"Can i copy main movie of a DVD disc? I only need to get the main movie for playback on my computer from the disc."

A DVD movie disc includes main movie, trailers, footages, menus and others. Generally, when we play DVD disc on our DVD player, we just want to watch the main movie (aka main title of a DVD disc in general) only. It would occupy our time and storage to get a copy of the whole DVD disc. Therefore many people wonder whether they could copy DVD main title or copy DVD main movie only. The answer is without doubt yes. This DVD main title copy guide would show you how to copy DVD main movie or how to freely copy DVD titles you want on your computer in 2 different ways.

Part 1: Copy DVD Main Title with DVD Copy

To copy main title or disired DVD titles, the first thing that comes into head is DVD copy software. There are abundant DVD copy software available, but few of them enable you to copy DVD main title or desired DVD titles as you like. Leawo DVD Copy is a reliable DVD main title copy software you could trust.

As a professional DVD copy software app, Leawo DVD Copy offers you 3 different DVD copy modes so as to let you freely select desired DVD content for backup. They are: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Under the "Main Movie" and "Custom Mode", you could freely choose to copy DVD main movie, or select DVD title to copy DVD main title or desired DVD titles for backup with ease. What's more, you could even select subtitle and audio tracks for copying DVD main movie or main title.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy
  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy

    1:1 Blu-ray & DVD Backup
    Copy Blu-ray/DVD in 3 different copy modes
    Burn ISO image to Blu-ray/DVD disc with ease
    Retain subtitles and audio tracks at will
    Easy to use interface for both novices and veteran

The below steps would show you how to copy DVD main movie or copy DVD title you need in detail. You could copy DVD main title to computer or blank DVD disc as you like. Before you start to copy DVD main title, get the below things ready: 

  1. Download, install and run Leawo Blu-ray Copy on your PC via the links above (You're downloading the ultimate app, in which Leawo Blu-ray Copy is included as a function module).
  2. Get source DVD disc ready.
  3. Internet connection is required.
  4. Enough hard drive space.

Step 1: Add DVD discs

Insert source DVD disc into DVD recorder drive. Launch Leawo Blu-ray Copy, open the "Copy" tab, and click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to load DVD disc from DVD disc drive.

Note: If you want to copy DVD main title to DVD disc, you need to insert a blank writable DVD disc into the other DVD recorder drive or create an ISO image file (detailed information listed in Step 3).

Step 2: Set copy mode and output disc type

After adding DVD disc, move mouse to the bottom left corner to choose "Main Movie" or "Custom Mode" copy mode and set output disc type from DVD-9 and DVD-5.You could select subtitles and audio tracks here.

Note: Main Movie moade means to copy DVD main movie (the longest title in DVD disc by default). Custom Mode enables you to select desired DVD titles for copying, in which you could select to copy DVD main title or copy DVD titles you need. Main Movie mode allows single choice, while Custom Mode allows multiple choices.

Step 3: Backup settings

Click the big green "Copy" button. On the popup sidebar, set "Copy to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" option.



  1. To copy DVD main movie to DVD disc, insert a blank writable DVD disc the other DVD disc recorder drive and choose it as output under the "Copy to" option.
  2. If you only have one DVD disc recorder drive, choose to create an ISO image file by clicking the "ISO File" option under the "Copy to", and then follow the Step 5 and Step 6 below to copy created ISO file to blank DVD disc.
  3. To create ISO file or DVD folder for copying DVD main movie to computer, you need to set output directory under the "Save to" box. Make sure target drive get enough storage.

Step 4: Copy DVD main movie

Click "Copy" button on the right sideba to order this DVD copy software to copy DVD main title.

If you only have one DVD disc recorder drive, but want to copy DVD main movie to another DVD disc, what could you do? The below steps would show you how:

Step 5: Add created ISO file

By following the above steps, you could copy DVD main movie into ISO image file. After that, eject your source DVD disc, and then insert a blank writable DVD disc into the drive. Under the "Copy" tab of this program, click the drop-down arrow icon next to the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button and then select "Add iso file" option to load created ISO image file.


Step 6: Copy ISO file to DVD disc

There pops up an "Add iso file" window. Set DVD recorder drive as target in "Copy to" option and enter "Disc Label" name for output DVD disc. Click the "Burn" button to start copying ISO file to DVD disc. It's done now.

Note: This tutorial offers only feasible solutions to copy DVD movies, with no intention to encouraging you to break local laws for removing DVD disc protection. So, check your local law upon DRM protection first and make sure you're copying your own DVD discs for no business purposes.

Part 2: Copy DVD Main Title with DVD Ripper

After you download the abovementioned DVD Copy, you must find that there is a "Convert" function module, on which an "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button is available. That's Leawo's DVD Ripper, a professional DVD ripping software that could help you easily rip and convert any desired DVD title or DVD main movie for backup on computer. Different from DVD Copy that retains the original DVD format, DVD Ripper helps convert DVD to video for copying.


DVD Ripper 

☉ Convert DVD to video/audio files like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, RMVB, etc.

☉ Convert DVD to iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.

☉ Edit and customize DVD video files with built-in video editor.

☉ Add 3D effect with the built-in 3D movie creator.

☉ Select subtitles and audio tracks from source DVD movies for output videos.

Free Trial Free Trial


How to Convert Christmas Movies

1. Insert DVD disc into DVD recorder drive and then open the "Convert" tab to click "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button. Upon loading, you're provided with 3 different loading modes: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Select Main Movie or Custom Mode.
2. After loading DVD main movie or desired DVD titles, click the drop-dwon box right before the big green "Convert" button and then select "Change" option to set output format from "Format" or "Device" group according to your real needs.
3. Click the big green "Convert" button on the main interface. On the popup sidebar, set an output directory to save output DVD main movie or DVD main title(s) in the "Save to" option.
4. Click the bottom "Convert" button on the popup sidebar to start converting DVD main title or main movie to your computer.


  1. You could also freely select subtitles and audio tracks after you choose "Main Movie" or "Custom Mode".
  2. Main Movie mode allows single choice to let you select one DVD title as the main movie, while Custom Mode allows you to select multiple DVD titles.
  3. To decrypt and rip DVD discs, internet connection is required.

Part 3: DVD Copy vs. DVD Ripper


Features Leawo DVD Copy Leawo DVD Ripper
Remove DVD disc protection
Remove DVD disc region code
Copy any DVD movie to hard drive or blank disc  
Rip DVD disc/folder to video in MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc.  
Convert DVD to MP3, AAC, FLAC, and other audio files.
Copy /DVD to hard drive as folder and ISO Image File  
1:1 disc to disc duplication: DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5
Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 for high quality compression  
Edit video files: trim, crop, add watermark, change effect, rotate, etc.
Convert DVD to iPhone, iPad, Android device, YouTube, etc.
Add 3D movie effect
Select subtitles and audio tracks from source Blu-ray/DVD
Preview subtitles and audio tracks with built-in player
Copy modes for Blu-ray/DVD content backup Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode Full Movie, Main Modie and Custom Mode
Windows version
Mac version

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Aside from that, there are 3 great online DVD copy services for you guys, check them out now!

1. DigiRAW

DigiRAW offers a professional DVD copying service to make your favorite movie or video back up in a simple way. DigiRaw is able to get your disc ripped to good quality image with HD preservation. Multiple audio tracks are provided for your home system with surround sound. You also can choose the output file format as you need during the copying process like the popular format MP4 and MKV.


2. Timeless DVD

Timeless DVD is a great DVD duplicator with fast copying way. Timeless DVD can make your disc-less wear from your equipment, also the error checking along with verification process are done professionally. Life span and compatibility are ensured with a high-quality drive. Furthermore, packaging options and artwork options for DVDs can be chosen as you need.


3. Movietyme Video Productions

Moivetyme Video Productions offers services for creating videos. A wide range of video production service includes covert videotapes to DVD, make your films to digital video, get old images to digital, copy your discs like DVD, Blu-ray, and CD, convert kinds of audio in different formats to digital and so on.