Nowadays, with the development and popularity of digital media, electronic devices and excellent apps are getting much more involved in our daily life, especially mobile phones and tablet PC and its related apps which offer the video and audio sharing as well as the eBook reading for all users. Among all of the portable devices, iPad and Kindle would be the best salable. They offer millions of interesting and useful resources for all users and almost change the reading habits for book lovers. You can purchase eBook from iTunes and Amazon at very low price and get entertained with the reading. However, these purchased eBook are in DRM protection which restricts you to open it on other unauthorized e-readers. You should know how to open DRM protected files on this occasion.

Part 1: What is DRM-protection on eBook

DRM, full-named Digital Rights Management, stands for copyright protection to prevent unauthorized copying and usage of the eBook. If you have an eBook under DRM protection, you may neither distribute copies of the eBook to others nor copy text or pictures from the eBook. Besides, any portion of the DRM-protected eBook cannot be printed. Protected by DRM, ebooks are usually restricted to be used on a limited number of reading devices. For example, Amazon allows DRM ebook to be read on 6 devices that authorized by an Amazon account and beyond that any other e-readers cannot read it at all until you remove the DRM.

Part 2: Know about different types of DRM

In fact, DRM is also applied for video, audio, audible books, documents and so on. Generally speaking, the most popular app for digital media enjoyment is iTunes which is mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. iTunes offers millions of Apple music songs that are popular and up to date, latest and most interesting movies, well-known audiobook and eBooks. And they are DRM-protected and you can usually enjoy these content on Apple devices with the authorized Apple account.

Moreover, DRM is also used for ebooks on Kindle devices and Kindle desk app. Kindle devices and apps are introduced by Amazon. And there are a number of ebooks available for Kindle users, some are free to download and some need to be paid. The ebooks bought from Amazon are under DRM protection, which means you cannot sell a Kindle ebook from your site.

By the way, ebooks purchased from Kobo books store are protected by Adobe DRM as well. And with the DRM protection, you cannot share the Kobo books with others.

undoubtedly, sometimes you may intend to open the protected ebook or movies, then you should know the way on how to open DRM protected files. Here is the effective way I often applied. How do I open DRM protected files? Be patient to follow the instruction.

Part 3: How to remove DRM protected file with Prof. DRM

I initially prefer to use powerful Leawo Prof. DRM to remove DRM protection. Leawo Prof. DRM is particularly designed to remove DRM from iTunes videos (movies,TV show), music, Audiobooks, Audible Audiobooks and ebooks, and moreover, convert them to popular DRM-free files for better entertainment. Usually, Prof. DRM is used to remove DRM from iTunes Movies and remove DRM from iTunes musicand so on. With 50X fast speed, Prof. DRM can also remove DRM from Amazon Kindle books with the original quality reserved and convert the ebook to DRM-free digital books format. The easy-to-use program help you open the DRM protected files in several steps. I’d like to take Kindle ebooks for example to guide you on how to open DRM protected files.

Method 1: Remove DRM from Kindle Desk APP

If you use Kindle desk app to read your purchased eBooks, you can download and install Prof. DRM on your PC and then follow the detailed steps to remove the DRM protection and convert the original AZW file to common formats so that you can open the former DRM-protected file freely.

Step1: Login into your Kindle APP

Launch your Kindle APP on your PC and enter your Amazon account to login.

Login into your Kindle APP

Step 2: Import AZW files from Kindle

After you launch Leawo Prof. DRM, click "Add Files" in the main interface. Then "Kindle" button will be listed on the left side bar. Please click the refresh icon to show all downloaded books on your Kindle library. And select the book you want to remove DRM. Finally, click "Add" to import the selected book into the program.

Import AZW files

Step 3: Set output format for the imported files

When eBooks are imported, select an eBook file and choose an output format by clicking the "edit" button. Next, choose "apply to all eBook file" under the "option" button so that all the imported files will be output in the selected format.

Set an output folder

Step 4: Save the output DRM-free files

Find output box at the bottom of interface, click "..." to choose a directory for saving the DRM-free files.

Set output directory

Step 5: Remove DRM AZW from Kindle books

Click the blue "Convert" button at the bottom to start removing DRM from the Kindle eBook. And then convert to DRM-free format you selected from epub, mobi, azw3, azw, kfx, prc, html, txt. And you will get the DRM free Kindle books in seconds.

Remove DRM from Kindle eBooks

Method 2: Remove AZW DRM from Kindle Devices

Except for Kindle app, Kindle devices are quite popular among users to read ebooks. Absolutely, you can also remove DRM from all Kindle devices, even in an easier way with Prof. DRM. And you can connect Kindle devices to your PC and then follow the guide to know how to open DRM protected files.

Step1: Imported AZW files to the program

Start Prof. DRM and then click "Add files". And then, in the left panel, you will see "E-device", click it and the refresh button to represent the ebooks in Kindle library. Choose an ebook or ebooks you intend to remove DRM and click "Add" to load them to the program.

Import AZW files

Step 3: Set the output directory 

Click “...” button at the bottom of the interface to browse and choose an output file directory to contain the output eBook files.

Set an output folder

Step 3: Remove DRM from Kindle eBook

Since all settings are done, click the blue "Convert" button to start removing DRM from Kindle ebook. And the process will be completed in seconds.

Remove DRM from AZW

Now you know how do I open DRM protected files and you can get the DRM-free Kindle ebooks. Enjoyably, you can open the ebook freely with Kindle as well as other e-readers without any restrictions. With the simple guideline offered, there is no doubt that Prof. DRM is powerful and effective to remove DRM and help you enjoy more.With the help of Prof. DRM software, you will be an expert on how to open DRM protected files. And DRM protection from ebooks, music, audible audiobook and so on will never bother you any more. Just have a try.