We all know that H.264 could be one of the most widely used formats that is primarily used as the function of recording, compression, and distribution of video content. The great advantage of H.264 is that it could help to create a standard capable of offering good video quality at substantially lower bit rates. Owning to the fact, video data compressed by H.264 needs the less bandwidth during the process of network transmission, which is more economical and efficient.

Sometimes you just downloaded your favorite videos and want to convert them to H.264 for better enjoyment, then you may first need to learn how to convert video to H.264 format, and then the article would be your good way to learn the guide on how to convert video to H.264 easily.

M4a was not include from the YouTube supported format. The downloaded YouTube video should be converted to m4a format firstly when the users want to get better experience and less storage space.

Part 1: Top 5 H.264 Converters Free for Reference

The following article would introduce 5 H.264 Converters free for reference, each of them are given the basic introduction of conversion function. They are available to finish your simple conversion tasks.

NO.1: Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is one useful windows application to convert many different file formats to H.264 format easily and freely. Leawo Video Converter could be the easiest and most stable video file converter program around. The best H.264 converter has won a large outpouring of favorable comments from the users.

NO.2: Kastor Free Video Converter

Kastor Free Video Converter is one completely free video conversion tool to convert very simply and quickly all major video formats to H.264 format or other popular file format. The free MPEG-4 H.264 converter also allows to edit and transfer these video files to your multimedia devices like Apple iPhone, iPad and Android device.

NO.3: Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is also considered as one absolutely free video converter for you to transform many kinds of video files to H.264 format or many other popular formats with its easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, the useful H.264 codec converter also supports the automatic uploading videos and audio files to iTunes and iOS after conversion directly.

NO.4: NO.4: H.264 Encoder.com

H.264 Encoder is such one useful tool that could help you to encode many other popular video files to H.264 video files with its user-friendly interface. Even the new-users could be able to create the H.264 video files with high quality in minutes by using the great free H.264 converter.

NO.5: Aviosoft Video Converter Free

Aviosoft Video Converter Free is one useful but easy to use and free H.264 converter for you to convert a wide variety of multimedia video/audio files. And then you would transfer and enjoy the converted video files on both PC and your favorite portable devices smoothly. The whole conversion could be completed with the easy and straight operation steps.

You could choose one of top 5 H.264 converters above to satisfy your wish of converting videos to H.264 format. However, if you want to get the H.264 videos of high quality, then you may need to use the best H.264 converter, Leawo Video Converter is one of the best h.264 converters. Below is the guide on how to accomplish the task easily.

Part 2: How to Convert Video to H.264 Format with the Best H.264 Converter

Here you may need to learn how to convert videos to H.264 format with the Best H.264 Converter - Leawo Video Converter. Just download Leawo Video Converter for free and open the program by clicking the software icon on your computer. Just follow the instruction in detail below.


Step 1: Load the Videos that You Want to Convert

The video H.264 converter allows you complete flexibility in choosing the method on which to add the videos that you want to convert. Generally speaking, you would prefer to take a more eclectic approach like clicking the "Add Video" button directly. Or you could also choose to click the invert triangle icon beside the "Add Video" button, or directly drag and drop the H.264 video files to the software. You could then choose the adding way that you really want.

Step 2: Activate the Specified Settings Window

Now it's time to open the video settings window so as to choose the output format. You may need to click the "MP4 Video" icon as illustrated in the figure, and there's the pop-up window where you could go to the "Profile" panel with only one simple click of the "Change" button.

Step 3: Choose H.264 Video

Now you could view many kinds of video/audio files in the pop-up window, and then you could choose the H.264 video in the "Common Video" sub-tab under the "Format" tab. The step is very important and necessary for the whole conversion process.