The family is the basic cell of society, and a harmonious, warm and happy family is the habitat of the soul. No matter how busy the work is, please accompany your children more if you love them. Spend more time on your children and accompany your parents; close the door and set your work aside; sink into the sofa and watch a heart-warming movie together. Such a moment is really cozy. Here in this article, we've collected the best family movies for children at different ages.

Part 1: Best Family Movies for Little Kids (5-7)

Children at the age of 5 to 7 is in the period of cultivating their own aesthetic consciousness, world view and value. Parents should prepare some movies showing positive attitude. Check them in the following article.

1. Toy Story (1995)

A very funny movie about toy with splendid special effects, plot and creativity. It tells us that knowing yourself is a very difficult thing. Friendship and difficulties will do good to our growth. The things we need our kids to know about life are in all three movies in this series, which is told in a humorous way.

2. Finding Nemo

In terms of theme, Finding Nemo is a story about love and friendship, courage and growth, freedom and election. In structure, two stories are narrated at the same time: on one side is Father Marlin's search for its son, and on the other side is the growth of Nemo. Pixar's skill is so masterful that people are immersed in a perfect picture of a cozy and harmony family moment.

3. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is Miyazaki's third film at STUDIO GHIBLI. This chill and warm film has made totoro, an adorable creature, known by people around the world. The movie brings a feeling of warmth and happiness, which flows as water. Therefore, My Neighbor Totoro is perfect for the whole family.

Part 2: Best Family Movies for Big Kids (8-9)

Children aged 8 to 9 have a strong need to explore the mysteries of the world. Child's mind at this period is like a fertile field, ready to receive a great deal of cultural seeding. Parents are advised to provide rich cultural information at this time.

1. A Christmas Story

The voice of the boy's voiceover is from adult, and the vividness and age contrast make this movie memorable. The movie uses bombastic humor in many scenario. In addition, it also attentively depicts the innocent and lovely life of children, which is accurate and delicate. This is also the film's biggest selling point.

2. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

If you've seen lots of children's fantasy movies, then you will think that E.T. isn't brilliant for either its plot or special effects. But it's quite different from other movies. It neither stands in the adult's point of view, nor does it stand in the child's point of view, but in a point of view of a child who has to say goodbye to his childhood reluctanly.

Part 3: Best Family Movies for Tweens (10-12)

Children at this age has developed a lot in terms of cognition. But there will also be adolescent rebellion, which really irritates parents. This time, parents should guide their children with understanding. These movies may give you some tips.

1. Paddington

In this film, Paddington tells of what he sees and hears in London as a foreigner. It is very suitable for parents to accompany children to watch. There are good schools and evil schools in the film, and the theme is that good will eventually defeat evil forces. Love and truth, good and beauty are always there, which is very enlightening.

2. Are We There Yet?

In general, it was very interesting with lots of jokes. Ice Cube's attempt was a success. However, the theme of "stepfather" with children has been shot countless times, where tricks for children to make fool of adult are old-school. We had better hold a mind of looking for fun to watch this movie, set other issues aside.

Part 4: Best Family Movies for Teens (13+)

At the age of 13, children have begun to enter adolescence, a period characterized by the need for independence. This is a time when parents need to look at their children from a different angle, understand their desire to become adults, and respect their thoughts and actions.

1. Napoleon Dynamite

This is a comedy about youth, full of joy. It is worth mentioning that the the film features soundtrack, whether dance music at the dance party or the music of the campaign performance. All of them are relaxed and happy. This film tells us a truth, no matter how ordinary one is, he or she have an extraordinary side and bright spots.

2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

It's a cute and sweet movie, which immediately reminds you of your high school crush. For the first time, a campus story with an Asian-american protagonist will be brought to the screen. The boys in the film are also very handsome. The story is full of longing for love and shyness in adolescent, and the psychological description of the children in high school is accurate.

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