When we’re using iTunes or other programs to organize our music files, we’ll come up with the problems of lacking information of the music albums. Of course, if the users purchase songs in iTunes Store, they will probably get the complete album information of the songs, including album artwork, artist name, genre, etc. If the users rip songs from CDs or get songs from other ways, they may lack the album info especially album artwork, which might be the most annoying part for people to add manually. The following post will introduce several helpful methods for people to get album artwork on iTunes, and other ways to find album artwork.

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Part 1. Get Album Artwork on iTunes

Solution 1. Get Album Artwork

iTunes is a very useful program for iPhone, iPad and iPod users to organize their media files, sync files to their devices and so on. This program allows users to rip CD music files and add them to iTunes library, however, After the users ripped music files from CDs, they won’t get the album artwork of the songs, at this moment, the users may want to get album artwork on iTunes. In fact, iTunes users can get album artwork easily within iTunes, and the following guidance will introduce the method in detail.

Many iTunes users have complained that they are not able to find the album artwork with this function even though the songs are available in the iTunes Store. If the users don't get the songs with the Get Album Artwork feature in iTunes, they can check the methods below.

Solution 2. Add Album Artwork to iTunes

As a matter of fact, when people use the Get Album Artwork function in iTunes, most of them will receive the message that the album artwork can’t be found, even if they can locate the songs in iTunes Store. At this moment, the users may want to manually add the album artwork to the songs with iTunes. If they have the album cover picture of the song, they can easily finish the task. The following guidance will introduce the method in detail.

1. Right-click the song and choose Get Info.
2. Choose Artwork and click Add Artwork at the left bottom.
3. After adding the cover picture, you'll get it in the Artwork panel immediately.

Then iTunes will add the cover picture into your song, and you will see the album artwork immediately. With this method, you are able to manually add album artwork to the songs, and also, you can fix music tags manually after you get music info with iTunes.

Solution 3. How to Get an Album Artwork

If you don’t have the album artwork your song, you won’t be able to manually add album artwork in iTunes, so you will want to find out a way to get the album artwork. In fact you can find the artwork easily in Google Image, or locate the song in iTunes Store and rip the cover picture with the image editing tool. The following guidance will introduce the way to rip an album artwork in iTunes Store.

1. Find the song in iTunes Store, right-click the cover and choose Copy Link.
2. Right-click the cover and choose Open image in new tab.
3. Change the URL from 170x170 to 600x600, and you’ll get a big cover art.

Now you will get a 600*600 JPEG picture on your computer, and you can add it manually to iTunes.