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How to Remove DRM from AZW File?

Q: "Hi, guys! I have bought some Kindle e-books from Amazon. I love these E-books very much and I want to share these books with my family and friends. However, I found these books in AZW format are protected by DRM. I am required to remove DRM from AZW so that my family and friends can read it. Do you know how to remove DRM from AZW file? Please give me some advice. Thanks a lot."

Obviously, Kindle has become one of the most popular e-readers among people around the world. No matter Kindle reader or Kindle Fire tablet are welcomed for readers at any age. However, only some of them know that the e-book purchased from Amazon are protected by DRM in AZW in Kindle and AZW3 in Kindle Fire. If you are intended to share these e-books with others, you should remove AZW DRM at first. And here comes the solution.

Part 1: What is DRM Protection on E-book

DRM, short for Digital Rights Management, is generally a technique to protect the copyright of digital content including video, audio, e-books and documents. DRM for e-Books is usually applied to open an e-book for the particular reader devices or Apps. DRM on the Kindle is locked to the device id which is preregistered automatically on an account at Amazon when the Kindle is purchased. And the purchased e-books can be read on all of the devices registered to the account. Undoubtedly, DRM has been widely used for digital copyright protection. To read DRM protected Kindle e-books freely, you are required to remove DRM AZW.

Part 2: When and Why do We Need to Remove DRM

If you've ever bought an e-book from Amazon and you want to read the e-book on a non-Kindle device or app, you will find that the AZW e-book or AZW3 e-book is locked by the Amazon's proprietary DRM and only logged-in Kindle or Kindle app can read it. The only way to solve the problem is to remove DRM from AZW. Actually, AZW DRM removal is a simple process for users even a newbie since there is professional and easy-to-use software. And Prof. DRM is one of the most helpful software working for Kindle AZW DRM removal.

Part 3: How to remove DRM with Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM is an ultimate DRM removal program and DRM Media Converter which can not only remove DRM from iTunes videos (movies, TV show), music, Audiobooks, Audible Audiobooks and eBooks but also can convert these files to popular DRM-free files for better enjoyment. For AZW and AZW3 DRM removal, it can remove the DRM protection at 50X faster speed and keep the source quality completely. Of course, it works as fast as AZW DRM removal when Prof. DRM works for iTunes M4V DRM Removal or iTunes TV Show DRM Removal. There is no doubt that this is powerful software that can work for almost all the DRM removal process.

Get to know how to remove DRM from AZW file, you can follow the detailed steps here according to Kindle app and Kindle devices:

Method 1: How to remove DRM from AZW file from Kindle Desk APP

Step 1: Login into your Kindle APP

Login to Kindle APP on your PC with your Amazon account.

Login into your Kindle APP

Step 2: Import AZW files from Kindle

Launch Prof. DRM. In the main interface, click "Add files" to pop up the panel where you can find Kindle button. Then click refresh icon, the downloaded books on your Kindle library will be presented inn the right of the panel. Select the e-book you want to remove AZW DRM and click "Add" to import the file to the program.

Import AZW files

Step 3: Set the output format

After importing the e-books you want for AZW DRM removal, you can choose an e-book file and click "Edit" button. The output formats including epub, azw3, mobi and text will be listed, choose one you need and select "Apply to current file only" or "Apply to all ebook file" in accordance with the demands.

Set an output folder

Step 4: Set output directory

Necessarily click "..." output button at the bottom to set an output directory for containing the output DRM-free eBook.

Set output directory

Step 5: Remove DRM AZW from Kindle books

Finally, click the blue "Convert" button to start Kindle AZW DRM removal. In seconds, you will get the DRM-free e-book. And the e-books can be read by other e-readers or apps.

Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks

Method 2: Remove AZW DRM from Kindle Devices

If you have the Kindle Fire or other devices, Leawo Prof. DRM provides you a much easier way to remove DRM from AZW eBook downloaded on Kindle by connecting your devices with USB cable to your PC. And you can follow the simple guide below:

Step1: Imported AZW files to the program

After running Leawo Prof. DRM, you can click "Add files" and then find "E-Devices" to click the refresh button. The ebooks will be listed on the right and you can click "Add" to import the books.

Import AZW files

Step 3: Set output path to save the file

Set the output directory for containing DRM-free output eBook by clicking "…" output button at the bottom of the interface.

Set an output folder

Step 3: Remove DRM from AZW

Click the blue "Convert" button, Kindle AZW DRM removal process will be finished soon.
Then you can read e-books on other readers or apps.

Remove DRM from AZW

Anyway, Prof. DRM can help you easily remove DRM from AZW in simple steps. Except for this professional tool, some users may want to get AZW remove DRM online. There is free and open source like Calibre e-book management software which can also remove AZW DRM with the related plugin installed. It is a little bit complicated. You can use the one you prefer when you need AZW DRM removal online or on your PC.

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