.

In order to convert ASF to FLV with Keepvid, you still have to download the Keepvid Video Converter program. Although it’s not as professional as Leawo Video Converter, it can do the job just fine if you don’t have a high standard for the output result. Here is how to convert ASF to FLV with Keepvid Video Converter.

Step 1: Launch Keepvid Video Converter. Click the “Add Files” button to import your source video for conversion.
Step 2: Set an output profile in the box next to the “Convert” button. You can also preview the format, resolution, video duration and file size from the box.
Step 3: Set a destination directory in the “Output” box at the bottom of the program.
Step 4: Click “Convert” to start converting ASF to FLV with Keepvid Video Converter.


Part 4: Comparison Among the three Video Converters

In today’s article, we introduced 3 different ways for you to convert ASF to FLV. We have a professional video converter program Leawo Video Converter, we have a video editor program with video converter function Freemake Video Converter, and we have an online converter tool as well as offline converter program Keepvid Video Converter. Theoretically, all of them can help you to convert ASF to FLV, but they are quite different in some ways, and each has their own unique features and specialties as well.

Firstly, Leawo Video Converter, as the most professional video converter program among the three, is the most reliable choice. With the advanced video converting engine, Leawo Video Converter can get your ASF file converted to FLV with a high speed and the best quality retained. Under comparison, Freemake Video Converter offers less personalized options, but still can convert ASF to FLV, and have some additional functions provided if you go with the premium version. Keepvid Video Converter has a handy online conversion service on their website, but the supported format of the online converter is very limited. In most cases, you still have to download the program for the video conversion tasks.

If you still don’t know what’s the best way to convert ASF to FLV, take a look at the following form, and choose a tool that suits your own situation the best.


Leawo Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter

Keepvid Video Converter

Basic conversion




Basic editing




Output device profile preset




Merging multiple videos




4K output








2D to 3D conversion