Today I accidentally found that one of the world's most popular porn sites, the PornHub has no longer presented numerous uploaded contents. What pathetic news for someone who often goes to this destination for adult entertainments. We hope that this will soon be resolved, but it ends up never recovering in the foreseeing future. PornHub is well-known for its omnipotent ability of providing any kinds of adult contents as you might search for, for gay porn as well. And the gay porn videos are not in casual content. They are sort of high quality creations. But now how can we view the PornHub gay movies while deprived the sites of so much impressive gay movies? Check it out from below.

There is a note to bear in mind: the following content might not be appropriate for the group of under 18 years' old. So make sure you are in an age of 18+ before reading the article.

Event about PornHub

Even as the hottest go-to destination for people to enjoy adult entertainment, PornHub has always been the controversial porn site. The fame of world's number one tube site crown by the majority of visitors is largely made up.

We cannot deny that the go-down of PornHub has a substantial cause. It is accused by the society that the site has involved the adolescent into the movies it has presented. If the site has targeted on the minors for impure intention, it will face mountainous pressure from the press and multimedia. It is said that a petition to have kiddie porn removed from the site has got signatories of more than 425,000 in total.

The scorn of the popular press in recent times towards the PornHub has resulted in the credit card companies cutting the source for the users to pay for premium content on PornHub. That of course is a big blow to the site.

In addition to that, PornHub has been involved in the issue of cyberpiracy. In reaction to all these problems, PornHub team has posted a few policies as demonstrated below:

  • 1. Preventing the unverified profiles from importing new content of any sort.
  • 2. The uploaders are required to take a photo of themselves together with their identity on it.
  • 3. The download option is no longer exist on the site.
  • 4. Clean out all the contents that are not created by verified PornHub users. This line of policy has resulted in the decline of the total number of videos from 13.5 million to under 3 million. This can be the most powerful revolution in the history of porn site.

Can You Still Download PornHub Gay Movie?

Now that the download option on the PornHub site has been removed, can we still download PornHub Gay Movies from it? The answer is positive given that we have the professional download software without downloading restriction on the porn movies. However, if the movies have been removed permanently from the PornHub, there's no way to download them. In case of PornHub shutdown someday or more content are gone in the future, someone has got you covered by some tube sites packed with free porn that could be the alternatives for PornHub.

Alternative Sites to Get PornHub Gay Movie

What really draws your attention on the gay movies is not simply just the movie plot, the quality of masculine and muscles might be exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, gay movies on PornHub are not necessary what we have to stick to. There are tons of fabulous contents on other porn sites for gay movies. Check it out from here.


Tubes on this site are not placed in particular order. But that doesn't stop it from being one of the best tube sites. It never shorts of wonderful uploads to watch and has torrents of free smut to view. It makes you feel like not interested in other tube sites anymore.



The quality of the selections videos is guaranteed to be either full high-definition or 4K Ultra. As a premium member, you are free to have unlimited downloads and have access to the hottest work from the porn stars out of whom you are lucky enough to encounter your favorite star. It costs you nothing but one meal. For thirty days premium you pay 6.99 USD while signing for a three months' membership will save you one dollar per month. However, it is quite worthy to have incredible 16,000+ videos as well as new addition of 7,500 productions every month if you sign for the membership.



In this site, you get the access to view thousands of videos which are newly uploaded as well as all sorts of sexy photos and gorgeous GIFs. The most popular contents are not well organized so that you can a lot of diversity on these webpages.


You might find that the quality on this site is a not something to be emphasized partly because of the mix of amateur and professional porn. Categories on this site varies just engaging in satisfying different taste. It varies from anal action, shemale sex, queer coupling to a large extension of more than what you could imagine.

What's more, the tube is also acting as a large forum for people to share info and photos. It is like a massive community full of arousing information.



The videos provided on this site are top-notch in its quality whether it is shot by professionals or amateurs. The first impression on this site is feeling like that you are overwhelmed by so many fine selections. The site is so considerable that it offers loads of search options and filter tools of all kinds. The video results can be filtered by definition quality, video duration and so on by just one click on the button. It would be a destination for all groups, either straight or gay.

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How to Download PornHub Gay Movie via Leawo Video Downloader?

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How to Download PornHub Gay Movie via Online Downloader?

If you don't want to install a video download app on your PC, you can try the solution of downloading Gay movies vi online downloader. It is convenient for video downloading. Just paste the video URL onto the searching bar and click the "dirpy!" button to enter the video downloading interface. Extract the videos from the website. The interface is quite simple, but I believe it contains all the things you want.

PornHub has been degraded and crown of the world's number one porn site fades away. Luckily, we still have lots of alternatives which are as good as the PornHub. Leawo Video Downloader is the best company for viewing porn videos as it can act as a perfect downloader and, meanwhile, an excellent video player. It helps to safeguard your video playback from pop-out ads and unwanted plugins.